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We’re currently in the throes of what remains of Katrina. Which is to say a bit of wind and some light rain. Enjoying it, we haven’t had a good hurricane in a long time, and the wind feels delightful. (I can say that because usually if they actually make it up here, they don’t leave much damage. :P )

Wow, a comment from Dan! *grins* I’ve missed my Peniel friends lately…everyone lives soo far away. Ah well.

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So disappointed…

I just accidentally found out the end of the Eragon sequel. The book I’ve been waiting for for so long…I’ve only read eight chapters, won’t get to read the rest until the library gets it…and someone’s given away the ending. I’m so disappointed.

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School has started

…and so far, it’s going pretty well. After helping to usher Than off to his school, I started my work. Did a half hour of Biology, a lesson in Geometry, a lesson in History and Literature…tomorrow I’ll do a bit in German and Cults.
I ended up finishing before twelve…eh…probably before eleven, now that I think about it.
I admit, I’m a little lonely. I really don’t miss the people at school much…just a few of the teachers and kids. But I do miss having people around a bit. I’m sure I’ll adapt. The fact that it was very dreary and cold didn’t help any. I just drank tea and read Harry Potter.
…which I’m enjoying, by the way, contrary to my expectations. The books are well-written and creative, and I think that as long as you’re not going to go around trying to conjure spells and such, there’s nothing wrong with them. They aren’t my favorites, but they’re fun. I read the first two books in one day each, which just demonstrates the fact that they’re fairly light reading…the fourth is getting a bit darker, but again, I’ll just not take it seriously.
As for other books…I’m rereading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I went to Borders the other day and read the first eight chapters of the Eragon sequel…it was very good, and I was annoyed to have to leave it, but no way I’m shelling out 21 dollars for a new book right now. I have other things to do with my earnings.
Hmm…someone sent me a package yesterday, with oils and some very pretty hairsticks. Very nice of her. :)
Anyway, that’s a summary of my last few days. Hope everyone’s having a great week.

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Just a few more days until school starts. I’m actually looking forward to it. My literature curriculum came yesterday, it was very exciting.
I’ve been rereading Eragon. It’s a good book. The author is a homeschooler who graduated at fifteen and then published the book at seventeen.

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Just a week before school starts. I haven’t been dreading it this year, so I didn’t realize how soon it started until a few days ago.
Caleb’s party was fun, it was nice to see all the family again. Yesterday was Than’s birthday, so we had some of Dad’s family over, and Aunt Margaret and Grammie. It went well, I think everyone had fun.
Today I’m meeting with Trisha, an old homeschool friend of mine and one of mom’s students, to talk about what GPCS is like. She’s going for a few classes this year, and I’ll show her some papers and give her a little advice on what the teachers are like and how best to prepare for their classes.

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Krissy, Mom, Than and I got back from our short trip to Grammie’s a few hours ago. We had a good time, seeing Aunt Joni, Uncle Ted, Caleb and Matt was a lot of fun. Krissy and Than and I are hoping that Caleb and Matt will come see the Narnia opening with us, if they can stand to be with weirdos in costume. We’re going as the Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe, Lucy, and Reepicheep. I think costuming is fun and plan to take full advantage of this opportunity. Krissy just lent me her family’s dress form, and I’m very excited. Can’t wait to set it and start working on drafting bodices.

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Out of titles…

Let’s see…quick catch up..
Monday I went to Mal’s, and Megan was there as well. Part way through the day we decided to ride our bikes to Beals, the ice cream place, and then to a blueberry picking spot. The ride to Beals was an hour and fifteen minutes (approximately), so we enjoyed a rest. At this point, we realized that my house was only twenty minutes away at the most. We decided to have some fun and just play everything by ear, have an ‘adventure.’ It was worth it. We called our mothers, and after making arrangements to be picked up, rode back to my house. It was scary, riding with Drew, Mallory’s younger brother, because he was so reckless and the intersections in my area are not very safe.
Eventually we made it home, only to discover that Mom hadn’t returned from her trip yet and the doors were locked. After some time, we found a window, removed the screen, and stuffed Drew inside. He let us in, and we managed to occupy ourselves happily until Mrs. Cram came to pick us up.

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It’s back!

Yay, the server’s back. So I can post again. To update everyone, several things have happened.
Number one- I returned from Peniel. Can’t remember if I managed to post that or not.
Number two- Pippin had a kitten.
Number three- worked out an important relationship, that’s good news.
Number four- I’m homeschooling this year. Don’t spread the word, it’s not exactly official news yet. I’d rather tell people myself. But yes, I’m homeschooling, and I’m very, very glad.
Number five- Mire just came home, and I’m even more glad about that.

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