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What’s georgian for ‘bye?’

Well, this is my last full day. I just tried to forward all my emails to myself, but because of the way it works I can’t. really stinks. Oh well, I got one or two. Aunt Margaret and I are going to the Martin Luther King, Jr. museum today, then to the playground with Joah! Oh yesterday.
We went to Stone Mountain, which is incredible because it is just a huge chunk of stone. We had a brochure with a small pic of the mountain, and Joah wouldn’t let go of it. He called it the mountain. It was hilarious…
Then we started to climb after eating a wonderful supper Aunt Erika had made for us. Enchiladas. Yum.
We started to climb, and it began to rain. So we headed back down. As we did so, a train started to pull in, and Joah got excited, of course. Ok, this is a little gross but it’s so funny!
All of a sudden, the train let off a huge whistle, and Joah’s jaw dropped. He stayed shocked the whole time the train was there. Now, he had his finger up his nose the whole time, and just left it there while he watched! Oh well, he’s a little kid. He can do that. :P
We spent a long time under the shelter leading to the bathrooms, and other people were really amused by the way Joah ran around and yelled. Eventually another train pulled in, and he was running around; then the whistle blew and he screamed ‘OW’ and froze! It was really hilarious. Then we ran for the car…
This morning Joah came in and started to play with me on my bed. It was so fun. He’s really a neat little kid. When I had to leave to come, well, here, he clung to me and wouldn’t let me go. It was pretty cute.
Oh, one more thing. Uncle Pete was putting gas in the car, while the Aunts got hot chocolate. Joah and I sat in the car, and the kid kept yelling, “I wanna ‘nack! I wanna ‘nack!”
So Uncle Pete started smooshing his face against the window and doing all kinds of funny things…then he took his keys and stuck them in his mouth. But these were the kind of keys with one of those black things attached, with buttons that lock and unlock. He lowered them in, and pressed buttons accidently with his tongue. The lights started going on and off…it was so funny!!!
We are trying to get Joah not to call Aunt Margaret just Margaret. It might take a while…
Ok, there’s a kid on the computer next to me who keeps glancing at me and making funny noises. Don’t quite get it. Mom, not like the grocery store guy! :P
Well, this was my last Georgian blog. I will see you all in Maine!
No wait. ya’ll. I will see ya’ll in Maine!

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Only Kudzu covers more of Georgia.

Well, here I am again. The past…uh…(fri sat sun mon) like three or four days have been interesting. Saturday…what DID we do? I can’t even remember! OH yeah. We went to Centennial Olympic Park and had sandwiches. The park was built around the time of the ‘96 olympics. One neat thing- there is a shallow area with the olympic rings on the ground…but the cool part is, water fountains shoot up from the rings and kids play in them. It’s really creative. Then a few times a day they play music and the water is synchronized with it…wrong word, but you catch my drift. Yesterday Aunt Margaret and I drove to Chattanooga for church. The service was great! James Ward played, (no, not the guy from the Progressive commercial) and there was a great selection of songs. The sermon was really interesting…about tests. The main example was Abraham being asked to kill his son…and how he did it without question.
Afterwards, we went to lunch with the Wards. It was a pretty nice restaurant, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. We had some interesting conversations. Or rather, THEY did. I mostly listened, but I didn’t find it boring at all.
You know, it’s ‘gay pride’ week here. It’s sickening. All the people walking around in ‘couples’…Apparently Atlanta is a huge area for homosexuals. Prostitutes, too…at two in the morning when we were driving in from the airport(oh yeah I don’t think I said that our second flight was delayed for a few hours…we got back at almost two) we saw what Uncle Pete described as a prostitute. It’s pretty troubling. Well, I guess I ought to go. I need to email some people and check some other things, and I have forty five minutes. Might well get back here. Talk to you all later!

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Greetings from Georgia! (I know, how corny could I get, right?)

Well, here I am. In Georgia. The plane ride was INCREDIBLE…especially flying through clouds!
I am really tired from today’s events so I will just give a brief summary.
Today Aunt M. and I walked to the library and the store. It was so weird…I started seeing these huge spots and getting a splitting headache. To make a long story short, by the time I got back to the house, I had a migraine. I upchucked (woot) five times, three times on my hair, clothes and bed, (lucky me!) and then got the headache back. But exept for a very slight headache, I am fine now.
Ouch. I am at the library here, and the person on the computer next to me keeps taking the Lord’s name in vain. It’s hard to just sit here and listen to it.
Oh and yesterday, we were climbing a short mountain, and it started to pour and the top. Joah and I hid under a sign and giggled. He was so funny. Of course, when we had to run down, he stopped laughing! It was fun though. INCREDIBLE how much mud and rain there was. Eventually our shoes were so wet we just walked through huge path sized mud puddles. Oh well, my shoes are dry and it was a lot of fun. Got to go…I don’t have to long on the web!

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The pirate captain he got shot with a barrel load of peas…

Oh yeah, and the interesting bit is…
I have a stress fracture in my right foot! Whoopee!
Yeah, it was hurting for two and a half weeks and I mostly tried to ignore it, but then Mom *forced* me into the doctor’s. They say I should take it easy, but honestly…I don’ wanna. :P
Haha, I think I probably drove the doctor NUTS because he kept asking me “does this hurt? does this hurt?” I and i said no for EVERYthing he asked. And he would ask me to describe the pain, and I couldn’t. I almost laughed…it was pretty funny.

Anyway, Aunt Margaret and I might go to some Civil War battlefields…that would be worth the drives and heat. I am really interested in the Civil War…especially Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
Next year, Mom and Dad and Than and I might head to Gettysburg for a while. Now that would be interesting.

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Well, i’m off.

Here goes. I’m heading down to Georgia.
This should be fun…I may be able to blog and email from there…not sure. Oh, hi Pippin! Well, i have to go pack. Probably something I should have done yesterday. :P

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El nombre de mi gatito es…

Pippin. :D

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directions for uploading

Look! Picture of Hannah!

Hannah, directions for uploading pictures to your site (so you will stop abusing me):

1) resize your image to a size appropriate for web viewing.
2) click “upload file” as seen in pictureupload
3) in the new window that comes up, choose the file to upload, then click upload (leave “local archive path” selected)
4) after it uploads and loads the next page, leave “create new entry…” selected, and do NOT check “create thumbnail”.
5) if it’s a big image, click “popup image” which will let people click a link to pop up a window see the image. if it’s a smaller image, click “embedded image” – it will show up in the actual post
5) you will get a normal “create new entry” page where you can talk about the image or whatever, just make sure you leave the code it sticks there alone.
6) enjoy.

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This is why.
scroll down a bit and see my kitty…*cough*

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Ok, I’m really mad now. Stupid Ted.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stupid head.
Stupid Ted, stuped head.

Now then, Teddy, will you please teach me to post pictures on MY site? Please?

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The demise of Ted is close at hand.

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