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I’ve never been a huge fan of anime. I really prefer realistic drawings, it just doesn’t appeal to me. But today after school, while mom taught three lessons, Matt popped in a DVD of the anime movie “Castle in the Sky.” It was made in ‘86, I didn’t know anime had been around that long. I really didn’t hear about it until a few years ago.
I was anything but ecstatic at first, but eventually the four of us watching, Matt, Kendra, Than and I, started to get into it. All the words are in Japanese, and it’s subtitled in English. Now, this is actually really funny, because the majority of the subtitles come about 20-30 seconds after the line is uttered. So we’d have no idea what was going on. And by the time they appeared, we’d lost track of anything we DID know.
I surprised myself, though. When the main character dropped the object the movie revolved around, I gasped. Apparently I like it better than I thought!

I had a great time at Sonja and Krissy’s! First off we ate pizza and talked for a loong time about Gondoliers. They might be in it next year! That would be really wonderful…apparently their dad was almost in it one year. Then we finished up and began to watch a DVD of bad and good (mostly bad) dives from Son’s diving team. Very funny. We watched my video of The Mikado afterwards, since Sonja hadn’t been able to see the play. I really do love that show. So we ended up going to bed at something like 11:30 or 12:00, but it was worth it.
The next morning Krissy came to wake Sonja and I up, and we were cruel and made Krissy get us breakfast. But we repented and Sonja ended up making it; I promised to next time they came to my house.
Afterwards, we played the piano for a while, then went for a walk. It was warm enough for shorts, but there was sprinkling rain…it felt great. Tons of fun, we ended up going about 2 1/2 miles total.
I can’t wait to get together with them again…
(This whole post is ironic, seeing as those two are about the only ones who read it. :P Ah well, what will be will be.)

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Well, yesterday was the senior banquet. Sarah came home with me, then her mom stopped by at the house and got us all together. She did a lovely job with my hair, I hadn’t any ideas until that point.
It was a lot of fun! The food was good, and I didn’t spill or break anything…that’s an improvement.

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Yeomen, yet again

Practice until eight thirty last night. Keturah wasn’t there, so I ended up talking to Kendra the whole time. Worked out nicely. Scott spent all the time he wasn’t on stage sitting under the stairs…it was pretty funny.
Jane and I need to learn to cross ourselves…being protestants, we don’t often do that. :P In the scene where Fairfax/Meryl is to be beheaded, we all come to watch the grisly affair, and it’s very grim. Basically, we have to take turns praying, crying, hugging, things like that. It’s a lot of fun.
One thing I’ve realized about The Yeomen of the Guard is that it’s completely serious. There’s little humor. This is the only G&S that was written this way. The emotions we have to portray are more real, less melodrama. But the chorus doesn’t seem to do much. It’s more fun, in a way, because since we’re townspeople, we have to come up with characters. For instance, Nathan will be selling apples in a little cart. Kendra, me, Jane, Noelle, and maybe a few others are maids in the Lieutenant’s household. Keturah and Alisha are daughters of his. Steve and Becca are an item (I say that because I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be just married or courting. :P ).
Luke, Kayla, and Bethany are the children in one family, Matt is in another along with Sarah Beth and a few others. I know most of you don’t know any of these people, so I’m not sure why I’m giving names.
Anyway, banquet tonight, so I can’t make practice. Nor can I go on Saturday. And likely not on Monday. Not good. But we’ll see…
Sonja, the wraps and shawls you sent over are very pretty…the one your mom sent is so nice, I’m afraid to touch it! :P

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Makeup and music…

I went to Sarah’s house yesterday, and we watched a video of Gondoliers. Very funny, ours will be so much better. Then mom showed up so that Mrs. Sarah’s Mom could give us some tips on how to wear makeup and such. For all you cousins and friends that disapprove of makeup, girls will be girls, so you’ll have to bear with your only older girl cousin. ;)
Mom and I agreed that I needed something for the banquet Friday. And I really wanted to be able to apply my own stage makeup, it make things so much easier to come prepared to a show. So I got some foundation and some acne stuff. And tons of samples, that way I don’t have to buy everything right now…so now I’m prepared for special occasions and shows.
School is in an hour and a half…I’m so tired, I don’t know if I’ll make it through, what with a rehearsal from 5:30 to 8:00 including blocking. Oh well.

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Happy Birthday Krissy!!!

