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Well, I was given a character in an RP thread on AU, the person hadn’t been there for a long time, so they needed someone to take over. but the person had all the details about her character, Elwen, in her head! She had secrets…I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this. Well, we’ll see. It’ll be a fun challenge.
OO. I think I’ve got an idea. Gut.

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So. Yeah.

I don’t know what to say…my life is so busy it’s boring.
OH YEAH…sorry can’t blog gotta email the cousins…

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Is one allowed to quote oneself?

No need to laugh. It’s not funny, really. I was just…bored. Meh.
Nienor…someone is engaged?
Nienor…what an engaging topic
Nienor…you have engaged my interest

this is how groggy I was today, being sick. Stupid doctor gave me an inhaler and pills. Inhaler tastes awful.

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Fried squirrel, anyone?
Chicken, now I can handle that.
Beef, that’s even better. Simple. I could eat a good hunk of cow any day. Yeah. Beef. I can deal with that.

You may have noticed that I was absent yesterday. Well, I was- and much better for it, I think.
Anyway, my mom teaches homeschoolers piano on Tuesdays, and several of them are my friends. Of course, I hid in my room, seeing as I was supposed to be recuperating. As I listened to a cd, (a Christmas cd, to be precise, I was looking for some variety) my cd player suddenly stopped. Upon further incestigation, I discovered that every electrical appliance in my room had cut out. I went downstairs to tell mom we’d lost power, and nearly ran straight into the Murray family, some of mom’s students. As they explained to me, there was an electrical fire directly across the street. Apparently, the insulator had somehow caught fire, thus catching a tree trunk on fire, which in turn set the power line itself ablaze. The line had burned through, dropping two large pieces of insulator on the ground, and leaving the rest hanging by the opposite end.
The fire in the line suddenly dissapeared, with a crackle of electricity, but the tree was smoldering, and the insulator was burning.
Tricia and John, the two kids, and I watched as neighbors appeared, looking at the fire and calling over to us. Mom had already called 911 and gone back to her lessons, but it took two more calles by worried neighbors before the fire truck showed up. One woman saw the burning rubber in her driveway and immediately walked directly under the fire to have a look. Mrs. Murray quickly launged into a series of shouts, presumably saving said neighbor from a crispy demise.
A while later, CMP actually showed up, and began to fix the broken wire. It was then that we discovered the source of the problem.
One of the men walked over to a black lump lying on the ground and nudged it with his foot. Tricia and I were rather surprised to hear him shout, shocked but slightly amused,
Enough said. If you ever want to see first hand the result of chewing on a power line, come on over. It’s still there. And I sure as heck am not going to touch it.

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Well, I got MSN messenger today, so that I could talk with some of the other mods. Someone is trying to destroy AU. Several someones. I think it’s doubtful that they will succeed, but they’re stirring up rebellion. People don’t understand that we aren’t just trying to enforce laws.
I talked to Alatariel for a long time on IM today…it snowed there, in Mass, and we both put on Christmas cds. :) Hasn’t snowed here yet though. We’re supposed to get some…
Ted and I talked for a long time in French. Me via online translators. ‘Twas fun. And now, i’m off. Mom’s at Peniel for a meeting…I want to go eat some supper.
I was really sick all day-totally miserable- but I think it’s clearing up. That would be good, I have drama tomorrow. If you think of it, pray that I’ll manage my time well and will be able to learn all my lines. Danke.

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Possibly the best essay I’ve ever written. Except…I wrote it in English.

Es gibt viele verschiedene Blicke auf dies, sowohl guten als schlechten Punkte. Ich denke persönlich nicht, dass Sie können, hat gewählt. Wenn sie in der genauen gleichen Lage waren, könnten Sie eine gerechte Entscheidung, aber nicht mit den verschiedenen Umständen machen. Denken Sie an wenn eine Minute.. Die ganze Lage von Arwen ist verschieden als Éowyn. Für ein Ding hat Arwen Eltern. Ihre Mutter kann in Mittlerer Erde nicht sein, aber sie lebt. Und ihr Vater ist dort mit ihr, und sie lieben einander. Éowyn, andererseits keine Eltern. Beide sind gestorben. Ihr Onkel, den sie hat geliebt, ist unter einer Rechtschreibung, und ist teilnahmslos zu ihrer Sorge. Arwen Leben weg von der Krieg sich. Ich werde nicht sagen, dass es nicht direkt sie verwickelt, aber sie ist nicht im dicken davon. Éowyn Leben in der schnell nachlassenden Zivilisation bekanntem als Rohan. Mit ihrem König in so einem Staat fällt das ganze Land in Baufälligkeit. Und dann Erzählungen des Kriegs, und ein Schatten im Osten. Arwen steht dem Problem des Liebens jemand, der ein anderes Rennen. ..a sterbliches Rennen ist, das mit ihr widerspricht, ist unsterblich gegenüber. Éowyn hat kein solch Problem. Aber sie hat das Problem des Liebens jemand, der unerreichbar ist. macht Arwen. Es überrascht, dass eine Person auf Unsterblichkeit geben würde, eine kurze Lebenszeit mit einem Sterblichen zu teilen. ..but ich nicht genau würde benutzen das Wort tapfer. Selbstlos, und selbstsüchtig gleichzeitig. ..though nicht stellend sich selbst bevor andere. Liebe ist ein fremdes Ding. Éowyn steht Angst. ..but Teil von ihrem Grund zum Machen gegenüber, damit ist, fühlt sie jenes Leben ist hoffnungslos. Ein Ding Arwen hat ist Hoffnung. Ein kleiner Betrag, und schwinden, aber sie besitzt noch es. Sie tehend beide Gesichtertode. ..imminent, Verderben bevors.. Und steht ihm in ihrer eigenen Weise gegenüber. Ich würde sowohl besser als das andere, noch wichtigere, noch tapferere nicht rufen. Éowyn sollte whiney nicht gerufen werden, wenn Arwen weint, genauso wie viel. Wenn in Anbetracht solche Dinge, soll Ein denken, ” würde ich das gleiche in ihrer Lage machen?” Ich denke, wenn ich war in Arwen Lage, ich würde weinen, und würde sorgen sich, und vielleicht würde nicht sein beinahe ebenso tapfer als sie. der . Das gleiche mit Éowyn. Denken Sie über diese Dinge nach, bevor Sie entweder kritisieren.

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You know what? I don’t have to apologize.

There’s almost no point to it. It just doesn’t matter.
I don’t have anything to write about. I had a voice lesson today, a one hour one, to make up for two I’d missed. It was awful, but I learned a lot. So I guess it wasn’t awful. He said that since I have had this cough for four weeks and now have congestion, I should get it checked. Bleaugh. Oh well, I guess I will.
I have a four day weekend, and I’m enjoying it. We hit Goodwill today, and got some great deals..I got a 100% goosedown coat, and an L.L.Bean travel case, and two pairs of boots for mom and I to share. Amazingly, the boots were one tenth of their normal price. Ya gotta love Goodwill.
I have a report on Manitoba…
Ich bin blod. Schlecht. Langweilig. Ich brauche etwas zu nasschen.
If you see me, remind me to drink lots of water. And orange juice.

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I have had a cold for three weeks now. I haven’t been able to sing, though I did make District II with it. Thanks to God.
It is so annoying. I missed a different music festival, a voice lesson, and my lesson today was unproductive because I couldn’t sing a middle c. Anyone near a piano, try it. Pretty much any soprano could sing that…and I couldn’t. Too low with no air. And I have tried so hard to learn support..and Math stinks right now…man. Everything I try to do I mess up.

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