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For I am a drama geek!

I’ve just had a really good day.

Left for my second to last drama class early…I didn’t have to do scenes with any of the little kids, and I got to direct two! Much fun, a challenge and good experience. Then we had my class, which went relatively well, I had lots of energy today. Usually I feel quite lethargic. Only one thing went wrong- I wasn’t happy with my performance in my scene with Dillan and Charlotte. They play my parents, and have to break the news that I’m not getting to go to something I’ve been really looking forward to..I get extremely upset, yell at my parents, then stalk offstage. A few seconds later I return and apologize. It wasn’t so much embarassing that I knew I wasn’t doing well, it was more frustrating. I know these kids well and don’t mind messing up in front of them much. Oh well. I survived. Then Dad and I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat, while I told him about some mod work I’d done and we swapped stories about trolls on our respective forums. He dropped me at rehearsal, and that’s when the real fun began. :D I got to sing the Casilda duets with both Matt Scribner and Matthew Pillsbury! It was really fun. With Matt S I just sang, but with Matthew I got to act, which was great. Sappy, but great. A bit of fake waltzing today (for those of you that can understand this *coughSprunkcough* I sing a solo in two four time, while the piano plays in three four. Not easy. Then the whole chorus comes in in three four, while the sopranos sing in two four. It’s just not feasible to have most of us singing in two four while waltzing in, of course, three four! Anyway, the point of this long-winded explanation is to say that we’re not really waltzing, it’s just sort of stepping back and forth.) Luke and I have nailed that. :D It’s funny though, he and I spend pretty much the entire duration of the play holding hands and staring adoringly at each other. It gets a little monotonous, but it’s so funny. I can’t do it during rehearsal without eventually laughing, though. Just can’t. As usual, I’m rambling and no one is going to understand or care about a thing I’m saying. :P Oh well, that’s fine with me, I’m happy right now! Towards the end, when most of the chorus was gone, Keturah and I were sitting on the stairs leading from the Elementary rooms to the gym, and without any real reason started assigning musical notes to the stairs and jumping around, playing out the songs from the show as the piano and cast sang in the the gym. It must’ve been a strange spectacle, as we couldn’t jump the distance from do to do and were launching ourselves around and laughing hysterically. Finally, Angela’s husband and Keturah’s older brother came to find the source of the loud thumping noises, and joined us, along with Julia. Soon we had whole songs going. :D We moved into the gym and started doing it on the floor while Matt and Emily sang their duet- John and Josh on the tenor, and Keturah and I on the soprano. We’re such nerds, but it was *so* fun! We did lots of crazy things today…had a whole conversation about how to do our hair (she’s a longhair too) because during the dance scenes, my braid would hit Luke or whoever I was dancing with and it can really be quite painful. So we both started spinning around and letting our braids fly out about two feet on either side, while Julia in her hoop skirts was twirling around the gym enjoying the puffiness. Then I tied some of our fake flower bunches to the end of my braid and spun around with that…ahh, such fun.

Oh, and the best part…David, my drama teacher, might come to the show! It would be so wonderful to have someone who’s actually really worked with me, even had me as an assistant, give me feedback. I really hope it works out!

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“Now turn us round and we with all convenient dispatch- will undertake to marry any two of you we catch!”

Today’s rehearsal was pretty hysterical. There were six girls and three boys, Alex, Nathan, and Matt,  when I first got there, and it made for some funny staging. We began blocking the scene where Gianetta, my character, and Tessa are picked by the guys…once we’ve gone to our respective husbands, the rest of the girls and guys are supposed to find a partner and pair up. But with Alex and Matt filling in as Marco and Guiseppe, Nathan was the only one left. So he stood behind the three remaining girls while Emily and I were singing our solos and all that, and kept grinning and gesturing to show that he was one lucky guy. It was hilarious, we couldn’t sing for laughing.
This was also the first time we’ve had to get close to our partners or act like we’re in love. Matt was doing Marco, and since we’ve known each other all our lives it was really awkward. :P We just joked about it a lot, and had a lot of fun. Neither of us was really thrilled when we had to link arms. I’m nervous about doing it with Luke though…since I know Matt really well it’s not all that bad, but I don’t have such a sibling-ly relationship with Luke!

