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Piscis Volat

Hey, ho, nobody home
Meat nor drink nor money have I none
Yet will I be merry…

Nothing much has happened today. I did my schoolwork, tried to explain to Mom that I can’t handle my Math problem any longer, went to the Whole Grocer to price herbs, came home, ate lunch, and now I’m here. I feel called to explore Joy in Christ. Worldy things aren’t making me happy right now, and I know that in the long run, they never will. I don’t think that the verses that tell us to have joy even in affliction mean we should giggle and tell jokes and act happy…I get the impression that Biblical Joy (I’m capitolizing that on purpose) is a choice, a lot like love. I’m trying to learn to choose to take Joy in Christ when the world lets me down. …and, quite frankly, I am down.

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Cousin Matt!

I am now the slightly apprehensive owner of a floppy new driving permit.
[If one of his family members would refer him here, I'd like to talk to my cousin! Matt, have you got your permit yet? I think your Mom said you were taking Driver's Ed, too. I'd also really like to have your email!]

Ahh…sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy.
Last weekend I went to my first French and Indian Wars reenactment. It was very cold- the first night was in the twenties. I didn’t get a wink of sleep. But the second night was better.

I learned a lot. Everyone there had been doing it for some time- there was an older woman who made bobbin lace, and a middle-aged lady, Susie, who knew a bit of everything! Tess and I liked listening to her, and made friends with her daughter, who is, incidentally, deaf. Maggie was a really fun person. We wrote back and forth on Tess’s drawing pad.

Does anyone have something they’d like me to pray for? I’m trying to stretch out my devotions time, and to make a longer list of people to pray for. Let me know.

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