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Sorry its been so long

Hey…I’ve been a little busy. Like, really busy.
I was with mal and megan and the Waughs house for the weekend, celebrating megan’s birthday! I’m exhausted, we were up really late. haha, at the school yard sale, Tyler and I were the only people my age. There was an incredibly old laptop there, so old that dad didn’t allow me to bring it home. He thought it was evil. :P
Tyler claimed it, so he could take it apart. Then we found an old scanner that no one wanted, and tore it up. it was really fun…all the bits and pieces. Oh, must go.

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I love Maine…

Man. I never want to live anywhere else. Saturday night, Mom and I were driving to the local heath, to walk and take pictures. A heath is a spongy kind of bog, I went once and since then I’ve wanted to go back. On the way, there was an amazing sunrise. So I took pictures of that instead…turned out we couldn’t get into the heath because it was too dark, so we walked on Old Orchard at night. It was really beautiful.
Yesterday after church, we all walked on Old Orchard again. This is the perfect time of year, hardly anyone is out there anymore. The water was really warm so Than and I ran around like little kids and had a bunch of fun..
Ooops, must go to school soon.

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I just discovered how HEAVY wet hair can be. argh.
they took even MORE priveliges away from the homeschoolers at the library…uh…king kong has started production…my math teacher grades really easily…well, in that we don’t get graded on how many we get right but more like how much we try. Which is good, for me. *sigh*
I need to go to school soon. I actually got up and took a shower at five forty five am this morning…I NEVER do that. Oh well…
I need to go back to bed for a few minutes.

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Dreadfully Sorry.

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I blogged. Sorry everyone, I’ve been rather busy.
Ther’s not much for me to say, actually…
but Megan came over on Saturday on a whim and ended up staying the night! I will admit that we were slightly indulgent- we got a bag of chocolate and ate all of it while watching The Return of the King. It was fun, but hey, I’m not planning on doing that again for a LONG while. ;)
Mom successfully climbed Mount Katahdin!
I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is chapel day, which takes extra effort. I like chapel, but the preparation is annoying. Like, really annoying.
I’m so tired…
well, so as to spare you all from incessant griping, I shall go, give my vocab words one last go over, and I expect that my head shall hit the pillow like a rock. Namarie.

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Two hours and twenty minutes of homework on the second day of school? Don’t you think that’s a tad excessive?
Mom asked me to time how long it took me to do my homework each day, and I was already, anyway. And the grand total IS two and a half hours. Man, the math took me more than an hour. And no, I’m NOT exaggerating. I timed it, remember?
So anyway, I had a really hard day at school. But German was such a relief…I mean, the class consists of five people. I love it. And Mrs. Libby happens to be my favorite teacher…but in case you didn’t notice, it’s almost eight and I have a lunch to make and five books to cover. I have to go. *sigh*
Oh gosh, I almost forgot! My grandmother got in an accident! She seems to be ok, but her car is pretty bad, and she’s pretty shaken up. Let’s just thank God she’s not badly hurt. :)

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Well…crapp. And who CARES that I spelled that wrong.

School was awful. Man, high school stinks so far.
Not only did I have to share a locker, which was my worst fear, I’m sharing one of the smallest ones in the school, at a right angle to a wall, in front of the door to the girls bathroom. The worst one to have. At least it’s with Megan.
Then, they stuck me in College Prep Algebra one, instead of where I should be, in Algebra one General! It’s all wrong…they might have had to do that so I could take German, but I’ll take Spanish if I have to. I am NOT ready for the more advanced math. At least Mr. Dawson is nice…
Mr. Marston has this rule where if you get to class one minute later than the two minute allowance, you lose half credit for the class. two minutes late, we lose all credit. The problem with that, and no, I’m not exaggerating, is that being a school with few lockers and lots of kids, we all have to bassically wrestle to get to the lockers. It usually takes us one or two extra minutes. So, I’m going to take my sociology stuff to the class before so I don’t have to go downstairs. Mrs. Willink is a really good teacher, and quite funny as well. I think I will love having her as a teacher. Wow, the sun is coming up, and there is this wonderful golden light covering everything. It’s beautiful. Thanks, God.
Anyway, I’m rather dreading this morning. Especially math. But I think German is going to be really fun…I can’t wait for that. AND Megan and Mallorntree are BOTH going to be in chorus with me! That’s a plus. One problem is the fact that they aren’t in my math class anymore. That means I don’t really have someone to call comfortably for help on homework. Oh well, I’m off to go have breakfast.

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Well, I’m off.

Lucky me. High school starts in a few hours. Please pray for me…

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