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Step One

The mayor just called me back, and we talked for about eight minutes about this Stroudwater Place project. He’s a very nice man, but he is a mayor, and has too many things to think about…as I expected, he talked to me kindly about taxes and jobs and economics and all of those dreadfully important and boring things that make life not worth living.
I told him I’d moved here when I was four, and my family has been lamenting the loss of trees and open places. Stroudwater is the last open place. He explained to me exactly where this shopping center would be…it sounds ghastly. I don’t think I’ll be able to bear it.

I also know that I won’t be able to stop it. But I’m going to make my opposition known anyway. Sometimes you can’t stop one development from going up, but by just trying you can help avoid others in the future.

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Absolutely Furious

I happened to walk downstairs to find the television left on this evening, playing the local news. As I walked past I heard something that caused me to pause and listen. After the entire story had aired I was nothing short of incensed. Stroudwater St., that long road between the church and my neighborhood that boasts the last farm in citified Westbrook, is to be developed into an abominable high-end shopping center that’s been christened “Stroudwater Place.”
I actually yelled “no!” at the television. Mom and I were just saying THIS MORNING that we hoped they wouldn’t develope the farm…it’s been only a matter of time…I said I would lie in front of the bulldozers to stop them, and I meant it..and I still mean it! As soon as the broadcast ended I called WCSH6 and asked where I could find more information about how to protest, and made my opposition very clear. I think I nearly bellowed at the man on the phone that there were those of us who did indeed wish to ‘weigh in’ and felt very strongly on the matter!
After that I called the mayor, but he wasn’t in and I left a message.

I am furious. I will do everything in my power to get in the way of this development. The first thing I need is a T-shirt. Sonja, and I’m perfectly serious, if I mail you a t-shirt would you be willing to illustrate it for me? I’d tell you what to say.
I haven’t got any resources or connections or anything, but this won’t happen without a fight. I am going to call until I speak with the mayor himself, and I’m going to make sure as many people know about this as possible. One of our city  government officials lives three houses away from us. I think I’ll be talking to her soon.

I am beyond furious. THIS MEANS WAR.

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First Day of Work

I endured much fear and trepidation (to quote Richard Dauntless: *holds out hand* See that? That’s narvousness!) yesterday and this morning, until I finally put on my uniform and went to Hannaford for my first day at work. I was particularly worried because I’d only had that one hour of live training on the floor, and that was all I had to go on. When I got there were people around willing to help me, which was good. I chose to lay down out the facts from the start:
“Hi, I’m Michele. Are you Heather?”
“Hannah. Yes.”
“Great. How are you?”
“Terrified within an inch of my life. You?”
Thankfully she gave me a nice old man named Lloyd who hung around and answered my questions. I like working mornings and afternoons, it seems to be the time of young mothers and little old ladies. Reasonably pleasant.
So to make a long story short, I made it through the day pretty well. I’m awfully sore, though. I hadn’t realized how ridiculously physical bagging is. I’ve got an entirely new appreciation for how my Dad felt before he had surgery, lifting with a sore shoulder. :P I also managed to twist my knee a little while trying to sit on Krissy yesterday- my body moved and left my lower leg behind. Which made standing a bit annoying, but it wasn’t anything horrible.

Backtracking a few days, Saturday was quite fun. I got kitted up in my indian captive clothes, which I really love, I’d forgotten how comfortable they are! Just a skirt and big mens’ trade shirt. And mocs and appropriate knife and beads and all, of course. Anyway, Dad and I went up to the Ancient Ones Gun Show in Augusta! It’s such a fun event, all the living history people converge on this one spot, which means it’s probably the highest concentration of completely crazy people in Maine for a day. The hall is all full of sutlers (vendors), half of them selling guns, the other half selling loads of other things from hides to knives to dipping pens and the occasional pair of stays. Tess and I wandered around and had a grand old time while Dad and Mrs. Konczal talked a bit and then went their seperate ways.
Near the end, Tess helped me change into my new Regency dress, the one I made last week. Can you believe it? It really does fit! That’s something that doesn’t happen to me all that often. I was a little nervous walking out in it, but before long I was absolutely glowing, because Mrs. Konczal said it looked perfect on me, and her father loved it, and Dad liked it, and Tess liked it…and I felt like such a lady.  *blushes* I like feeling that way.

