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Well, I was hoping to watch a bit of Lost, the new show with Dominic Monaghan in it, but it’s a little too gross for my taste. And Than’s. Maybe I’ll try again next week. I’m a bit dissapointed, but I think it might be for the better.

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I am totally out of titles. I mean, it’s been what? A year?

Hey! LE and Maddie came! That’s exciting!
I just haven’t had anything to post about lately. I mean, a lot is going on, but nothing that I can condense into interesting reading material. OH KRISSY AND SONJA! YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO COME WITH US TO THE EXHIBIT! Check your email. :)
Well, today is chapel, so I shall wear my new white pants. Clothes are stupid. I actually found a lot of stuff that FITS me at Old Navy, which is pretty good. But I just think clothes are dumb. Not that I plan on running around naked, either. I guess I’ll stick with the clothes.
I indulged in myself and got the Two Towers Soundtrack the other day. I hadn’t really spent in about two months, and I knew I couldn’t wait another year to get the extended soundtrack.
Ted blogged for the first time in a while the other day. Last period today I have gym. Which stinks, because today is ALSO chapel…and we have to change. I really hope I remember a change of clothes, a detention doesn’t sound so good to me right now.
I’m going to mess up my wrists…I need a pad to rest them on, so it’s not just the table when I type.
Our computer isn’t doing so well, so dad and I are starting to burn my hundreds of saved pictures onto disks.
Well, I’m off to school. Tschuss.

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Save the date.

Ok, Krissy and Sonja, I hate to use this means to communicate, but we’re going to the Exhibit on columbus day. PLEASE say you can come.
Sorry everyone, but my email won’t send to them, so I had no other way to do this…and phones are expensive…

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Aur onnad meren!

Happy Birthday, LE! :D

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I just can’t seem to keep this going. When I get on the computer, I never feel like blogging. Oh well, it’s just not the best time of year.
I think that instead of blogging, I need just to go to bed.
I wore my tassa shirt to school today and people liked it…

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An eventful day…

Well, I was at Sonja and Krissy’s all day! We had a good time…
at first we were at the MCS bake sale and yard sale. We bought a delicious pumpkin pie…the most exciting event of the day was when Sonja made us TASSA shirts. On the front, they say TASSA and The Anti Sappiness and Soppiness Association. On the back, they say…
” I’m allergic to ditzy people”.
That was a lot of fun…I think I’ll wear it to school on Monday. We walked around, and then Justin popped over. Of course, being Sonja’s boyfriend, he noticed our shirts, and he and Sonja laughed because they were the original object of our organization. Oh well, Sonybean isn’t a ditz. She’s cool. :)
Well, talking to Meg. Must go for now.

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Words of Wisdom.

“You should write a book.”
I think maybe I shall.

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Me: back
Me: and enjoying a large bowl of corn flakes
R: yum yum
R: foooood
R: i love foooood
Me: me too
Me: we should start an I LOVE FOOD club
Me: food food I love food…that’s our theme song
R: hehee
R: yay!!
Me: mmm
R: we soo should
Me: we can be co-dictators for life
R: yay!
R: codictators!
Me: and we can make all the food eaters of the galaxy bow to us…
Me: food food food
Me: *bows*
R: either give us food and bow to us….or die!!
R: tehe
R: haha
R: lol
R: yay!
Me: I’m SO saving this conversation…
Me: :P
R: haha
R: me too!
R: annnnnnddd….save!

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Man. Everything is moving so fast…I can’t keep up with my own life.
oh SHOOT. *bang* darnit, I was supposed to call that church this afternoon and say I couldn’t babysit! DANG DANG DANG!
Gosh, it’s so frustrating. Ever since that first day of high school, I’ve been rushing so much to keep up. Just one thing after another…and I owe three or four people letters…KK, Mr. Vierus, and Claire…gosh. Ok. I need to just do something for pleasure.

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There is something wrong with your computer, I think! I have been sending you emails daily, but you keep saying you don’t get them…I get yours, and I respond! So check, because I’m not having any trouble with mine, it seems…sorry, this was the only way to reach you, really. :D

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