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Crunch Time

I really have trouble coming up with titles for posts these days. After so many years of blogging, there are not that many left.

I have been extremely busy, which means I’ve neglected my blogs. That’s not about to change- In a week and a half, I leave for Zurich. Trial, etc., the alumni production, closed last night, and now I have time to think about my trip…but not very much.

While I’m gone, I will be keeping a blog at this location. I will be handing out the url pretty freely, and didn’t want everyone reading this blog, so I started a new, temporary one. I probably will not have time to update both, but we’ll see what transpires. The Swopes will be lending me a camera while I’m there, and I hope to post pictures regularly. Visit the blog if you can- I won’t have a lot of social interaction over there, and would love to hear from anyone.

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