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Pearson Reunion!

Well, today was the day of the Pearson Reunion! We had a good time. I hung out with cousins Seth and Courtney and Trevor a lot of the time, and some with Nate, another cousin.
I think it would be far too hard to give you a real account of the whole thing, but I’ll tell some parts.
After the main program, Nate, Seth, Courtney, Uncle Tim, John Licoln, and a few other people got out Uncle Tim’s big water balloon sling shot. It was a lot of fun…I got it really far, better than I thought I would do. I played with Trevor-oh, he was SO funny. One of the prizes that Uncle Tim gave out at one point was a tiny water gun, a lot of peoplehad them. Well, Trevor would take it, laboriously push down the trigger with his other hand, and when it squirted him he would just laugh and laugh and laugh, a real belly laugh.
During the program, I joined another table with mom. We were playing a game to get to know each other a little better.
One of the questions was “How many different musical instruments can you play?” Our table came up with 18. One boy, Nick, had a ton of different ones, and I had fife, piano, voice, recorder, pennywhistle, and violin. So later, when the room was cleared out, I discovered Nick at the piano. We ended up talking for a long time. It was really interesting, he would play something, then I tried, and it was a really nice piano. Anyway, his dad ended up popping in to say he liked the Lord of the Rings music I was playing, then Nick, his dad, and I talked for an hour! His dad was just as much a LotR fan as I was, and it was really nice to talk to someone who liked it and knew the same things, and more, that I did. Then Nick and I joked around with Than for a while. It was so cool, his family loves Gilbert and Sullivans. Most people don’t even know about them…or at least that’s my experience. Well, I had better wrap this up.
I climbed chocorua with the family Friday! It was really hard, but worth it. Definitely the hardest mountain I’ve ever climbed. We went to Champney Falls, Krissy you know where that is, and stood under the smaller one to the far left. I climbed up through some really soft dirt quite a ways. Anyway, we made it, all of us. Even Betty, who had knee trouble, and on the way down bruised one foot and had pain in the other. She was a real trooper. :)
On the way down, Uncle Tim and I were way ahead of everyone else, and we took a few extra minutes to go to the falls on the way back. In fact, we left an arrow and our initials pointing to the left at the fork, but they never saw it. They found us anyway.
But since Uncle Tim and I had a bit of extra time, and it was nigh on ninety degrees, we jumped in. I climbed over in my shoes, but on the way back, yup, you guessed it, I fell in. So I figured, what the hey, I’m already wet, so I jumped around in my shoes for a while. Then everyone else arrived, and Aunt Margaret, Uncle Tim and I slid down the rock. There were shallow bits at the bottom that we landed in. Freezing cold, but refreshing. I took my shoes off for that bit. :P
Anyway, after a long hot walk back in wet underwear and soaked shoes, we made it, and I rode back with Cousin Carl and Uncle Tim. We talked basic politics, ’twas interesting. Well, I’m going to head out. Dad and Nate are playing war games, one computer on either side of me, and I have a bit of trouble concentrating with them there.

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Argh. Stupid blog.

But I will, a few sentances for you all.
We went to the renniscance fair, and I KNOW I spelled that wrong.
I had a doctor’s appointment. Shouldn’t it be a ‘My appointment?” I’M the one who had it!
Uh…I fell in a pool. And we went on sunday with the Barney’s to their camp and invented biggers.

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All I need now is a heck of a lot of bug bites…oh, wait.


stupid tree.

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Tired, I am.

Hello all…
I was at Sonja and Krissy’s for the past two days! We had a good time…Nate was over some of the first day, and then Justin, Sonja’s friend, came up. Very nice kid. Krissy and I ran around and did something we hadn’t done for a long time…played Redwall. Who cares that I’m fourteen…I’ll do my best to never outgrow that.
We played Taboo with Justin and Jessica, that was great. Then I went to watch Sonja, Krissy, and Justin’s two hour diving practice. Got three chapters in my book read…they were working on twists, which looked really difficult. Ugh. Wouldn’t want to try those… I was climbing their tree, there’s one in the back with two rope swings…
I was climbing a tree with a very thick rope hanging from it, with a huge knot at the end. It had been there for years, and one favorite thing to do was climb up to a certain branch, have someone chuck the rope up, and swing down. We’d put our feet on the knot and jump, then after a jerk it’d start swinging pretty high. Great fun…pretty scary, the first time I tried.
So I climbed up, and after a long time bracing myself for the fall, jumped. The rope snapped and I feel quite a few feet, landing hard on the ground. The funny thing is it didn’t really hurt…I just started laughing, and laughing, and laughing….I laughed so hard I cried. It’s rather annoying though- they’ve been doing this on the same rope for years, dunno how long, and it’s incredibly thick…and no one even THOUGHT it could snap. Man, I just laugh thinking about it. I was always scared I would fall OFF, not that the rope would break!
Gosh, it was hilarious.
This morning we made really tasty pancakes, and munched those for a while, then read national geographic. Krissy made me these really neat little bead animals, a moth and a rat! Very cool.
VBS was interesting today, the last night. I was really bored and tired at first, up rather late last night, but I woke up as we moved on. i talked with Matt and Elizabeth a lot, especially Matt. Elizabeth didn’t really feel like joining in the conversation. At one point I thought maybe I was being a little too flirtatious (yeah, right) so I said, ” Matt, am I flirting with you?” He shook his head. Apparently he KNOWS when a girl is flirting. A stupid question, I know, and I don’t have any reason to flirt, I just wanted to know. :P I know a few really ditsy people from which I could learn…
We had a slideshow at the end, of pictures Elizabeth, Scott, Glen and I had taken. A LOT of them Elizabeth and I took. It was so fun, because we ended up getting some really good ones. Two really funny ones of Than, some great ones of his friend Jonathan, and some cute ones of the little kids. Nice one of Glen sliding in Tug of war, go Elizabeth!
i guess I had better go to bed. I got an email from Megan today! YES!
I can’t wait till the exhibit…Estel, can you believe we are missing TORn by one day?! and Alatariel! and other a-u people! SO frustrating!
And Mal, we can’t bring cameras. It really stinks.

