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Our church has stopped singing hymns. We sing one each week.
And then we sing some praise songs. Terrible ones. Please, no one critisize my use of the word terrible.
The River of Love? Man, it’s just awful.
We used to sing two or three hymns, and then four or so praise. Now we sing all corny praise songs and one hymn.
I enjoy reading music and singing alto, but i can’t if there isn’t any music written down for me to follow! What happened to the things our church has been singing for nearly thirty years? Old songs, good old songs!
The thing that bothers me the most is this.
Someone just changed As The Deer for no good reason. I like that song, and it did NOT need changing.
“As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after you?”
NO. I’ts thee. I have a love of words, so many people will not understand this, and will think only that I am completely missing the point of these songs.
I understand that they are for God’s glory, but would it hurt to keep one tiny “thee” in a song? Just because we don’t speak that way any more doesn’t mean we can’t use the language! It is so frustrating, I admit I have left the room at times. I will probably delete this post later, I sound like an idiot. But it is SO frustrating. I love music! Couldn’t we have some GOOD music for once?
No, don’t comment on this unless you have something good…no, better not comment on this at all.

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Ideas are swimming in my head.
Any more and I’ll be dead.
I’d like to try and write them down.
But what if I sound like a clown?

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Well, that’s it. I am off to Winterport.
I get to see the kitties, Uncle Tim’s camp, my cousins, and Grammy!
So have a great week everyone. I should be back on Wednesday.

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The Seven and Eleven

Ah yes. Aunt Joni just reminded me…
Caleb and I started to write a newsletter, The Seven and Eleven, thsoe were our ages at the time.
We got one issue out, and then Caleb got appendicitis and we had to stop. Haha, I have that ONE issue sitting in the BT folder.

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Spring Cleaning.

Last night at about seven-thirty, I suddenly looked around my room and a had a strange urge to clean. I ended up cleaning until…ten! Wow! two and a half hours of cleaning!
I put the china back in my china cabinet, cleaned off my dest, cleaned out my file folders, made a new save box, and ended up finding some great stuff!
Tidy Hannah, a book I “wrote” when I was five. Man, I was one concieted little kid. In the jacket it said,
“…she is very good at this and she is only a child.” All my words, too. :P
Then I found all our old Blueberry Times issues!
Ted used to write a family newsletter…about every month.
So every once in a while we would hear all the Pearson family news. I should post some examples. Actually, Ted might not like that. :P
Then I found The Mousy Times. I have always loved making newsletters. The first was “The Kitty Club Newsletter, ” that was with Dori and Than when I was really little. Then “The Knothole News” with Katie. That was fun.
Then I started doing “The Mousy Times” with Kelsey.
Kelsey and I created identities for ourselves, Mousik and Mousea Squeakalo, during co-op once, and then over the course of the next four years we created an entire world. We had bad guys, Ratican, his whole family was evil. But most of all we had schoolbooks. We were both homeschooled, and imagining what school was like was a lot of fun. We saw it as a mysterious unknown.
So we made schoolbooks, folders, textbooks, workbooks, everything. We played just what we thought school was like. Now that I look back, we had no idea, but it was pretty creative. We made clothes, houses in her barn…everything. We even created a language. Nothing like…say…Elvish, just some random sounds. Never learned to speak it.
So when i found all my mousy books, it really brought back memories.

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Just four more weeks till Patience!
Grammy is coming to see it, I hear.
We have an INTENSE practice schedule from now until then, pretty much till five each day, sometimes till eight. I will go to as many as I can.
Jonathan (an older homeschooler who helps a lot with the plays)
and Mrs. Libby and I worked it out so that the other girl doing Ella the other nights can sing along on the part during the ensembles and all.
Well, I need to go to bed.
Oh yes, Mallory leaves tomorrow. For Europe. So sad…ten days without Mallory. But I get to go to Winterport, so that makes up for it.

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hi i am hannahs bro than.i am always asking her if i can type in something but now that i get to , forgot what to say.but i do no about her band.its called the blazin favorite song is hey mal youre a poophead. and of course i annoy her a lot, being her little bro. blub!(thats my favorite word)i guess. the !#%^&*() end

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Another Riddle from Krissy.

Bellringer who’d love to stay,
Reguba who runs away,
Firjak Greenstone, queen of Southsword
Female to weild Martin’s sword.
We all have one thing about us
That is common. Can you guess?

This one is Redwall, by the way.

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Celebratory sugar.

Today Than, Mom, Aunt Margaret and I went to Dairy Queen after school celebrated Grampa passing on to heaven!
It’s been almost a year since Grampa died. I never felt sad. I never even cried. I was curious at first, but then I realized why.
I never considered it dying. I thought of it as getting a new life. His body was old, and his mind was slowing down, but he had the awareness that he was going to be with Jesus, I think. After seeing the way he was on earth, I knew it could only be a good thing for him to go on.
Grampa knew that he should build up treasures in heaven, not on earth. He was ready. We were all ready. And Grampa got to move on to the next stage…
He’s with Jesus now!

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So why bother…?

I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.
It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they are going to do something incredibly…stupid.

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