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Strengths and Sorrows

Dear strangers from distant lands, friends of old,

I just got your letter within the last week. At first I had decided merely to drop out of site forever, but upon reading of your concern I finally realized what a foolish thing my uncaring plan was. Why did I drop out and plan to stay away, you ask? It is a question of self-control. You see, I could very well be labeled as an “internet junkie�. As hard as I try to cut back on online time significantly, nothing works, and one evening I at last made up my mind to just stop. Completely. After that moment of decision I only went online to check my email – rarely more than once a week. It seems to be working this time… this forum is like a bad habit: many times before I have attempted to take away my “addiction� to it, but yet I always seem to return. As much as I hate to say it, I pray that that is not the case.
Yes, I love(d) it here. I love you all as a family… yet some things cannot be so. I am not returning, only merely making a visit so you won’t think I’ve exploded physically.

While I’m here, I might as well make a few quick notes to the people I think I was closest to…

As much as I wish to write more to all of the others, I am running out of time online. God bless you all, and may continue to grow and spread itself out in spite of all the various troubles that arise. Rest assured that I am not dead, but I am not coming back.

I love you all.


P.S. No letters, please. Only emails… and don’t expect them to be answered often at all.

I can’t stop crying…

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I came on here to post, and now that I’m here, I don’t have it in me to carry through. I’m depressed. I’m going to bed.

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“That’s it! She’s finally cracked! She’s cracked!”

Meh. This is my past week in a nutshell.
I wrote a letter, with some help from Mal, to Mrs. Bickford, basically asking her not to compare us to the 10th grade anymore, because we can’t live up to their standards. None of us expected the result we got: She blew up.
She called the painstakingly written letter “ludicrous” “disgusting” and “hogwash.” As you can imagine…i got pretty upset. So did a few other people. Mrs. Willink talked to her, and things are working out now. Meh.

I’ve started listening to more music…Danish songs are gooood.

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