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The Neighborhood of Make Believe

Sometimes on Wednesdays, when I’m eating lunch, I watch PBS.

Mr. Rogers: (holds up a cassette player) Would you like to hear wolves howling?
Me: (nods sincerely) Yes, Mr. Rogers!
Mr. Rogers: Wow, listen to that. Aren’t they beautiful?
Me: Yes, Mr. Rogers!
Mr. Rogers: Singing wolves are beautiful. (feeds the fish slowly) Sometimes I wonder…do fish sing?
Me: *wide-eyed* Me too, Mr. Rogers!
(in walks a baby wolf)
Mr. Rogers: Well, now, isn’t it beautiful? I’m glad there are people in this world who help creatures in need.

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Well. The show went really, really well. Up until the last second I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sing, but it worked out just fine. Thanks very much to my family for coming, it was wonderful having you there. :)

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Exceptionally Nervous

No rehearsal today because everyone was at baseball games and track meets, so I cleaned my room for Ala. Mom and I also dropped in to visit the Koncals. They’re going to try to come Saturday night. When we walked in, I noticed a beautiful old Singer sewing machine on the floor and commented on it. Mrs. K’s response: “You want it?” Do I ever! She’d apparently picked up a bunch of machines for a dollar each at a yard sale, and freely gave me the one I’d noticed! I’m happy. It doesn’t work and needs to be fixed, but that’ll cost less than buying a new or used one, and I really think the older metal machines are better than our modern plastic ones. The model is patented for 1903, and I think it was made in 1949.

In other news, I’m really nervous. There are a million people coming to see us on Saturday, and I’m afraid I’ll forget the words to my first song like I did during dress rehearsal. Oh well. Anyone who wants to take pictures is welcome to (riight) because none of our cameras are working.

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Dress Rehearsal

My one dress rehearsal tonight. I walked out on stage, looked out at the seats where someone was taping our rehearsal and all the not-onstage-people were watching, and promptly forgot my song. It was miserable, I’ve never messed up on it before. Then I forgot the dance steps and sang the wrong words in the next song. But by the second act we’d worked it out. And I actually made myself cry during the first act finale, when I think my lover is being unfaithful! (Replace ‘me’ with the character name ‘Phyllis’ and don’t freak out) *proud* Tears, people. I made tears. :D
Second act was so funny…there’s a really hilarious scene where two guys are fighting over my character, and I have to try SO hard not to laugh, but one of them lost it today, and we all just dissolved. It was so hilarious.

And! I’m really enjoying doing the part with Luke. We double cast, so there are two of us girls and two boys playing Phyllis and Strephon. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do it in preordained pairs, so it’s more stressful, but Luke makes it so fun! I honestly feel like the other boy doesn’t like me all that much, but I’m friends with the former so it’s all right. He keeps coming up with really amusing ideas for the fourth night, when I do it with him. Today at the end of rehearsal, when we gave the curtain call a try, he asked if I’d jump so he could catch me, and I was too scared he’d drop me. :P He promised he wouldn’t and insisted I try it, so I nerved myself while watching all the others go (which is really funny), and then gave it a go. Everyone cheered, because they hadn’t been expecting it. I’ve never been the soprano lead before, this is so weird! I bow last, have duets…I even get to soliloquize for a while. I can’t wait for John Scribner to get back and see Matt and I acting together, it’s so much fun.

Sorry, I know this is boring, but it only happens once a year, and I live for these shows. :)

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A Jonah Day

I took the SAT today. It went about as well as could be expected. I think I did as good a job as I am capable of. Regardless of my score I am very glad it is over.

Then I went to rehearsal for Iolanthe and had the most emotionally traumatic day I’ve experienced in a while. I’ve also come down with an untimely cold and can’t sing. There’s an entire scene, lines and duet, that I’ve never blocked yet and there’s three rehearsals before the show. And I feel, quite honestly, like poop.

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Tripping hither, tripping thither…

Today was swell! The morning was a little trying; I babysat and one of the boys was very naughty. But they dropped me at school at two and I popped in on boys’ chorus, where Kendra was doing Phyllis, and the two of us sang it together. Luke came up with a really funny idea change for our last lines in the show, but I won’t type them here because it’d be boring for you sops. Afterward, Mr. Marston asked me if I wanted to be in a quartet!!!!!! I said yes, of course, and he explained that they send kids around to visit at churches and promote the school, and they wanted someone who was homeschooled but affiliated to go along. I’ll be in a four part girls singing group, and we’ll prepare a few songs, and then Matt, Luke, Nathan and Alex with form a guys’ group, and we’ll occasionally sing together. How cool is that?! I’m so excited.
After school, Julia and I hopped in her van and drove out to A.C. Moore to go flower and ribbon shopping. After much deliberation we each came home with several spools and bunches that matched our costumes and those of the other girls we were helping. Then we went back to her house, and she worked on my hair. She figured out something pretty well for my Phyllis nights- shortening my hair by about two feet by braiding and wrapping half and letting the rest hang down. For the second act I’ll have it all up. She had track, so we drove back to school and I visited with Aunt Margaret for an hour, it was really nice.
Rehearsal started at six, and Mrs. Libby didn’t get there until six twenty, so I sort of took the lead and with the pianist’s help got us warmed up and singing. There weren’t many people there. The girls wanted to work on our opening fairy piece, so Mrs. Libby took the boys to the other room. Andrea decided suddenly that since our choreographer hadn’t showed up yet, we’d choreograph it ourselves! There’s about eighteen girls and only me, Keturah, Kendra, Andrea, Alicia, and Julia were there, and we had so much fun. Honestly. We blocked out the entire first scene, all contributing our ideas, and Julia wrote it down. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before. We always wait for people to tell us what to do. But we have it perfectly worked out, and then the boys and Mrs. L came traipsing back in, and we did it for them, and she gave the seal of approval! We were all just giddy with the fun of it. The first really fun rehearsal we’ve had yet.

I’m deliriously happy right now, so I’m going to go to bed quick before I do something dreadful like stub my toe and ruin it.

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