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Wedding and Bible Club

So Liz got married on Saturday and everything was beautiful and wonderful and immensely enjoyable. And she wore the dress I made her. :) It was really exciting to see something I’d made up front like that. And Liz was so pretty! She had a pink sash and a little veil. Nathanael and Liz are both friends of mine, so I knew many of the local attendees and really had a nice time. After the wedding, Mel and I expended a lot of energy blowing bubbles up each others’ noses and having fun. 

Yesterday, Than and I took on junior church. We planned ahead and told the story about Elijah and Baal’s prophets and the fire from heaven. We wanted to make it interesting so we made Than a beard out of a big hunk of cotton stuffing and hung it from his ears with a string. It dangled a few inches under his chin. At least it made the kids laugh. 

Then Today, David and I went to help Mrs. Noonan out with a Bible club she was doing at a nearby park. Once one gets through the first half hour or so it’s usually pretty enjoyable. I talked with several kids and had a generally nice and productive time. And David was there of course. So that was nice. 

And now, my stomach is rumbling. I think I need to get a smackerel. Oh, bee tee doubleyou, I had mackerel on our island trip.

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