Yes, it is Krissy’s birthday. Or rather, was. Heh.
So, Krissy, you may now post and congradulate yourself since I haven’t yet come up with too many commenters. *grin*

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Doing better…

Well, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I’m feeling much, much better. I actually had a pretty bad day in general, but since getting out of school I’ve felt absolutely lovely. Probably all the music…
Today after school, mom taught a quick lesson and got held up a bit longer than usual, so I spent the time talking to Nathan, Alex, and Matt about Gondoliers. They love it as much as I do, and Nathan already knows all the music!
Anyway, we talked about parts. Alex has one of the most gorgeous bass voices I have EVER heard, and he’s only in eighth grade. There’s only one problem…he has no acting ability whatsoever. :P I can say that, he jokes about it all the time. Kendra and I are having some get togethers with him and Matt this summer, we’ve been assigned to teach him a bit about acting. He’s a great guy, it’ll be fun.
So Alex was going to have Don Alhambra, but now someone else might have that part, though he seems to really want it. So he’s going to learn both Don and Giorgio…a very small part, sadly.
Nathan wanted Don Alhambra, but didn’t tell anyone that, and we’re basically counting on him to do Polo (Guiseppe).
Matt is a tenor. The only options for him are Luiz, and Antonio. He wants Luiz, which would probably involve me being Casilda…but I absolutely adore Gianetta now. sooo I’m torn…we shall see.
Then Mom and I went and sang all my voice music and about half of Gondoliers, and I sang a high B. :) Very happy.

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Today was one of the most depressing days I’ve ever experienced. I’m not going to go into detail, I’ll just say it was really rough.

I don’t really have anything to look forward to this week, so I’m dreading it. School is pretty pointless, I can’t learn anything when I’m in a class with people who don’t want to. I didn’t mind learning before I came to GPCS…

I went to Anna and Regina’s house on Saturday, and then we went with their older sister Mary to see Godspell. It featured my friends Haydn as Jesus, Marcus as Judas, and the SHAMS (Marcus, Sam, Haydn, Andrew, and Sky’s band) proved the music. It was very good…some of the singers weren’t amazing, but most of them did well. Haydn was a wonderful Jesus. He has longish light brown hair, and really looked the part. But the painfully ironic bit is that he and the other three have grown up thinking Christianity is ridiculous. Please, anyone who prays, pray for Haydn, Marcus, Sam, and Andrew. They’re really wonderful people, talented, polite, and friendly…I think something might be starting though. Since Haydn played Jesus, he has just about the whole book of Mark memorized! That’s got to mean something.

I’m going to bed at 8 tonight.

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I’ve simply fallen in love with next year’s Gilbert and Sullivan, Gondoliers. John burned me a cd, and I’ve been listening and reading along with the score for about a month now. There’s three parts I’m interested in, and I can’t decide which I really want, though it’s not all my choice.
Casilda- The definitive part. She’s a high soprano, reaching a B, or even a high C. She has a little less stage time than the others, and no solos, but two beautiful duets with Luiz, a tenor. The real reason I would want her is because Matt, John’s brother, might be Luiz, and it would be really fun to act with him.
Tessa- An alto part. She’s very low for my range, but the largest part in the play. Five solos, several ensembles, not as many lines as Casilda, but much more stage time. The only reason I would want her is because I’m greedy and want a lot of stage time. Heck, at least I’m honest…*sigh* One other reason- she’s in the ensemble where four people sing four different things at once. Nigh on impossible, but my favorite G&S ensemble ever. (Other than Hail Poetry!)
Gianetta- The only logical compromise. Not only is she almost as high as Casilda, minus one note, she is in the ensemble! She’s the smallest of the two (her and Tessa)…but only by…one line and a solo. Something like that. She has at least four, probably five solos. Still a huge jump from being Peep-Bo. That’s the one Mrs. Libby wants me to do. I’d be with Marco, Tessa’s with Guiseppe. (Or, as we affectionately call them due to a mistake Alex and Luke made: Marco and Polo.)

So..I’m learning all three parts. I actually have a lot of it memorized already…I think after church today I will watch one of our old videos of Pirates. I love that show, must see Hail Poetry! :D

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I know, I get a new blog and never post. I’ll try harder. I’ve been very busy…

Thursday we had a Yeomen practice until 5. It didn’t go very well, I got very stressed and frustrated because of the ‘constructive’ critisizm the soprano section was recieving. I have to learn not to assume it’s always me Angela is talking about. I had a rough evening, ended up crying on Mom’s shoulder for a while…but I hadn’t been able to do that for a year or so, it was good.

