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Well, I’m seventeen now. Whoopee!

Krissy and Keturah spent the night Sunday. It was a nice way to celebrate.

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65 Degrees!

Today was absolutely beautiful! Than’s friend Jonathan spent the night, and when I got up I decided that we should all go outside. Unfortunately, it started to rain, even though it was quite warm. (Er, I guess that’d be because it was quite warm; can’t snow when it’s not freezing.) Thought our plans had been dashed- but by noon, the sun came out, and we jumped into the car with sandwiches and headed for Fort Williams!

We had a fabulous time. Even though we were by the ocean, the breeze wasn’t cool enough to require layers. We were running around in jeans and t-shirts! All four of us (Dad, Than, Jonathan and I) rockhopped for at least an hour, maybe more like two. I can’t describe what a wonderful day it was. The ocean looked like the caribbean- clear and blue. It was high tide, but we found enough rocks. This is the Maine coast, after all! ;) I did manage to sit in a magnificent pile of poo. That was the one drawback, but it didn’t slow me down.

The other activity I spent the day doing was sewing. I’ve been working on a corset for a movie costume- my first corset drafting experience- and I quilted the entire thing today! My dear Dad gave me a rotary board and cutter for Christmas (all by himself, too. I’m so proud!) and it made the quilting so much easier! Up until then I’d been expecting to do it all with nothing more than a yardstick. It must’ve taken an hour and a half to do all the sewing, even by machine, but I listened to Mossflower as a book on tape and really enjoyed it. We stopped by Lowe’s on the way home from the beach so I could pick up some plastic cable ties- I’ve been tipped off that they make very good boning! And it’s true. They fit perfectly in my boning channels and are giving very good support!

I’ll post pictures when I can. :D

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“I just think ever’body’s got his way of feelin’. You’ve got your way, and if you think you’re right a’doin’ somethin’, well, you’re just as honest as I am because you’re doin’ what you think is right.
Maybe there’s somethin’ I like t’eat, and you don’t like it fer a thing in this world. I’d say, ‘Oh, eat this. This is good. Eat it. Eat it. Eat.” Well, now, if you don’t like it, you don’t want t’eat it. I think that’s right in lettin’ th’other man have his privilege.
Some people have superstitions, and that’s their business too. You’ve heard these old tales where if you dream a dream and tell it before breakfast, it’ll come t’pass? Or th’old sayin’ on New Year’s mornin’ that if a man comes t’your house first, you’ll have good luck. If a woman comes t’your house first, throw th’broom in front a’her ‘fore she comes in th’door or you’ll have bad luck. That’s an old sayin’, y’know. And not t’take th’ashes out between Christmas and New Year. If you do, you’ll have bad luck. Or eat black-eyed peas for New Year’s day? I seen a piecein th’paper where someone was eatin’ cabbage for New Year. If I had cabbage any time through th’year, I’uz proud of it.
And some believe if th’smoke’s a’goin’ t’th’ground, it’s a’gonna’ rain. Or if it’s clear fogs through th’month of January, then there’ll be frost in May. Lots a’people believes them, and that’s their privilege. But I never pay no ‘tention to ‘em.

 [Maude Shope, Foxfire 2]

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