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Thank you, the Universe…

I spent the latter days of this week making a dress…it came out nearly perfectly except for one thing- it doesn’t fit. I accidentally made it one size too small. *sigh* Ah well, I take comfort in the fact that I didn’t pay for the fabric and everything but the size came out well. It’s a pretty cotton.

This morning as I was getting ready for church, Than shoved past me and sat on the couch to put his shoes on. I whirled around and snapped, “What was that?” He gave me a long look, then replied, “Poor navigation.”

Church was nice. Mr. Noonan, the adult sunday school teacher, had us making sheep and shepherds out of craft foam, with googly eyes and cotton balls. Cheri decided the cutouts really looked more like a cat, and I thought they looked more like a brontosaurus, so we made our respective animals our own way. When Cheri added them to the flock of sheep, Mr. Noonan pronounced them gentiles. *grin*

After church the annual meeting took place. I’d packed a lunch in my bento box and sat with the little kids and Mollie ( a newer girl who’s about my age) to eat. Than surprised me by saying, “Is that your bento box? Wow, am I right? That’s cool! I want a bento box! Hannah, will you make me a manly bento box?”¬†I got a lot of comments on it, oddly enough. It was interestesting. My food was good so I spent most of my time eating. :P Mollie and I chatted for a while and compared iPods, then I listened in on the last ten minutes of the meeting.
Mom and I went out to Goodwill upon arriving home, as it’s supposed to snow heavily this week and I didn’t have boots. I found a nice old pair that should work nicely, and a whole lot of other exciting things (most of which I didn’t buy). The one thing I did buy, however, is a wok. I’d just said to Mom, “By the way, if you ever see a wok at Goodwill, buy it for me,” and there it was. Three bucks, so I shall feel no regrets if it doesn’t work for me. There was a truckload of really decent cookware, and several camp¬†cooking sets that I had my eye on. Big tin plates are so homey. Time to fill the hope chest. :D

Kit and I rewatched the latest Avatar stuff and had our weekly deep discussion about the plot and moral issues. Hurray! And now I’m off to enjoy some education.

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