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Great, so now I’ve gone and made my best friend hate me. I’m sorry, Megan.

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Well, Aunt Erika had her baby, and both mother and son are doing well!
His name is Ransom True. We’re all pretty excited… :)

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Pray please…

Aunt Erika is having minor contractions, just pray that the pregnancy will go ok! :)

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Orlando Bloom is getting Married.

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Currently Reading…

Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. THE most bizare book I’ve ever read, to say the least…I love it.

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Good weekend.

Well, mostly. We went apple picking with our youth group after church, which I didn’t really want to do. Oh well. I had to go anyway, and I enjoyed myself in the end. We spent most of the time riding in the apple wagon and making Mrs. Keenan pull us, and climbing trees. At one point, Matt and I climbed this huge tree that wasn’t an apple tree, it was gorgeous. I climbed it, then he got up, but when he jumped down, he ripped his pants. Poor kid…I liked those pants. :P I managed to get down ok.

Oh! Dad and I went to the fair on Saturday, just us two. It was a lot of fun…of course, the best part was in the Exhibition Hall. Greely football was raffling off a huge tv, and lucky me, they were showing The Return of the King as a preview of how it worked! So, I spent roughly a half hour there while dad wandered over to the republican booth. Later, dad and I stopped at the digital phone booth (which we signed up for by the way, partly because you can call long distance for less, and that way we can talk to family) and watched Mount Saint Helens. They had just raised it to a three then…thanks Krissanthemum for telling me about that in the first place. :)
We stopped by the Grace Baptist booth, Mal’s church, and I met someone I knew from Feed the Homeless. That was neat.
We also saw the Murrays and the Gervais there..
On the way out, we stopped back through the exhibition hall and I got caught up in LotR again. :) It was the part where Denethor sends Faramir off to his death. (not by the book but that’s beside the point.) There were two girls watching…eventually dad pulled me away, he had to drag me. They were cheering me on and laughing…
Then while Dad got some coffee I ran back in…they clapped and I noted one was wearing a ring. :P They were Elijah Fangirls, but I ignored that fact.
Dad and I had a lot of fun. He and I don’t do stuff together enough anymore…I noticed much to my dismay the other day that the Burger King we used to go to closed. When i was a little girl, he would take me there, and we’d each get a drink or burger, and while he read a book or watched, I’d play in the ball pit. We had so much fun there…I was really sad when I saw it closed.
Ah well, I must go to bed. Last night the mill went all chibougamau (yes, another city in canada that I got a kick out of and now use as an adjective) and started making VERY loud noises at two or three in the morning. It gave me the heebie-jeebies, needless to say. Kinda detracted from my total sleep. So to bed I must head. see ya.

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Gute Nacht.

I have just stayed up far to late. I was talking with Alatariel, who is a strong Christian. She lives in Massechussetts. I need to go to bed…guten Abend.

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