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Lord of the Rings and Redwall

Well, I met some people who like Redwall and The Lord of the Rings, and we were hoping to keep in touch. So, Mark and lotrroxmysox, this is uh…my blog. Possibly we can work something out. If you actually make it here, comment. :P

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One last thing.

Hannah:”…for one whole week I shall eat nothing but wasa bread.”
Dad:” Man cannot live on wasa bread alone.”
Hannah:” I am no man.”

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For I am a pirate king!

Yesterday was the Patience cast party.
It was at the Carlson’s, like last year. Let me see, I wonder if I blogged about the Pirates cast party? I’ll go check. Well, it didn’t let me look, so we may never know.
I thought I wouldn’t have any fun, because I just don’t have a lot of friends in this group, but then Anna ran over. She is a homeschooler, who doesn’t even know the names of a lot of the cast, so we hung out the rest of the time.
The last night of the show, we took a tape recorder around with us at Friendly’s and got “verbal autographs.” Well, yesterday was the return of the annoying verbal autograph people. We listened to the tape, which included two really funny stories, and began to get more people.

It was far too cold to swim. I did last year, went tubing, actually, but NO WAY not this year, even though everyonesaid it was much warmer. So I just went along for the ride, in the little boat. Anna and i would sit up front, and the wind was so strong it felt like we were going to get blown out of the boat. It was so much fun. Later Alex got on, that was fun. At one point, instead of taking the usual ten minute ride, they were out there for 45 minutes! Anna and I waited on the dock the entire time, talking with people who came and went. It was rather boring. But then we got to watch Kelsey, who is only a little bigger than me, take a wild ride on the tube. She ended up two feet in the air for seconds at a time. Very cool.
Later, Nathanael, you remember him, the sound guy for the plays, came over and said that his sister was out on the lake with another girl, and they couldn’t see them. So we went out to look for the missing canoe.
Last year, Cheri and i went out in a kayak, and couldn’t get back because of the wind. Eventually, we got some “pirates,” (some of the boys from the play pirates of penzance who were teasing us) to pull us back. Apparently the wind was bothering these girls too.
They had been canoeing for a while when they realized that they couldn’t get back! The wind blew them up on a small island, and they dragged the boat across, then started to take the long way round. We found them, and hoisted the canoe up on our boat, which already had too many people on it, to bring them back. Poor Rachel capsized the canoe only a few feet from the shore when we got back…poor girl.

Well, about then Dad came, and they let Than come on for the ride. He had a lot of fun. The ride made me think of our river…and the fact that no one has a boat for it!
Oddly enough…we got home and Dori called to say she had just got a canoe! So we canoe for an hour. And then made obstacle courses and ran aroudn like chickens with our heads cut off. We had fun.
Ok, now I have to go to church. Hope you read all of this, it took me long enough!

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“Well, I’m back.”

It’s been five days since I blogged, according to Ted, so I figured I had better start up again. I have a lot to say…might split it into two entries. Anyway, let’s start at the beginning.
Last Sunday I preordered my copy of The Return of the King. Then on Monday, I went to school…I can’t remember anything happening there.
Tuesday…nope. Let’s skip to Thursday. After school, while my mom was teaching piano lessons, Audrey and I walked to Dairy Queen. Estel might have come too, but she was working for someone at the horse barn. Oh, yeah, and the lady said I could go with Megan sometime. That would be really neat!
Then, Thursday night, I went to our library to watch The Return of the King on a big screen with some friends. Other homeschoolers, Warrenkids friends, it was like a big reunion. Let’s see, Marcus, Sam, Andrew, Haydn, Josh, Rose, Jessica…the list goes on.
It was an incredible movie. You could get in for only a buck if you wore a costume, and because I am really trying to save money right now, I brought a cape, but of course I didn’t want to actually WEAR it. I ended up paying the full two dollars. :P
During the end of the movie, I cried, of course. How could you not.
After, the director of the library whom we all love so much had a raffle and gave out several books, posters, and bookmarks. Dad got “The Fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien,” a very interesting book.
Friday went all right. When I got home, my movie had come.

Later, we went to the library to say goodbye to the last of our librarians. If you remember from previous posts, they were leaving because they didn’t believe in what was being done to the library.
Mrs. Kimball and I hugged, and both of us started to cry a bit. It was terribly sad. I have realized that she is like an aunt, except ever closer. There was a photographer in the building for some reason, and he took pictures of us hugging and crying and asked our names. We gave them and Mrs. Kimball said we were some of the favorite visitors. I hope we get in the paper, so the board can see how we really feel about the library.

I think that was one of the saddest days of my life. I have been going to that library ever since we moved here! Ten years. Ten years! And then the new board comes along and just uproots everybody.

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back to the old format!

I changed the site back over the the old format because Hannah liked it better that way. Hope you enjoy! :-)

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The other night we watched an old cartoon version of The Lord of the Rings. Done by Ralph Bakshi. ‘Twas interesting, to say the least.
First of all, it was done in the seventies. My dad says he remembers going to see it thirty years ago or so.
The cool part is, parts of it were done with the earliest motion capture! The way they did Gollum. Except it looked terrible. I guess I won’t go into detail, but the Balrog looked like a lion crossed with a butterfly and an ape, the argonath was gargoyles, the pronounced Celeborn Seleborn, isILdur ISildur, edoras adoras, and Sauron’s eye looked like something from a kaleidascope.
Yes, it was very interesting.

…they never finished it.

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Hmmmm…I don’t know what happened to the format. I sure didnt have anything to do with it. I think the site I have this on changed. Oh well.

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We had a great weekend! Sonja and Krissy came after school on Friday, and we had a lot of fun. Haha, we took a potato and played spud with it. Originally, there was no pun intended. Then it broke, so it was a dud spud. And then we duct taped it back together, and called it the retro spud. All in all, it lasted two days, then this morning we threw it away because the little bits of pulverized potato were squishing through the duct tape. Twas gross.

We watched Patience, then went down to Dori’s to play Flashlight Tag for an hour. We actually ended up playing Capture the Flag in the dark, which was a lot of fun.

The next morning we got up early, got into the car, and drove the hour and a half to the mountain. By that time it was pouring, but since for the last three years it has rained and we haven’t hiked, we did anyway. Everyone donned huge ponchos and as many layers as we could find, and set off. And pray don’t misconstrue what I say- it was really wet. Pouring, really. NOT drizzle.
We looked like a drove of fat orange and yellow oliphaunts.
Poor Than, he got soaked and we almost had to turn around before the top. He started shivering and shaking, but we made it up to the falls. Which were remarkable, to do them justice. Quite pretty.
So then we headed down, after mom had fed Than a banana, given him an extra poncho, and Krissy had stuffed the squished parts of her banana down my throat. With my permission, of course. :P
Then we went to dunkin’ donuts and changed into dry clothes, and drank hot chocolate. Last but not least we stopped at a beautiful bookstore and read for 45 minutes or so. Sonja, Krissy, Than, and I went immediately to the LOTR section, and found some pretty neat books. For instance, Gollum, by Andy Serkis. Had some neat pictures.
Well, I think I’m off to…I don’t know what. Something other than blogging. If you have any ideas let me know.

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Post adrenaline depression.

Well, I went hysterical during class on Thursday. I won’t go into detail, but the teacher talking on her cell phone while we took achievment tests was a bit much.

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Maddie: My precious! Me: Sam,

Maddie: My precious!
Me: Sam, let go!
Maddie, Megan, and Mal: SAM?!?!?

[no, you weren't meant to understand that. Krissy, I will tell you Friday because it was really funny.]

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