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Just got back from the church, where we set up for the movie viewing we’re having tonight. Raising money for CHIC. >.< Than's friend Jonathan is over, and I decided to walk to the park with them. We spent probably an hour goofing was just really fun. I haven't played on the playground in a long time, and it felt great. I love not acting my age.
So then we came home and Mom left to teach some lessons...and they were on the computers. So I yelled at them to get off and go outside (it must be in the high forties or low fifties, it's wonderful!) and we played with Than's foam rocket. Theeeen we played with the soccer ball. Finally, Jonathan got a hold of Than's rocket and started shooting us, so we locked him out of the house and started plotting. I came up with the idea to take our walkie-talkies, and we snuck outside. Jon was nowhere in sight, so I ran up the street (we live on a four street block, but we call it a 'U', because that's more what it looks like). Jon appeared and started chasing Than, but I made it to the other side of the block. It was so great...we were just shouting at each other via the walkie talkies...the neighbors probably thought I was insane. :P So anyway- after about fifteen minutes, Than got the foam part of the rocket away from Jon and ran. We hid behind the willow tree and discussed our options, and Than stuck the rocket up his shirt and took off, just as Jon appeared. I stalled him for five minutes or was hilarious, we were acting as if it was a life or death situation, then suddenly Jon drops his arms to his sides and says, "Since when did we get so serious about this, anyway?" I just laughed and said it was fun. Sooo...he started chasing me again...and then he had me backed up to the river, and he held the rocket shooter up and demanded that I give him the walkie talkie. It was so randomly fun. I just ran back and forth at the bottom of the U, trying to get away, and eventually I did...came back to the house, collapsed on the floor, and Jon came up and surrendered. :P It was so fun. We’re all completely exhausted now, but it was worth it.Time to regain my energy before I have to go to church for the youth group thing. :P

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  I am so sick right now. I just want to curl up in a ball and die.

Yesterday I tossed and turned for nearly the entire night. Absolutely miserable. This morning, I could hardly move. I haven’t been this sick in a long time..sore throat, congested, and worst, aching all over. Thank God that Mom and I are spending this week reading poetry in coffee shops instead of doing regular school. We went to Panera and studied the LotR poetry today, reading it aloud to each other, and commenting on it. The annoying thing about this kind of sickness is that I feel absolutely awful particularly in the mornings and evenings. When I’m already lacking energy.

Missed my voice lesson, too. So..yeah. I am so miserable.

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More err…

Okay..I think Mom and I are causing inexplicable balls of fire all over the place…

Today while we were at home, I was going upstairs and smelled smoke. I ran into the kitchen and asked Mom if she was burning a candle or something, and she said no. So we went out to the hall to investigate. There was definitely a smell of smoke. One of us got the idea to open the front door, and a bad smell of burning something-or-other permeated the hall…it was pretty disgusting. We went outside to investigate and saw a large smoke plume going up from behind the florists at the head of the street. No one seemed to be doing anything. So Mom called 911, just in case something was wrong, and within fifteen minutes, we heard sirens…oddly enough, regular people were walking into the building as if nothing was wrong. The ambulance arrived, then a police car, and then both left without doing much of anything! The smoke kept pouring out, and no one did anything.
I have no idea what was going on, but it really smelled like something that was supposed to burn was burning. It was really odd.

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Out of titles again. Anyways.

Today the weirdest thing happened. Mom and I were driving to school for chorus, absorbed in a conversation about Susan’s Archery Dress (or at least I was absorbed in it), when I noticed a bright light in the sky up ahead…Mom said she’d been watching it for a while (so she wasn’t paying attention, eh? :P ) and had thought it was a helicopter, but it clearly wasn’t. As we watched, we realized it was some sort of fireball…with this trail of smoke behind it. And it was falling over the city. And then *poof*, it went out. And then the smoke disappeared. But it wasn’t exactly small or we wouldn’t have noticed it. And it was most definitely on fire. It was ‘cool and scary’, to quote Ala.

I’m so curious though…I think we’re going to buy the paper tomorrow to see if it’s mentioned.

Got ten yards of random flannel from the one dollar bin at Wal-Mart to use for mockups. Hurray.

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Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. When I don’t post for a few days, I think about aaall the things I have to catch up on, and then I just procrastinate. I’m not going to try to catch up, but we had a lovely Christmas, vacation, and New Years. The first viewing of Narnia was a lot of fun, anyone who wants to see pictures can email me.

Sunday my family went again to see Narnia. I loved it just as much the second time (cried just as hard too…heh). When we came out, I tried to convince Mom we should to go Harry Potter, but we were out of movie money.

Yesterday afternoon, Dori and I went ice skating at the rink by the high school. Uncle Tim had given me skates, so for the first time in years I had my own pair. :) As quite a few of the people on the ice were playing hockey (even though it’s supposedly not allowed…no one enforces the rule) Dori and I went dumpster diving and came up with two wrapping paper tubes and a pint carton of half and half. We started to play a game we called…lo and behold…half and half. The other skaters seemed to think we were a little strange, I wonder why? :P  Before long, our cardboard tubes broke, so Dori went off in search of some real sticks. I practiced skating in the meantime and ended up flat on my back, so I just lay there for a while, hoping nobody would skate over my braid and cut it off, not to mention the rest of me!

Dori returned with a stick with a curved end, either shaped like a cane or a hockey stick, depending on how you hold it. I took that one, and she took the other; an old pointed fence post with eight staples and a rusty nail sticking out of it. Needless to say we bent over the rusty nail. They worked just as well as any hockey stick (though mine was a little short) and we played for over an hour! It was so much fun. We’re hoping to go back again sometime before too long.

On the way home, I got an inexplicable craving for vegetable soup, so Mom and I dubbed January “Soup Month” and splurged eleven dollars on Ramen Noodles and canned soup. All in all, it was quite a day. :D

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