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School, Ft. Williams, food…

Mom and Dad’s friends from Peniel, the McCaries (I do not know how to spell their name, I’m sorry!) have been visiting these past two days.

Wednesday, school started at GPCS. Mom and I haven’t quite started yet. Wednesday I went in at twelve with Mom. It was really wonderful seeing everyone, Mal, Megan, Rachel, Tricia, Amelia and Rebecca…the Lord has blessed me with a lot of friends this year. I don’t see them often, but at least they’re there. At three, Mal and Andy and I went to Panera and talked for a while. Then I went home and made dinner. It was a pretty big affair since we had company, and I think it came out well.
Thursday Mom and I took the company out to Fort Williams. I ran around on the rocks and looked at plants and was generally very happy. It’s fascinating how drastically being outside changes my mood…there was a huge difference in how I felt, even just between the times I sat at the picnic table with the others and when I was perched out on a rock in the wind. I guess that’s just how God made me. I noticed the same thing in Switzerland. I could be having a rotten day, but go out behind the house in the woods and nothing was important but me and the trees.

I identified Seaside Plantain, which was very cool, and I think I saw Lamb’s Quarters as well. And chokecherries, and some monster thistles.
Aunt Margaret came over for dinner that evening and we spent the evening talking about Catholic vs. Protestant theology and mennonites and things like that. I bound the top halves of my corset. Two down, two to go.

Okay. I’m going to go do some more work on my sewing.

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Home once again

…and about to start the school year. I intend to post regularly again, that’s the idea anyway. Now I’ve got to run.

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