Lunch was great, too. Everyone ate on the swings, then sat on the grass and chucked wood chips at Nathan, who stood up in front of us and joked around and told stories. He’s not a bad entertainer, actually, did some really funny stuff. The really hilarious part, though, was when he threw a wood chip very hard and it hit me just above my left eye! It really hurt! I clapped my hands to my face and started giggling and tearing up at the same time, and then I started really laughing, and crying as well, from how funny it was. :P It’s awkward to be in pain and yet cracking up. I actually started bleeding, and had to walk around all day with this big scab on my face. *grin* Nathan, of course, took it all in stride and said of his throw, “Ooh, that was really good. And by that I mean I’m sorry.”

So anyway, I’m home now, and still smiling about the incident. ‘Twas a fun rehearsal. Hard work, but fun. Sang both Gianetta and Casilda. Afterwards, Mr. Bauer pointed out to me that I’d been mouthing everyone else’s words throughout practice…he apparently thought it was a bit funny. I hadn’t hardly noticed.
Tomorrow I’m going with Mrs. Konzcal to an all day historical clothing seminar! I’m so excited! It’s going to be really wonderful. She’s camping behind the Bath Historical Society building, so I might spend Saturday night with her and either skip church or go to the first random one we find on the way home. They’re Catholic and I’m Protestant, but I’m sure we could work something out. When it comes right down to it we believe the same things.

“Such divisions are purely arbitrary! Who says twenty four hours make a day?”
“There’s a popular impression to that effect”
“Then we’ll efface it!”

Sorry, random Gilbert and Sullivan quotes come to me now and then this time of year. It’s a disease, I tell you.

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Ala is here!

Well, my lovely friend Ala from Massechussetts came up yesterday to stay with us for a few days. She met us at the school at ten, and then stayed with me for practice.

I felt a bit bad keeping her there all day, but thankfully I didn’t get called up on stage for three hours or so, and I got to talk to her instead. :D We’re going in at three today for more practice.

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…is stupid! It really is!

Good rehearsal today. We’re fully into musical season now, with exactly a month left before the show- I’m having fun but very stressed.
We spent most of the time today practicing what Luke and I have dubbed “the nightmare.” I recorded a bit of it, maybe I’ll post it later? Only if people are interested. The nightmare is a really integral and really beautiful piece if done well- the problem is, of course, doing it well. Luke and I both have some insanely high notes, me a B and him an A, all held above the chorus. Naturally, I can’t get my note unless he does, so it’s a vicious cycle. Oh well, we’re having fun, and we sounded all right today.

We also worked on “In a Contemplative Fashion”. This piece is the epitome of Gilbert and Sullivan- four people, each singing entirely different things at the same time, and if it’s done right, it’s standing ovation quality, I think. Yet again, the problem is doing it right. The best parts are always the hardest! This piece means lots of high, fast triplets for me…*shudder*

But it really is a lot of fun. Gondoliers is such a fun show. I’m hoping very much that some of my cousins will be able to come see it…*nudge*…it’s so very funny. Good idea to read a plot summary beforehand, though.
These early cast rehearsals are especially good because you’re with the more dedicated people, not the chorus members who only join for fine arts credits. Right now I’m working with Matthew Pillsbury, Josh Hasbrouck, Luke, Matt, Keturah…I like working with these people because they know how to have fun and work at the same time! Like when we had Luke read the part of Matt’s lover when they practiced, even though there were too girls in the room. Or how when one of the female leads is missing, Matthew will fill in with his incredible falsetto- it’s hilarious, but we’re still accomplishing things!

I love G&S.

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