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Toooo much caffeine…

Me: Well, tough beans!
M: Well, tough beans on your HEAD!
Gosh Megan, that was so weird.

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I totally forgot to blog about the newts!
The first day of our being at Peniel, Than and I spent collecting the little orange newts that were all over the place. We really liked them, and we were bored, so we started the NEWT fan club. the sign on our door said:
T (uh, we’re working on that one)

lol…then we made our newt fan club song.
it went like this…
You’ve all seen veggie tales, well I sang “newt newt newt newt newt newt salamander” to the tune Larry played on his tuba. :P
Meanwhile Than sang,
“Newts are great!
They’re really first rate!
They don’t live in sewers
And they never are late!

They only come out
In the morning and night!
When you see them all there
it’s a really cool site!”
then the chorus…
OOO AAA! dee ba bibbidy bo!
OOO AAA! dee ba bibbidy bo!


boy, were we HYPER. It was so much fun, just being silly have goofing off with my brother. I love him. :D
Later, when Jessie and Jordan had left, Than and I found our last few newts and he named a bunch. One was Newtso-fatso. Rather obviously, he was fat. Another was Newtso-’splorzo. Which I thought was funny…he explored a lot. :P
I got a bunch of pictures. Than, oddly enough, was wearing a shirt with a bright orange newt on it, which we didn’t notice until I got the pictures! I think I’ll post a few…later. Time for breakfast. YUM! pancakes with blueberry syrup…

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The 21st was Than’s birthday! Yay, he’s cool. In VBS he’d won two tickets to splashtown, so Dad took him! I hear they had a lot of fun. ;)

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Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.

I think I can blog a little about what I did with Jessie now…uh…
we mostly just hung out. Stayed up really late. Sang stupid songs, wrote all over the camp bunkbeds…*coughcough* we couldn’t help it. I’d never done that before. One place I wrote the url for this site…which you all, rather obviously, know. I hadn’t seen her for almost exactly two years. So it was really cool getting in touch. And I must say, she’s pretty. ;)
We took a lot of pictures. My camera managed to retain its batteries for the full trip, even though they were almost gone when we got there!

I am incredibly stressed about Warren Kids, the play is Wednesday. I have a few more lines to learn well. I can say them all, generally, but there are a lot I have only read with the actual cast TWICE. Only twice. We just finished our blocking two weeks ago, and then I missed last week. There’s hard blocking and a lot of lines. PLEASE pray for me…I’m really scared. And I’m usually not. Not for Warren Kids…I’m pretty used to that.

Today we got together with John and Matt and Mrs. S. It was fun! We went for a walk, and pretty much just goofed off. John’s graduating this year, which will be really sad. Oh well. I’ll email him or something. Matt’s going into eighth. Boy, he’s going to have an easy year. I think…eighth grade is better than seventh in my experience, but I can’t assume it’ll be the same for him.

Tomorrow my youth group is spending the entire day in Boston volunteering. Should be fun! I’m-sorta- looking forward to it. Ok so not really. Oh well, I think I’ll enjoy myself. Better get to bed, I have to be up really early tomorrow.

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I needed to say that.

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I hate people.

ME: I just can’t do this…
M: yes u can hanah
M: ur letting ur mind make things up
ME: shut up. no I can’t. :P
M: lol
ME: don’t burst my pessimistic bubble.
M: ok
ME: at least I have pippin
M: ya
M: lol
ME: ///who is running away from me right now
ME: so forget that.
M: lol
M: thats great

seriously though…I feel like poop. I can’t do life right now.

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I’m going to be gone for a while.

Hey, my family is getting ready to head off to Peniel for a week, we’re going to work on some archiving and things. Pray for us, this is really stressful, a bit last minute.
Great news though, I get to see Jessie and Than gets to see his friend Jordan! I haven’t seen Jess for more than two years.
I have to go pack. bye.

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Megan, you rock.

Megan: ummm
Me: yeah?
Megan: waht does presumwsegogf… mean
Megan: ???
Me: presumptuous?
Megan: yaaaaaa
Me: means you are assuming things
Megan: Lol, oh.

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Goodness Gracious Gosh WOO!

NEVER thought I would do that…
It was SO much fun.
Yesterday was Mal’s class party at Funtown Splashtown. I wasn’t going to go, but I realized I wanted to see some people before they left the class.
I ended up going on the Excalibur FIVE times…once with Mal, once with Meg, twice with Audrey and once with Paul. The one with paul was funny.

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Hold that thought…

Actually, speaking of cats. Today, Than and I were outside dealing with the trash, and Cash walks up and rolls around on the rocks. here’s a rough transcript of our conversation:
Than: If cats took over the world, I would swear alliegance to them.
Me: Haha. I wouldn’t.
Than: Actually, I already have, just in case.
(we walked inside after I laughed my head off, as Than said this last bit in all earnestness)
Me: You know, I don’t even like to undress when a cat is in the room. They seem to see right through you. It’s scary.
(Mom thought this was rather amusing)
Than: I know! They seem to be in control, like…
“You are SO amusing.
Now get me a diet Coke.”

This last bit was so funny that I immediately wrote it down, so I could share it with you all tonight. Oh man, he totally came up with that off the top of his head. I thought I was going to die…

I am really nervous about tomorrow. I have to be off book for Drama, and despite the fact that I knew more of my lines than anyone else last week, I have a LOT of work to do. And I only have two classes left, because I am missing one!
On a lighter note, I got some fabric for a costume today. Some nice satiny stuff…Should be good for what I have in mind. Ooh, Krissanthemum, that’s what I’m calling you for now, as you have yet to give me a better nickname, maybe we can work on it when you are over! We’ll see. Yes, I’m having Krissy over soon.
Omigosh, I never posted anything about the exhibit! Well, I wrote a five page review for a costume site, of course they didn’t post it, which was rather frustrating, but hey, it’s there! I can post it here.

I’ll say the scariest part of the whole thing though…
while we were in the Ring room, chanting Ash Nazg and acting alltogether like total Ringers, I came in late and saw a BOY talking to Megan and Mal. I walked in, and he asked where we were from, how old we were, and what grade… next thing we knew, he said he was going to give us screen name! So mal let him…but she gave him HERS on a TRACT. Dear Mal… Anyway, i need to go to bed. if you want to hear more, ask me! :D

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