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Mal is awesome

Mal came over on a whim today, during the most exciting thunderstorm we’ve had in this week of daily thunderstorms, and now we are dubbing around (as my mom would say) on my computer. In a few moments we intend to make cookies.
Did you know you can eat skunk cabbage? *slightly weirded out*
By the way, watch this video. This is Mal’s friend’s brother, and I think it’s great. (family friendly goobers, don’t worry)

I had a doctor’s appointment today, just a physical. I always try to make the nurses and doctor laugh because I reckon they get a lot of people who are pretty dismal to be around. I had a meningitis shot, which was fun, and now I’m not going to die of meningitis. :D
The nurse was probably pretty weirded out.
“Any tobacco?”
Me: Hahahahaha!
Me: *snork*

No no. It’s weird when you turn fifteen or so and they start asking questions flat out…more leading ones, too…the first time Allison (doctor) asked me that I thought I’d choke on my tonsils.

So, Mal and I are going to go back to doing not much of anything and soon, baking cookies. :D

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The Importance of Being Ernest

I am sitting in Jane Clukey’s front yard, listening as Than and several others practice their lines for Jane’s production of the play The Importance of Being Ernest. Than is Algernon and I am Miss Prism.
It’s actually a bit crazy. There’s always someone distracted. I’m a bit overwhelmed.
We keep getting off onto rabbit trails…I wish Matt was here! Or maybe I don’t, he’d probably contribute to the distraction.
Feeling rather miserable. Will update later.

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