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I’m off…

Tomorrow morning I’m going to the Conn. Renaissance Faire with Ala and her family. Should be fun, well, except for the fact that Mom and I are getting up at three thirty in order to get there in time. Oh well, at least I’m a morning person! We’ll be driving to Ala’s in Mass, then on to Conn, while Mom goes to Peniel. In all, I’ll have 7 hours of driving before the day is over.
Anyway, I won’t be around for a day or two.
As a parting gift:

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Ho hum…

I finished Harry Potter Six today. I really never thought I’d read those books…but I admit I’m hooked now. All the accusations that Christians have made, that I have made, aren’t very well researched. I was always one of the ones who said they weren’t good books. But I eat my words.
Anyways..I ended up reading for two hours or so this morning, finishing, crying my eyes out because the ending is so sad, then dissolving into tears every five minutes while Mom tried to teach me Math. :P Poor Mom.
On a lighter note, I’ve reached the first unit study in my lit curriculum. It was about Tolkien and then language…very interesting.

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Sorry, I lost the link to log in.

That’s my excuse for not posting. ^^

Last night, I babysat Seth and James again. Seth is two and eleven months, and James is eleven months. Their Mom had warned me that they were getting to the stage where they can’t play together well…they fight constantly. But that wasn’t a problem for me, they ended up playing most of the time.

Only one thing really went wrong. While we were eating dinner, James choked. He simply stopped breathing, stopped making any noise, and turned red. I was terrified- I think it was one of the most frightening moments of my life. Naturally, everything I ever learned about saving choking infants went completely out of my head.
It only lasted three seconds…he finally coughed and I knew he’d be all right, but I was about to pass out myself. If our friends’ baby had died on my watch, I’d never forgive myself.
I called Mom, who consoled me, and then cleaned up. We went downstairs and watched Patch’s London Adventure, a 101 Dalmations movie. Their dog, Marcus, spent most of the time, trying to get on my lap. This doesn’t really work, because Marcus is almost as tall as me when he stands up.

Eventually, I put them to bed. James cried a bit, but went down before too long. Seth wouldn’t stop running around. Finally, I got him up on his bed, and he started saying something I couldn’t understand. Suddenly I realized he was saying that he wanted to be a Princess! Later, when I told his parents, we figured out it was probably because of that last time I babysat, with Arie. When he told stories about kings and queens.
When Seth was down, I went down to watch a movie. The parents weren’t going to be back till around eleven, and I needed something to do. They didn’t have many movies I was terribly interested in, so found their National Geographic feature on FotR. I’d never seen it…it was really fascinating. I’d never really known much about Anglo Saxon history, as much as I love it. When that was over, I put on TTT- it was really fun. I’ve never liked staying home alone, much less at someone else’s house, so I was a little creeped out already. But watching the dead marshes scene on someone else’s home theater late at night…I was so scared. It was awesome.

I got forty bucks out of the deal…worked out pretty well. I’m exhausted now, though, and I have that stupid drama class today. UGH.

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School’s started, and except for the stress of work and a little loneliness it’s going very well. I usually get done by around eleven or twelve, and have a few hours of free time before Than gets home.
As for subject matter, I’m understanding all but Math, but that’s a given. I’m just going to keep trying and hope it becomes more clear.

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