This morning started out hard, the aftermath of yesterday, and it didn’t help matters any when I arrived at school and discovered I had left my math take home test and English essay at home. Then I went to Science class and found I hadnt’ done my homework. I managed to get it done, but when Mrs. Simpson tried to explain this Chemistry we’re starting…it’s not something that I’m understanding. It didn’t help that Mike was sitting next to me talking constantly. To himself, to other people, to Mrs. Simpson when she was out of earshot…I know some people might hate me for saying this, but it’s pretty stupid to get mad at the teacher for calling you on something that’s against the rules. It IS her job, you know…

Mom and I went out to Jewel Falls today. We hadn’t been yet this year. It brought back a lot of memories…like when a young John S. ran away from Matt, Than, me, and our moms in pursuit of a train. Oh dear, the Audobon Kids! When the four of us were little, Mom took us out to the Maine Audobon very frequently. We had all sorts of ‘adventures,’ starting with the time John and I got stuck in the mudflats. Mom had to hold a big stick way out and pull us free…I ended up leaving my boots behind and walking in my socks, but she got them for me. From that day forth we began to call ourselves the Audobon Kids. I can remember almost all of our adventures, as we called them…
The Audobon Kids Get Stuck in the Mud
The Audobon Kids Lose John!!!
The Audobon Kids Hunt for Trilobites- our slightly naive friend John was absolutely certain he had found the extinct trilobite. Mom was hard pressed to dissuade him. We actually have a picture of John with his trilobite…
The Audobon Kids Get Lost!!!- I remember this one. Our car broke down with Matt, Than and me inside. We had a lot of fun speculating about all the awful things that could happen to us, like having to sleep on the sidewalk by the Shaw’s payphone. Much to our dissapointment and mom’s relief, that never happened.
That’s all I can remember right now…John graduates this year. Any of you who saw the mikado will remember him as KoKo.
I’ll miss him a lot…we’ve been such good friends for so long. And he’s grown up now! I’m glad Matt’s half a year younger than me. John and I never had any songs together in the G&Ss, but Matt and I probably will. I hope so. The exciting thing about The Mikado was that all four of us were on stage together for the first time since our childhood productions of “Stupidlocks and the Three Big Fat Stupid Bears.” This original show featured John as Papa Bear, me as Mama Bear, Than as Baby Bear, and Matt as Stupidlocks, whose fate was inevitably to eat too much pudding and explode. This was our favorite play. I also remember John’s favorite game, one of my earliest memories: City Hall is flooding. We all climbed up on the big chair and clung to it, yelling for help and barely escaping with our lives.
Some of you may remember the large dirt pile to the side of our house, between the garage and the shed? Well, it used to be much larger and higher, and we played the same game on that. But the pile had a name. John, whom we held in some sort of awe, was a faunt of information, and we were amazed when he told us exactly what this pile of dirt should be called: The Giant Goosebump. For several years, we called it by this name….none of us ever questioned why, thought I do remember asking what sort of bump it was and why a giant goose had it…
I’ll miss him a lot. I hope we get to keep in touch.
If anyone who knows John reads this, please refrain from bringing these things up in his hearing…he’d probably find them embarrassing.

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Well, we had the first two nights of the play last week, and tonight is my last night performing. I’m not nervous right now, in fact I’m much more…I don’t know.
Anyway…the show tonight…I have to get there earlyish…and make absolutely SURE Sarah’s mom does my makeup. I’ve been really fed up lately with people who say they hate the show, tell me not to sing the music when I’m around them, and constantly complain about Mrs. Libby…then they continue to be in it every year and talk WHILE on stage! GAH. It’s really inconsiderate to those of us who work hard at it.
I’m hoping like heck to get out of wearing a mic. Last week I fought for about an hour with Nathanael (not my brother) because they were going to mic me, and they hadn’t told me OR let me practice with it. So I was really upset…but he won in the end. Turns out, after me having to take off my costume and rearrange everything, and being ten times more nervous…they forgot to turn it on. And people said I was loud enough, at least nearly. A lot better than last year anyway. I’m hoping they’ll just go with that this time…

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