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Please pray!

I am playing “In the Willow-Meads of Tasarinan” at a talent show to raise money for the library tonight. It took me three months to learn the song, and I have only just played from memory for the first time recently. I am really nervous…also please pray about Patience. I have a lot of trouble acting enough. At all. Thanks, I really need it.

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why oh why oh why?

Oh. One more thing.
Our school’s Europe group might be going to New Zealand next year.
Great. Just great.

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this is terrible.

The Warren Library is changing.
I have been going to the Warren Lilbrary for ten years and know all the librarians like family…
When I was into rats, they would look out for books for me, get books for me, they knew what I liked, we could hold discussions, I loved visiting the library!
I still love visiting the library!
I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly there is a new board, and they don’t know how much we all love it. The homeschoolers and readers are a community! Now the board has elected to add an art gallery to the basement, and to lay off some of our well loved staff!
And the library director has left. She was wonderful. I mean, she worked hard for Warrenkids, my acting program of four or five years, and the whole commmunity. She didn’t agree with what they are doing, so she resigned.
One of the reasons is because they are no longer giving free time to homeschoolers. For years we have had various homeschool meetings there. Now it costs something. And then they aren’t sponsoring Warrenkids anymore, so it goes from $20 to $200. Now we have to find a new sponsor.
The worst thing is this:
Our beloved staff has just resigned. Nearly all the people we have found at the library for years has just decided that they couldn’t support this. It’s terrible. I think I am going to cry. I am crying. This can’t happen.
They are putting together a book for Mrs. Kimball, the childrens librarian, a real book, printed and bound for her, with letters from all of us thanking her. I am going to write one, and hopefully also one to the paper. Many people have. This is just so sad. I love Warren.
I am going to miss this library. I don’t think I will be able to go into it after they leave.

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OH YEAH, one more thing!

I have been working since January on a piece of music from “The Road Goes Ever On,” and just this week I played the entire thing from memory! I was so immeasurably excited! I am so happy, I finished the song, POSSLIBLY in time to play it at the Warrenkids talent show this weekend. Pray that I can, I would hate to only play half. Thanks! Excitement!

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I have SO many things to write about!

today we climbed Burnt Meadow Mountain with Aunt Margaret. Not particularly high, 1009 feet, but very very steep. At one point we thought we were at the summit, then rounded a curve and saw a peak in front of us with a rock face, very steep. We actually scaled it! I was suprised. Some parts were nearly vertical. I hadn’t wanted to go, but once we made the top, as usual, I was very glad I did. There were mountains all around us. That was all we could see, mountains, mountains, and more mountains. Mount Washington was easily visible, lots of snow, and seemed really close. I think we might have seen Chocorua, “our family mountain,” which we are climbing for Mom’s birthday. In any case, it was really beautiful.

Aunt Margaret booked tickets for her and I to go to Atlanta! And turns out, I have nearly enough money! $166 round trip, and I have $113. Been saving a while. Means I will have to put off getting my preciouss…but that’s ok. I have only seen Joah two or three times, and rarely see my Aunt and Uncle. So this is exciting!
I have never been on a plane before, so if you have any advice, PLEASE tell me. I admit, even when I am in a car, I sit there and think of every possible thing that could happen to me. So, on June 23-30, pray if you think of it that we will stay safe and have a good time. I am quite sure we will. I hope we get window seats, not too likely, but who knows!
Well, this is enough for one day. Oh right. My precious is a beautiful copy of a book that I am saving for… it’s a joke with Mallorntree and Estel…don’t know why I said it here.
I hate that. When you hold down the shift key, you can’t get apostrophes. You just get quotes. UGH.

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A Long Expected Party.

I finally get to see Megan tomorrow! Mallory gets home from Europe with the school tonight, so she won’t come until Tuesday. I can’t wait!

Oh wow. Got to write about this. Yesterday I babysat for some friends for about four hours or so. They have an 18 month old boy, Seth. He is a sweet little kid!
but anyway, they also have a HUGE dog named Marcus, also very sweet, but man he is bigger than me. And this often poses a problem. :P
Before the parents even pulled out of the driveway, the dog and the baby raced for the basement stairs which were, luckily, carpeted. Marcus tripped Seth, and he slid down the entire basement stairs on his face! I was so afraid he had hurt himself, I almost called the parents. I actually watched him slide down, there was nothing I could do! They were moving too fast! It was terrifying though, every supervisers night mare. I mean, he is only 18 months, he has a delicate head! I was afraid it would simply crack or something, because he was moving really fast! Poor kid, he was shocked, but ok. He only cried for three minutes or so, which his mom says means he is not hurt. Actually, when I told his parents, once they knew he was ok, they laughed! They thought it was really funny. And it was, but it wouldn’t have been if he had been hurt. Thank God! :P

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Extended Edition

Ted just reminded me of something I have been thinking about a lot lately, but haven’t thought to write about.
The Extended Edition of The Return of the King.
Man, most of all I hope they put in Eowyn and Faramir’s meeting in the Houses of Healing! They took the one perfectly good romance in the book, blotted it out, and added a lot of Aragorn Arwen fluff! ARGH!
I have recently realized that I don’t mind romance when it is realistic and, well, relatively normal. The story of Eowyn and Faramir is such a good story, I don’t see how anyone could leave it out. Besides, it’s not totally romance at all.
What I really hate is fluff and angst and all that fanfiction type stuff. Like Martin and Rose, goodness GRACIOUS what are they thinking. Yes, of course they would have gotten married, and Martin is sad that she dies, but PLEASE no dorky love stories. Then they try to match up Mariel and Dandin, and boy does that tick me off. THEY WERE FRIENDS, JUST FRIENDS! Do you people have no brains? Ahem, sorry. Redwall. I sometimes get carried away.

Ah well. I hear that they are going to put in the Houses of Healing anyway, and online I found the Lord of the Rings audition scripts, or some of them, which was EXTREMELY exciting, and seeing as most of them were scenes from the movies, I think that the Eowyn and Faramir one I found will be similar to something in the movie.
Alright, Namarie, I am done griping now.

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Ring Ring!

She called me from Italy earlier this week, but had to leave a message both times…
I wasn’t home! ARGH!

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Double kraata.

Bad news.
I just discovered that Disney is starting work on a movie that is SUPPOSED to be based on one of my favorite books. But this is Disney we’re talking about, who knows if it will be anything like the original publication.
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is starting production soon.
I want to write the producers and give them some tips, like stick to the book, don’t add bits of plot, etc, but I don’t have an address. Oh well. Let’s just hope that they don’t butcher it…
I don’t know what company did these, but here are a few TERRIBLE shows and movies based on books:
First off, the Redwall series. It was just dreadful. Need I say more?
Ella Enchanted. I haven’t seen the movie, and I won’t, but in previews they make it very silly and light. It’s an excellent book…they totally destroyed it.
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM. That was an awesome book, it was what got me interested in rats!
…the movie was horrible.
Ok, done now. But please band together and give me your support! Anyone with misgivings about Disney doing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe comment so I know I am not alone!

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