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I’d been doing so well, but today I’m just down and out. I have a really involved project to do for Natural History and the rough draft is due tomorrow, so I’ve been working on that all day. I found some really good information and was doing quite well, but my energy has just dropped, I’m lonely, cold, and tired, and I’m not going to see anyone till about six. Microsoft Word is giving me trouble which is very frustrating. I also need to hand draw a map, and I’m no good at that.

A few hours later:
still feeling down. I don’t know what to do with myself tonight. I haven’t eaten much of anything today (actually, I haven’t eaten much of anything this week, I can’t find food at my house) and I’m hungry, but I just keep wandering around listlessly in the kitchen to the point where I irk myself. I picked up an onion and started to peel it, but the smell made me nauseous. So I put that away. Mom’s been teaching all day and when she gets home, she’ll be tired, so I at least managed to sweet the floor, clear the table, and do the dishes. So at least she won’t have that to deal with.
I hadn’t realized how much I depend on seeing Matt each week. I go one extra day without him and it’s like I’m gasping for breath!

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