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I woke up with a slightly sore throat this morning, and then spent most of the day with a mildly upset stomach. It wasn’t a terrible day, but the third consecutive day without sun, the huge stacks of PAQ scanning and the lady who decided I was the one to blame for her husband’s death and her lack of subsequent retirement funding made it less pleasant than it could have been.

I called Matt about an hour ago and discovering that he, too, had had a crummy day and both of us had napped the afternoon away, decided that we should get together. So he’s coming over shortly. We’re going to get tea or something…though I’m so tired I’m not sure how long I’ll last.

Emiliana Torrini makes nice music. You should try her out. (I don’t think anyone really checks in here anymore- I really sort of post for my own records or enjoyment or whatever. Hmm.)

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