Oh, about the reenacting thing, I had a good chance, except for one factor…
it costs 1500 dollars to outfit yourself correctly for infantry. They aren’t over pricing, they are just saying you have to have musket, bayonet, etc. Perfect costumes. It could cost me up to 1000 dollars to be a civilian woman, which wouldn’t be as fun. I think I could do it for a LOT less though…because I am small.
UGH i have SO many bug bites! It was awful today. I hope Andrea can get to her computer some time…I sent her an email a while ago, I think it was pretty long. Can’t remember. Well, now I’d REALLY better go to bed! This was a pretty long blog. Oh good. Pippin was outside and scared out of his wits, and he FINALLY just got up the courage to come to the door. Dad coaxed him the whole way. Thanks dad. Whew.
Oh! When Sonja-bean and Krissy (I have yet to find a nickname for her) brought me home, Mom wasn’t going to be here, and had left the front door open. Little did we know that Dad had come home in between her leaving and my coming, and had LOCKED THE FRONT DOOR! We thought she just forgot. It was pretty funny…
And we re-wrote the play for drama. Totally changed the ending, it’s really funny now! Ugh, I DO have to kiss, don’t know if they will actually make me or not…you should see my script. Maybe I will scan it and put it on here, or get Ted too, there is one page that we rewrote so many times, you can’t, and I can’t, tell what we are actually saying and what we aren’t. It’s terribly difficult to learn from that! Josh and Jessica might type it up CORRECTLY…that would be really nice…
Ok, NOW I have to GO TO BED. I’m up too late, after no sleep last night. Namarie, maybe thou wilt find Valimar.

…and if you do, send me a postcard.

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Fool of a Took…

haha pippin is walking on the keyboard…hee hee hee…
Hee hee…
He’s is completely used to our house now, I think. We are letting him outdoors a bit now, we think he’s ready.
Thanks Tedpearsons…we love our cat!
WHOO he just knocked something over and bolted next to me…

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Because Tomatoes Don’t Sink In Lava

Well, Uncle Allan, Aunt Patti, Chelsea, and some random dork are here. Last night was interesting, after a rousing game of tag, we ate and headed for bed…
Of course, Chelsea just HAD to talk in her sleep. More like yell in her sleep. :P Can’t say I slept well, but I don’t mind. :)
I am doing something I have only done a few times in my life today…skipping church. I feel really bad, but Mom and Dad decided that since we were invariably going to be up late last night, and only see Chelsea and Andrew two or three times a year, it was all right. wow. Long sentance. We are going to try to stuff some Lord of the Rings indo their brains. Well, better go. I haven’t had any comments! I cna’t wait til whenever it is that I am giong to SOnja and Krissy’s…I can’t remember when it is. :P
Oh, I have to remember to work on my lines. I am dreadfully nervous about that.
Now some totally random stuff that I just felt like blogging…

Hannah: Dad, is Reagan the one that just died?
Dad: yes.
Hannah: Oh, I guess that means he didn’t die when he was shot then.
Than: DUH.

I really miss Megan! I was at Mal’s again yesterday to pick up the things I had left there…My swimsuit, Two Towers music, bark, blistex, etc. Why I am telling you this, I don’t know. Gotta go.

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pearsontedjr: uh… i thought he was from something i saw somewhere
pearsontedjr: i guess
Swifteye47: something you saw somewhere. good descriptive phrase
pearsontedjr: oh, i try.
pearsontedjr: i try hard.
pearsontedjr: i try the hardermostest of them all.
Swifteye47: that would be mostiest
pearsontedjr: hardermostiester
Swifteye47: whatever you say, my confused young friend
pearsontedjr: i’m 6 years older than you, whippersnapper

yadda yadda yadda.

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Have I shown you all this?
Sometime I have to (re)learn how to make a clickable link…

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I love A-U!

I’ve been going to a really nice site,, for a while now. Mostly chatting, or talking on tag. Never thought I would do that, but the people there are outwardly well behaved.
There are a few I talk with regularly. Alatariel, a mod. She is a Christian. And Thenidiel…*puts Theni in a bucket*…sorry. *cough*
And Eowyn of Rohan, and Wind, and mithrellas *snort* and Tindomerel’. I go as Nienor.
And we speak all our greetings and farewells in elvish. Anyone who didn’t understand it would come on and be totally lost. It’s so fun…
The other site I go to regularly is The most extensive fan site on the web. And Megan, they and Alatariel are going to the Boston exhibit the DAY AFTER we are! I can’t believe we are missing TORn by one day! ARGH!
Oh, and we were assigned parts for a comical murder mystery in drama class. I am an old lady, who has a deaf husband. I constantly have to explain things to him…42 lines. Big difference from my last part, Ella, which had 3 lines. yeah. I’m a bit nervous…six weeks to learn this and I am missing one class! *gulp* Well, gotta go. Chelsea, Andrew, Uncle Patty and Aunt Allen are coming soon.

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For the Dearly Departed…

Parting is such sweet sorrow…
Around for such a short time, and yet
becoming a part of our everyday lives.
Oh how we will miss the conversation!
The jokes that started with you!
The things you said and did…
I can only say that you will be greatly missed
by all that knew you.

-In honor of Matt’s hernia, which left us last wednesday.

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