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What to say to telemarketers…

“Now, since I’m not going to buy anything from you, I’ll let you go so you can go make a living.”
Nice, Dad.

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Let hilarity ensue…

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my GOODNESS, people!

argh. you ARE exasperating. But I guess I can’t blog stuff and not explain it. you have to let me SOMETIMES though…
The Eds…Ed Edd and Eddy. A really stupid cartoon that cracks me up. When you come over sometime, Krissy and Sonja, I will show it to you.
that was the theme song…it’s done whistled, but I can’t whistle, so I always say PHOO. so there.
And the other thing was just stupid. It was for Krissy and Sonja to laugh at…that’s all. And Megan, of course I didn’t email you, I thought you were at camp! grr.
I MISS YOU! stupid piece of crapp.

Oh, and Pippin is doing FINE. thanks for asking. Hi pippin. he says meow. MEOW I TELL YOU! agh. I am a little loopy today. I punched Mal in the teeth last night. AND MEGAN I listened to the tape that you and Mal made and Pippin just stepped in his water bowl and I need a bit of money for than’s birthday what should I get him AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

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hee hee hee…

Take a look at some of this Return of the King review…
(if you haven’t seen it, there are obviously spoilers)

Disrespectful/bad attitude-Exreme!
Wow. I don’t know how they came to THAT conclusion…
well, here’s what they say…
“The various evil beings all have extreme cases of bad attitudes for wanting complete power and/or doing harm to others to get it.
Gollum is leading Frodo and Sam toward imminent doom and wants the ring back for himself. He also says and does various things to turn Frodo on Sam by making the former suspicious of the latter.
Denethor becomes deranged and makes various bad decisions.”

They’re mistakes are interesting. I don’t remember anyone having to watch their father die, but Eowyn and Theoden is extremely sad. EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. *cough cough*
Anyway, read the rest of this slightly amusing review at
I guess you have to copy and paste it…

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What a weekend…oh, wait.

Dear Liv:

Mal and Drew and I spent the past three days running around, making bows to shoot the one arrow we had, and using bb guns, I have NO idea how you spell that. It was loads of fun. Then we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and stayed up till twelve whacking each other and talking about The Lord of the Rings, not boys like most girls. :P Well, most of the time…we poked fun at the guys in our class. They’re awfully fun, anyway.
Oh, and hey, remember me talking about wanting to do something really foolish for someone?
Well, I did it…

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The Eds.

phoo phoo.
phoo phoo phooey.
phoo phoo phooity phoo phoo.
phoo phoo phooity phoo phoo.
phoo phoo phooity phoo phoo.
phoo phoo phooity phoo PHOO!

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If three pink rabbits make a fox, then Fagen is probably a chicken.

I shall now proceed to tell a story.
Once upon a time, in the land of Bednbreakfast, there was an indomitable tribe of gau…uh, swedes.
They were indomitable because their druid, geta…uh…
never mind.

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Ok. First step completed.

Well, here’s the deal.
Mom and I go to Freeport every year when school is out, and splurge. Splurge for us often means about ten-fifteen dollars…:P.
Anyway, when we went last Sunday, we were bored with the old things we used to look at, so we explored and found The 20th Maine store. Which is the coolest thing…for you poor ignorant people out there, the 20th Maine was the…uh…regiment? I don’t know…led by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, that played a vital part in the battle of Gettysburg. For all you REALLY ignorant people, that’s the Civil War.
I have wanted to do Civil War reenactment for a very long time. So I asked about it…
The man referred me to ‘Lee’, and told me to call her at the store today. He said she is involved in the 3rd Maine fife and drum corps!
So we picked up a fife, and if I can learn to play it, someday I can do that…but it’s really hard. Anyway…
I just called Lee, after hours of nervousness, and she told me to call someone ELSE! Boy, just what I wanted to hear. More nervousness. I called the leaders right away, and left a message, telling them a little about it and giving my number. If they don’t call back, I have to call them back. I find it terrifying.
Lee asked if I wanted to be a civillian. I said ‘Anything you can get me into!’ I would love to be a soldier, but I don’t know if they would let me. Women actually do dress up as soldiers, but…uh…I’m awfully short. :P Oh well, they had some very young men in the Civil War. Either way, this is so neat. Thanks God!
If you think of it, toss up a prayer that I will be able to do this. If not now, at some point in my life!

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A si i-dhuath i-orthor, melloni!

Ok. I have a chance for a hope of many years to be realized.
Or at least for me to be closer to fulfilling it. Please pray that this will work out… I will go into detail later. Depending…

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Last night we went to see a proffesional production of Oliver Twist…
it was really hilarious. One of our friends was in it as a gang boy.. Now I am about to start the book.
Wait lets see all the books I am reading…
A light in the Window-I don’t think I am going to finish that again.
Unfinished Tales- A bit more than halfway through
War and Peace- Page three
The Lord of the Rings- RotK
and ABOUT to start Oliver Twist.

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