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Yo tengo un gatito!

Well, after a year of waiting and hoping, I have a kitten.
Haha, he is watching me type and seems to find it fascinating.
We went up to the cousins friday and saturday and brought him home. He is tan and white. Very handsome and fluffy. Oh, there he goes. We have two possible names…you can vote, though it won’t affect the decision. Pippin or Strider.
Now he has just deposited himself on my lap. climbing all over the computer chair now. For now we call him gatito in honor of my spanish teacher. :P
Actually, I don’t know how to post pictures, but if you go to and look at the two cats pictured, he looks just like those. The first one may actually be him, I’m not sure. Ted would know.
So thank you cousins, and Aunt Joni and Uncle Ted, for having another litter! We are thouroughly enjoying this kitty!
Dad managed to train him to use the litter box the first night he was here. That’s one smart cat…or dad. He still meows whenever we pick him up, but that’s just normal. He’ll get over it.

He is pretty Pippinish, so that name might stick. Then again, we all like Strider. I will post what we chose. Oh, and I will be gone for a week starting wednesday, to visit my uncle and aunt and cousin in Atlanta! Exciting! Never been on a plane before…i think it will be fun. Gosh, the kitty is rubbing my elbow with his nose over and over and over.
Ok, the one really funny thing about him- he is ticklish. Every time I tickle him, he flips over and starts LICKING me! Every time. It’s hilaroius.
Well, I have to go. We have some chores to do, and then-ugh- shopping. I have a few things to pick up for the trip.

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It’s NOT inside!

We went to J.C. Penny’s today to look for shorts. What bugged me is that all the girls’ shorts were extremely, well, short, and said something along the lines of ‘hottie’ on the, erm, seat. And then all the shirts! There was actually a shirt that said ‘More of Me, Less of You.’ I just can’t believe the stuff they have out there now. You might just as well say, ‘I’m a selfish little bratt and am demonstrating this by telling everyone, which SHOULD by all rights make them hate me, but since it’s me, that can’t happen.’

…so I bought a pair of boys shorts.

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It’s all greek to me.

I cannot tell what this love may be
That cometh to all but not to me
It cannot be kind as they imply
or why do these ladies sigh?
It cannot be joy and rapture deep
or why do these gentle ladies weep?
It cannot be blissful as ’tis said
or why are their eyes so wondrous red?

Though everywhere true love I see
A-coming to all but not to me!
I cannot tell what this love may be…
For I am blithe and I am gay,
while they sit sighing night and day!
For I am blithe and I am gay…

Or at least I was until recently. All my friends are plagued with issues such as these…and I can’t help. I am thouroughly confused. Perplexed! Befuddled!

My teacher had an explaination…
“It’s not love, it’s hormones!”

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Last. Day. Of. School!

Ah…finally. The day I have been waiting for. Now I get to see Sonja and Krissy more often, get up a little later than 5:45 every morning, and read more.
…but it’s a little sad.
There are a lot of people leaving our class. Most of them I don’t mind all that much, they just made school harder anyway. But Josh, he has been in our class since kindergarten! There are only three of the old group left! Derek and I were there in kindergarten, but we left to homeschool and came back. So Josh, it’s a little sad that he’s leaving. Now just two have come straight through to eighth grade.
And Nick, he has just been here for a year, but he’s pretty funny. Extremely annoying, and a bit of a jerk, but pretty funny. :P
Oh gosh, he had a goal at the beginning of the year to bite everyone in our class. Audrey, Keri, and I are left, I think. ANd I know he won’t try to bite them. Paul said he promised to bite me today. Now you see why it isn’t ALL that sad that he’s leaving? :P
Maddie. I know I have never been great friends with her and all…but it is a little sad that she’s going to be gone. We have gotten a little closer over the past couple months.
KEith almost left. That would have been awful. He is so funny…though his giving french girls his phone number at field trips gets on my nerves.
Anyway, I am off to take pictures, clean out my locker, and scrub the classroom till it shines! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA!

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For thon he waes scea he faex waes ford ealra me du and he faex hla.

I feel foolish…yet, for some reason I feel justified in what I feel foolish about.
I have been thinking about doing something for a certain person for weeks. Actually, about three months. And the thing is incredibly foolish. Stupid really. But I am afraid I am determined to do it…
The thing is, I have never particularly liked the person. We’re not great friends. We have never liked each other until just a few weeks ago. It’s very strange. I rarely have such a strong urge to do something so stupid for a person I like, and never for someone I am not good friends with. In actuality I’m a rather selfish person, but I’m working on that.
I won’t tell you the case, and I won’t tell you what it is I want to do. I think if I did, you would laugh and then critisize. And even if you didn’t openly, I think even Krissy would think I was stupid. And she’s pretty sensible. Megan, you may know what I am talking about. Mal and I want to go ahead, but it seems…well, foolish. Maybe I will talk to you about it elsewhere. Do you think I am insane? Don’t mention the actual thing I want to do, please.

I have prayed about it…and God doesn’t seem to think that I am nuts…and if I am, He made me that way, and He doesn’t make mistakes! Besides, if you don’t have SOME nutty people around, life gets pretty boring.

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