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Thundershowers, moxie, and swedish fish.

Well, last night’s show went well. Incredibly well. Let’s start from the beginning.
We got there, I got my costume on, and did my hair, and then had someone do my makeup. Well, turns out the person used way too dark a shade, so I wiped it all off and had another girl redo it. I felt terrible…but managed to do it without the other person noticing. I wouldn’t have wanted to make her feel bad. I need to learn to do my own. :P
So then we went up to Mrs. Libby’s room to warm up a little, pray, and otherwise prepare. There was thunder and lightning in the distance, and we all started joking about what would happen on stage if the lights went out. The thunderstorm started to get really strong…but we weren’t too worried. I mean, this is Maine, we have lived through worse. :P
So we got ready to go on stage. When it was time to walk out, The lightning was bright blue, and the thunder was really loud. But we knew the probability of a blackout was pretty low.
Let’s just say I am glad it wasn’t my night to do Ella. In the middle of Ella’s solo, the lights went out. Amazingly, she kept singing. I doubt I would have been able to do that. So on stage we regained our composure, most of us, just in time, because ten seconds later, the lights came back on. Two people were taping, I can’t wait to see that video.
Later, we talked about the blackout, and decided it couldn’t have been the lightning, because the electric piano kept playing! So we blamed it on Nathaniel, the sound guy.
Anyway, the play progressed without a glitch. Mostly.
We have a tradition of changing a few lines at the last performance, and people proceeded to do so with “all the fervor at their command.”
Let me give a few examples.
Angela: The thirty fifth dragoon guards!
Saphir: They are fleshly men, of full habit!
Ella: We care nothing for dragoon guards!
Last night’s:
Angela: The thirty fifth dragoon guards!
Saphir: They drink moxie, and watch monday night football!
Angela: boomph!
Ella: We care nothing for dragoon guards!

Another example:
Ella: The love of maidens is, to him, as interesting as the taxes!
Angela: Would that it were! He pays his taxes!
Saphir: And cherishes the receipts! Happy receipts!
Last night’s:
Ella: The love of maidens is, to him, as interesting as the mortgage!
Angela: Would that it were! He pays his mortgage!
Saphir: And cherishes his castle! Happy castle!”
and instead of saying ” are you all fond of toffee?” the duke says “swedish fish!”

After, most of us went out to Friendly’s. I sat with the Hasbroukes and their cousins, and we joked and had lots of fun. Anna was with us too, and she and I carried a tape recorder around getting “verbal autographs.” Then I talked to the sound and light guy, Nathaniel, and teased him for the blackout. Then he told me that it was the lightning! The second it hit, the lights went out, and he had heard a crackling, apparently the surge protector to the piano, that would explain why the piano kept going. Oh! I just thought of something! How in the world did the accompanist keep playing if the lights were out? She didn’t have it memorized, I’m sure! Maybe her light was attached to the same surge protector, therefore being, uh, protected.
In any case, the show was the best of all four nights. After, they had the leads on the stage for COUNTLESS pictures, and for one, John (the colonel) put his big floppy green aesthetic hat on me. I hope I get a copy of that.
Well, whoever wants to see a tape, come on over, and we can watch one. They were so good. Now to start working on next year’s play…The Mikado!

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You know, I have run

You know, I have run out of titles.
Estel just left. We had fun. I am extremely tired, and I probably won’t getg to bed till one or two tonight, and I start achievment testing on Monday! Oh well, I want to go out with the cast the last night, and I wouldn’t give it up.
Right now, since Megan had to go, there is no where I want to be more than at Sonja and Krissy’s house. It is a beautiful day, and I haven’t seen them for so long…I can’t wait a whole week. Krissy was there last night. I saw her before the play, but she had to leave right away, so I didn’t get to say goodbye! It was really sad. Krissy and Sonja, I really miss you! I can’t wait to see you next weekend! Sonja, someone taped last night, so you (and Ted) can see the video when you (or Ted) are around.
Sarah and Jonathan, Mallorntree’s cousins, are going to be there tonight, too. I am glad. It’s wonderful to be blessed with so many friends. Sarah, for instance, I have only seen a few times, but already we are friends. Krissy and Sonja are one of the few homeschool ties I have left.

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Right now I am at , listening to May it Be sung by Enya. At the bottom of the page they play a clip from one of the soundtracks.
It’s very pretty.
What kind of music do you like? I go for thematic classical. For instance, I like the Lord of the Rings soundtrack because it is so thematic.
So, comment and tell me your preferences!

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Three down, one to go!

Well, Estel and I just got back from the show.
I am to tired to go into detail, but I have to tell the end!
Andy and I were dancing, like we were supposed to, and suddenly the button on Andy’s suit got caught in my hair! We were up in front of everyone, too! It was actually the most hilarious thing that had happened yet, I thought. He felt pretty bad, but honestly, I just htought it was funny. The audience started to laugh…
Krissy, and Sarah, and Estel…everyone was there! It was so much fun!

