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I guess I forgot to blog. Again, I’m so busy…
Well, Scarborough High School donated 50 odd lockers, so I finally get my own. We get the sophomores old lockers, and they get the tiny new ones. It’s awesome. I had the worst locker before, now I have THE BEST ONE. :) I’m very happy with it.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, up with the cousins and aunts and uncles and Grammie. Pie breakfast was fun, but I was upset to have missed the Tedpearsons. Afterwards we went out and played a great game of football, I made a few touchdowns! Later, at the tedpearsons, we had dinner, and then played hide and seek in the dark for quite a while. That was a lot of fun- especially when we got side tracked and Uncle Tim started hitting rotten apples with a bat. Little apple bits all over us, it was great.

We finally got to give Maddie the Evenstar! After saving and waiting and planning for six months or more, we were so happy. She almost cried, so did we…apparently it was a meaningful gift, as we had hoped. :)

I met Alatariel! It was incredible, she’s such a sweet girl! I’d type the whole story out here, but I’m a bit too tired. In any case, Mom and her parents found a lot to discuss…
I’m enjoying mod-dom on AU, but trying to cut back on my computer time. I don’t want my life to revolve around a website. I’m having fun on the RP thread, and have pretty much taken charge of the Member Awards. Samwise the Brave and I had a long conversation, and she made me a new banner…
Bill the Pony and Sam…
I like it a lot. :)
I now have a banner making program, but it’s hard to figure out. Krissy made a great little forum, we’re the only ones so far, but hey, it’s fun. :D

The RotK EE comes out in seven or so days. I’m looking forward to it. I just found out that Orlando Bloom is an avid Buddhist. To make a long story short, I’m devastated.

I’m Santa Lucia this year. Which means that I never get to do it again. It’s sad, but exciting, because I only get to do this once! I’m working hard on my voice practice…I really hope it’s getting me somewhere.

Anyway, that was the summary of my life as of today. I have to go write my journal, then maybe I’ll post it here. We might get a snow day tomorrow…I’m holding my breath, but Maine weathermen can’t predict things. It’s not possible. Ah well. We have our tree up early and lights on…I love seeing lights in the morning. Well, I’m off to eat and write that journal…
Tschuss! :D

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