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Not Feeling Very Well.

So I’ve come down with a cold again. Monday I was working and about two hours before I needed to leave I started to get a little something in my throat. By the next morning it had developed into a cold.

I talked with Angela, Mrs. Pierce, and later Mom about it, and it’s just silly to think I could come down with colds coincidentally before nearly every performance I’ve had in the past four years. Ninth grade: All State auditions. Tenth grade: All State Auditions, All State itself, Gondoliers I was desperately sick. Eleventh grade: Iolanthe, you all remember how I was sick up through the first week of performances. Caleb would remember how panicked I was all day. This year I wasn’t sick for All State auditions, but I was sick before our Christmas show. This weekend, Matt and I are doing the Mabel/Frederic duets at Masterworks, which is a festival for all the honors choirs in local schools. And I am quite sick.

It’s always my throat too, pretty much, something always effects my physical ability to sing. Logically that can’t be all by chance, becuse I don’t often get sick when I’m not singing, and almost always when I am. What do you think?

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