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Nostach be Orch gaer.

Well, Megalomaniac is coming over tomorrow after school. Otherwise she wouldn’t get to see Patience. Can’t wait!
Haha, we keep chucking our basketballs over the neighbors’ fence, so today Than and I asked if we could just hop the fence. They said yes. :P
Well, I need to get some sleep.
Tomorrow we are doing a Science Olympiad at school. I’ll be darned if I know what that is.

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recent comments

Hey look, I just added a new feature to the sidebar! Recent Comments! It’s at the top of the sidebar on the right. So now you can see who the last 5 people to comment on posts were. Enjoy!


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Ok, you convinced me.

I have been busy, but I guess it’s time I blogged.

Weel, opening night was great! People left out a few lines, but I didn’t have to sing, so I just let loose and had fun!
The next night was even better. Everyone was getting used to it.
I was quite nervous, and asked for prayer a lot. I ended up doing better than I thought I could have! I had prayed specifically that I wouldn’t have so much vibrato (shakiness) in my voice, because it is weak enough already. Well, I had less then I thought was possible! It was very exciting. So the solo went well, and I remembered all my lines.
The Keenans tape all four nights every year so the cast can get copies. Well, this year, they didn’t realize it, but the camera wasn’t working, so we didn’t get opening night! Then the next night Mrs. Pearson taped it, but they didn’t get the last 20 minutes of it. What really stinks is that the Keenans were going to send a copy to Iraq, for a school graduate there. They wanted this one because that was two of his friends would have leads…ah well, there will be other nights.
Haha, at the end I get the solicitor, you have to see it to get what I mean. In any case, we have to do this little dance with the other leads, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get it! Ah well, it went fairly well. We…excuse me…I…didn’t botch it too terribly.
Oh, and Sonja, they will have it taped, so you can see it at my house, maybe the 21st when we get ready to climb Checoroa. I am shamed to admit that I don’t know how to spell that. Must ask Mom.
Well, I am going to go. OH! Sarah, my friend and Mallorntree’s cousin, is coming Friday night to see Patience! I am SO excited! She lives in Vermont and I NEVER get to see her. Well, goodbye. AAAAAA. A burglar just walked in the door.
Oh wait, it’s my dad.

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Off to Opening Night!

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oh, right.

Ah yes. Ted offered to change the format of my blog, and, quite obviously, proceeded to do so. I really like it! Thanks Ted.

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Dress Rehearsal…sorta

Well, the school performance went ok. On my solo, I was scared to pieces, and then the microphone wasn’t on, apparently. They didn’t bother to TELL me that I had to press a button. So when they tried to get it to pick me up, it squeaked loudly. I just kinda popped my eyes out and kept on singing. Apparently it was pretty funny to watch.
Other than that, it went fine. I got to sing it again later, after most people left, so I am not too worried. I don’t have to sing the first night, just the second and third, so I get a night to watch Emily do it. (she is the alternate Ella. We call ourselves Ella and Non-Ella, according to whichever night it is.)
Another girl is just as upset about the mics as me. Actually more so, but the only reason I didn’t gripe TOO much was because I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. Now I am a bit more upset, because both of us resent them, and we may have more of a chance. If that makes any sense to you. Since only some of us have them, it’s really unbalanced! More so than before, really. Some people, who before were loud, now sound soft in comparison to the people that use mics, who were, before, soft themselves.
The only thing worse than a mic is a Mike. He has been getting on my nerves lately. He went through a stage of making innappropriate comments about Maddie. For instance, once she said “Die, Mike,” and he replied with “I’d die for you!”
As corny as it was, it got on her, and my nerves. Well now he has started going out of his way to say hi to me, and because I was sick the other day, asking me if I puked and all. (this is considered the polite thing to ask of others in our class. by SOME.)
It’s just annoying.
The thing I find most appalling is the way our class has been treating Mrs. Libby lately. She is nearly seventy and has been working incredibly hard for our school for years. She has had a heart attack, is half blind, and isn’t in great health, but she keeps on going. She teaches chorus, German, Music, and for all you dimwits out there, NO, chorus and Music are NOT the same thing. IN any case, the boys, and quite a few girls, in the junior high are unbelievably rude to her. I won’t take the time to give examples, but it’s sickening. They don’t appreciate her. And yet she sticks with us. I won’t say I am completely innocent, though. That would be a lie.
The teachers don’t always respect her, either. Mrs. Bickford, at all the plays so far this year that we have to leave class early for, has gotten angry with us and made the complaint that “Mrs. Libby can’t take up my time!”
What she doesn’t get is that she and the other teachers take up Mrs. Libby’s time constantly! They NEVER ask if they can take fifteen minutes after chapel to address an issue.(she has a class after chapel, to clarify.) They NEVER ask her if their students can come late, or if they can go over. They just do it.
God, bless Mrs. Libby!

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