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Yesterday I walked eleven miles. Krissy and Sonja and I had been planning this for a while. On Tuesday night, they met us at practice and watched the dress rehearsal. (Which was a disaster, by the way, but I’ll talk about that later.) The next morning, we got up at five, left the house at seven, and proceeded to walk from my home to theirs. It went really well. It was grey and chilly all day, and it drizzled the first half, and rained hard the second- but it was worth it.We had layers and ponchos and an umbrella, though Sonja kept impaling me with the points. At nine ‘o clock, Mom drove by and brought us hot chocolate and donuts. Very nice. :D It was an adventure, and really fun. We stopped at a church along the way to use the bathroom, and sang rounds for pretty much the entire duration of the walk. (can you guess my current favorite thing to do?) I taught them a bunch of the songs Keturah and I had been singing, and they taught me a few new ones. When we got home, we sang our five or six perfected rounds for our moms. Mrs. Birthisel was a real dear, and made us hot food right away, and we completely collapsed and watched the old Disney Cinderella, as it was a movie that didn’t take much brains to watch. All in all, the walk took less than five hours, and we walked around twelve miles, including detours. The first and last stretches were the hardest- by the middle, we were sure we’d make it. The last two miles, we started to really hurt and ache, and plodded along in stoic silence-or whining agony-until we got home. It was completely worth it, though. I think I strained a muscle in my left leg- my right was fine, only a little achy, but I couldn’t completely stretch out my left without some annoying pain. This is a little problematic as I have opening night tomorrow and really need to dance in rehearsal tonight, but I’m going to go easy when I’m not on stage and hope it’s all right Friday. We’re really proud for having walked twelve miles in five hours. It was fun, despite the challenge. Rehearsal was very stressful Tuesday. We had our first dress rehearsal, and I arrived late, discovered my shirt was see-through, found that the dress I had so painstakingly sewn for Crystal didn’t fit at all and looked like a big fancy sack, and got yelled at for not remembering all my props. One young woman, I will not say names, has taken on too much, and though I try to understand her stress, it’s very hard getting bellowed at when you’re doing the best you can. I ended up pretty frustrated. I’m praying for humility and trying to be understanding, but it’s not easy. Yesterday’s rehearsal was for people with props- I was trying to be responsible by showing up, even though I was utterly exhausted, and the frustrating thing was, hardly anyone else came. Mostly leads. So I sat for three hours or so with a sore leg and tried to amuse myself by humming. Towards the end, I talked with Nathanael a bit, and he told me a very funny story about one of their online forums, (Alatariel from NarniaWeb, are you out there? ); then I had a conversation with Mrs. Thibeault and Lisa Libby about homeschooling and the love of learning. It was such a passionate discussion- I loved talking to someone who understood what last year was like, and had it at least as bad as I did. Jacob was there for a few minutes as well, and we had a nice conversation. He’s one of the few people I miss talking to now and then. Well. Deep breath. I need to…well, do lots of things. Our county is under a flood watch until six tonight- if you look at the radar, we’re to get the most rain in the state. The river’s already a bit high- I figure we’ll be all right as we’re at the top of the hill, but I’m a little worried about others. Keep us in your prayers. I hope everyone has a really nice day.

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Big sloppy kisses

I love my little brother. Yesterday, in the car, Mom and I tried to guess how long it would be until he grew taller than me- she guesses by the end of the summer. She’s probably right. I told him he could call me his little sister, as long as he was a good big brother and took care of me, because the bigger sibling has to be the protector. He said he would and gave me a big sloppy kiss. He’s been doing a lot of that lately- I figured it would die down after Gondoliers, but it hasn’t yet. I love it when Than’s affectionate. I found the awesomest hat when looking for Fiddler shoes at Salvation Army the other day. We were in the men’s section riffling through hats, and I discovered…well, words fail me. I’ll see if I can get a picture posted. But it was forty nine cents, and I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been wearing it to rehearsal, and Than’s been wearing it to school, and everyone thinks we’re nerds. It’s great, because, well, we are.

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