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I am so peopled out. With Aunt Margaret’s wedding there have been a lot of people coming in and out of the house and frankly not a lot of time for catching one’s breath. It was nice, though. Aunt Margaret’s wedding was perfect and beautiful and seeing all the family was great, even if it was tiring. Finally got to meet all the Atlanta cousins. Last night, before they left, we all gathered in the living room for prayer, and at the end Canon prayed for all of us. In his squeaky little two-year-old voice. And then he walked over to me and pointed and said, “I prayed for her.” It was sweet and somehow it felt like that prayer was extra special. 

I sold a dress on Ebay for the first time! It went for about 25 dollars. I’m pretty pleased. It never fails to amaze me how a person consistently needs money whether they particularly want it or not. Specifically me. Oh well, I’ve just made a little. 

Today I have cleaned my room a bit and done the dishes and I need to do the living room before lunch. Eek, it’s one o’clock already. I wish the darn sun would come out. It is so dark and that makes everything ten times harder, or so I’m convinced. *sigh* So dark. I need to mail that dress, so maybe I can force myself to take a walk to the post. At least I’d get a bit of air then…but it’s so dismal I’m not sure I’ll be able to get myself to do it. 

I need to think what other useful things I can try and accomplish today. My plan is to work on Liz’s dress tomorrow and following. Today I just feel like curling up in a ball with hot soup and watching old Star Trek episodes. Its so dark and cold, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. *sigh* Hot soup DOES sound nice.

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Late June

It’s been busy, but good. Pinafore’s over. At first I was super depressed but that ended pretty quickly, thanks to a few distractions. Pinafore was great. I think Josefine’s music was the hardest I’ve done solo-wise but it turned out well after all the work we put into it. Satisfying. And someone did tape it in the end so that’s good.

You know what’s nice, though? About a half hour before the end of the play Saturday night my throat started to twinge a little, and by the end of the night I had a full blown cold. But it was good timing for once! Finally I get sick AFTER instead of BEFORE. Only hope I can sing for Aunt Margaret’s wedding on Saturday.

I’ve managed to get David and Julia into Doctor Who now, and Sunday we all curled up (their parents too, actually, and an additional Matthew Pillsbury) and watched several episodes. It was nice, even if I was practically comatose with tiredness by the time we got home. Caleb was around for a while and that was great.

Weeell this blog entry is getting real boring real fast so I’m going to can it now. I probably won’t get to sleep until midnight, since with this cold and all I can’t seem to very easily. Guess I’ll just read or waste time online till then.

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