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Avatar is so great. I am completely happy right now.

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Just doing my civic duty, sir

Sunday I went to the house of the 3rd Maine’s civilian coordinator. She lent me clothes for a reenactment this Saturday. The reenactment will be a work day, so no hoop. I already had a corset, so Mrs. Lawson sold me a pair of open front drawers for four bucks, and lent me a chemise, a petticoat, a dress, an apron, and a hat. I had stockings and boots from Fiddler.

So. Monday I got desperately stir crazy and felt that if I didn’t do something drastic I would go mad. Therefore I put on all my things and walked to Hannaford to buy something for lunch. This involved walking down Main St., which was interesting, but only one person recognized me. I was a little self-conscious of course, but I┬ájust held my head high and pretended there wasn’t anything odd about me. It was worth it I suppose, if only for the minimal amount of confidence it afforded me.

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Tapestry of Grace

Today I started a new co-op. I haven’t been in a homeschool co-op for at least seven years, I think. No, more than that! Anyway, it was a different experience. There are about sixty kids, and I’m the oldest one there. :-/ I really don’t think I like that so much. There are four or five different age groups, and we discuss history and literature together, along with some government and world views. My group is Rhetoric, and we’re doing the Twentieth Century. It’s a lot of work. Paul, an old classmate of mine, is in Rhetoric, though, and so are Keturah and Drew, who is Mal’s little brother. Mrs. Konczal’s kids are in Upper Grammar and Dialectic, I think, so I see her some. After discussion we had a cookout for commencement. The food was good, but it was very hot. Keturah and I sat underneath a hyacinth bush for shade.
I talked with Mrs. Konczal a bit. She’s invited me to go with her to Eastern Rendezvous. That is something I would like to do, and I hope it works out. Eastern is a big gathering of French and Indian wars reenactors that lasts several days…apparently nearly four thousand people attend! It would be a very neat thing to do.

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