It’s dress one finished for my college wardrobe, and I have no doubt that I’ll wear it. Short stays and Regency is too comfortable to ignore. I cut out, with Krissy’s help, the pattern for a Spencer, and am partway through making that up. A Spencer is a little jacket that you wear with empire dresses. I need to get back to work on my dryad costume though- I have much less time in which to finish that and it’s a very big project.

Anyway, after the Gun Show Dad and I drove back to church, where a LotR marathon was going on, and met Krissy and Mum and Than halfway through TTT, I still in dress. Krissy and I shared a handkerchief over RotK and then all departed. Krissy came to church with us and then we watched the video from our first Redwall Feast in ‘02 with Aunt Margaret and Tim, which was a real laugh.

All right. I have to go to bed. I’m so tired. By the way, if you get a chance, listen to Ralph Vaughan Williams Sinfonia Antartica online. It’s really very nice.

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I think I mentioned in the last post that I’d started another Regency dress- there was a lot of really good dollar bin fabric so I stocked up and have enough for three dresses. Well, I’ve about finished one today- I used a different pattern, this one has a drawstring waist and neckline and puffed sleeves- and it FITS! I’m quite happy. The waistline is a tad lower than I might like, but it fits perfectly over my short stays and is very comfortable. First dress in my college wardrobe finished. :D I’m going to make a sash to go around the empire waist- I think that’ll make it look just a tad higher and I shall be satistfied.

I’m so happy! And I might have an event to wear it to on Saturday, too!

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A Surprise!

The David Libbys mentioned when I saw them Friday night that their computer had crashed, and while they didn’t want to bother Dad, I knew he’d be glad to help, so I told him about it. Yesterday afternoon he drove out to take a look – I went along for the visit – and when we pulled into their driveway, there was another car there. Dad introduced himself to the man within and the exchange went something like this:
“Hi, I’m Dan Peterson. I’m picking up a computer.”
“Well, I’m Scott Anderson [or something] and I’m dropping off a computer.”
As it turns out, someone had just bought them a new computer as a gift. It was really neat, and now Dad has an old computer to tinker with for the time being.

Nothing else of particular note has occured since I last wrote, unless you count watching Pride and Prejudice (which Krissy lent me). It’s left me very eager to make a new Regency dress (i.e. one that actually fits) and I’m hoping to get some dollar bin fabric later today. There’s one thing I especially appreciate about the old Pride and Prejudice- Elizabeth is very normal-sized. And very beautiful, in a real sort of way!

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There was a dance last night! Matt and Than were going to go with Krissy and I, but Matt was MCing a talent show at his church and thought he’d be too tired, and Than wouldn’t go without Matt.
But as things turned out, Matt picked me up in time for his talent show, and I sat with Kayla and Bethany’s family. It was great fun! Kayla and Bethany played three very nice duets on their violins…I’m awfully proud of them. There were poems recited, which I enjoyed because hardly anyone recites poems anymore (I memorize them but have no where to recite them!)
Matt and Luke topped it off with a really hilarious act. They turned off all the lights and switched on a fog machine and strobe light, then put on “The Final Countdown” and pantomimed the entire song wearing huge eighties wigs and clothes with little plastic guitars. It was very funny indeed.

After that, Dad took me over to the dance. I made the skirt for my dryad costume yesterday, and it just happened to be a really nice circle, so I wore that and got several compliments. *beams* Krissy and her mum were late, and I was alone for the first time- but I was asked to dance four times before they showed up. By the end of the evening I’d had twelve good dances and several super fun ones with Krissy (my favorite dance partner aside from Than). I also did the full Shim Sham for the first time, it felt like a great moment in my life. :P
My favorite partner was a young man named Alex, who I later learned had only been dancing for two or three years, but was really good! We had conversation all the way through as I bemoaned my dancing and he tried to get me to have a bit of confidence and have fun. I asked where he was from, and he said Ukraine. Rather fun. “You are thinkink too hard! You cannot try to anticipate, just follow!”

Then I went home and slept like a rock until seven thirty. It was a great evening. :D

Since my last post, I’ve also turned eighteen..a rather daunting number, but I got through it all right. Wotcher.

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