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I’m so tired. Busy weekend. Not a bad one though.
Yesterday there was a 9-5 Pinafore rehearsal. Matthew’s officially my Ralph, since Matt got demoted to Dick Deadeye. That’s going all right.

You know, I haven’t actually got much to say. Lessee, I’m wearing a purple corduroy dress with brown converse, hope I can get away with that. I just like my trainers so much. And they’re good for all the skipping around that could potentially take place tonight.

It’s cold. I’m hungry. I think I’ll scarper now before my gripemongering bothers everybody.
[For "everybody" read "the two or three people that read my blog"]

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…I have this dance?
That’s what Sonja wrote on this month’s calendar. It also features John Konczal the dancing gnome.

I’m about to go babysit Seth and James. To be honest, watching them isn’t really much like babysitting anymore. They’re my four- and six-year-old friends and we have great fun together.

Yesterday, Matt and I went for a walk. We started at his house and walked to Back Bay, and then when we passed the Hannaford we realized we were really hungry. So we went in and bought a box of Berry Kix cereal. Matt also wanted me to try these Mexican drinks he’d had in Guatemala, so we got those too.

And that was the decision we’ve ever made. Uck. By the time we’d walked twenty minutes, both of us felt like throwing up! It was like shaking up a soda, only in our case it was Kix and sugary fruit juice. Both fairly decent options on their own, but together, plus brisk walking, it was baaaad. Very bad.
Lots of laughs though, once we felt better (about four hours later over a big mug of ginger and mint tea).

You know, I’d really like to get married. My friend Ivy’s had a baby, Theodore Carson Burkes, and it reminds me how much I want to have a little baby, too! But that’s all right. I’m not going to waste time pining away. And my ride’s here. Bye!

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