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Sorry it’s been so long

I only have a few minutes, but I’m sorry I haven’t posted. One computer stopped working, so I went to the other and didn’t have the log in site bookmarked.
We’re doing some yard (or lack thereof) work with Uncle Dan today…I was moving our large pile of sticks and was surprised to find a huge toad. When I finally managed to catch him (never let a frog go by, he could be a prince! :D ) he urinated on me. It normally doesn’t bother me, but it was all cold, and by the third time I decided I’d had enough and let him go. In the loosest meaning of the word. I sort of…threw him. Oops. Hope he’s okay.

Going to Krissy’s later, can’t wait. Some very unexpected things have been happening…a reprieve will be nice.

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