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This afternoon, Mrs. Scribner, Matt, Aunt Margaret, a Mom, Than and myself piled in a car and drove to Pineland for a walk. It was a really gorgeous day, chilly but not too cold, and very bright. I enjoyed it, for the most part.

I have a problem, however. I just can’t shut up. I like knowing things, so I say out loud quite frequently, “Oh! Did you know that aspen bark produces a natural sunscreen?” “Oh, did you know that the smell of bread baking is really yeast releasing ozone?” “Hey, did you know that half a cup of violet greens contains more vitamin C than four oranges?”

No one cares.

So I need to learn to save my enraptured knowledge-sharing for people like Krissy and Sonja, who appreciate it. I think they’re pretty much the only ones, except Mal who patiently endures most of my annoying traits. The point being, I think I slightly annoyed a certain someone who doesn’t usually get annoyed today. :( It made me really sad, and quite frustrated with myself. It seems like the things that are most ingrained within me are the things that irritate people the most. What can I do about that?

Anyway. I’ll go sleep now.

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