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New group in town

Anyone ever heard of the Blazing Onions?
Well, you should’ve.
Their debut album will soon come out with two tracks:
We Sound Like Crapp

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Haldir Lives!

I thought I was the only one that objected to Peter Jackson’s needless slaughtering of the Lorien Elf Haldir.
Apparently not.
There is a whole line of products with bold letters reading
“Haldir Lives! (I don’t care what Peter Jackson says)”

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this is so frustrating!
I auditioned for The Children’s Theatre of Maine yesterday, and I wasn’t supposed to find out if I made it or not for ten days at least.
I just got a call back. They want me to audition again, sing, dance, and read a script. Thursday at six.
I am in Tom Sawyer at about seven thirty that night!
This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time i auditioned, i got a call back, but we couldn’t do it because the plays were on sunday mornings.
This time, I may not be able to do it because of a play! i can’t do a play because of a play!
…and plus, I can’t dance for beans.
Please pray that somehow I will be able to go to this call back! And also, PLEASE pray that somehow I will suddenly become coordinated enough to dance! ugh, i hate the idea, but I want to act with ctm so badly!

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To Jessie

Hiyah. This should explain about the John Quincy Adams thing…heeheehee.

My class reenacted the election of 1828, between John Q. A. and Andrew Jackson. I was Adams and a kid named Nate was Jackson. This was a really bitter election because the year before the same two had run, and Adams had won by some freak coincidence, despite Jackson winning the popular and electoral vote.
So, Jackson was running for revenge, and the two used all kinds of dirty tricks to make the other sound bad.
In our election, I ended up winning by two votes. I was really suprised! jackson had more people commited to him than I did.
We had parties, and my party helped to make lots of signs. My campain manager, Maddie, came up with a few good ideas. Here are some of the signs:
Don’t make the same mistake again.
(on a big red stop sign) STOP and vote for Andrew Jackson.
(on “burma-shave” signs)
Don’t stop for Jackson, GO for Adams.
Men like John Quincy Adams are in short supply.
We thought Andrew Jackson sounded a lot like “indigestion,” so we pilfered one sign of theirs, photocopied it, and replaced the name with Indigestion.
It was a lot of fun!
AND I WON! woo! :P

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To Jessie

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Indigestion did not prevail.

It is time to change the history books.
John Quincy Adams won the election of 1828.
It does not matter what your textbooks say.
Disregard all your teacher has taught you on the subject.
no more PIZZA.

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Hot topics.

I have been following a thought provoking conversation on Ted’s Blog. I don’t know how to make links, but copy and paste this.

I would like to comment, but I have no authority on this issue. It is something that until now I have almost avoided learning about…
I really have never expressed my opinion on this blog before and am quite unsure as to how I am to go about it.
In any case, God tells us directly that homosexuality is a sin. Despite that, we should not hate homosexuals. This is frustrating. I feel very strongly about “gay ‘marriage’” but don’t know enough to really speak out. I can say one thing, though. Even if “gay ‘marriage’” is legalized, again I know next to nothing about this, it should not be called marriage, because marriage is unity between a man and a woman. But then, calling it something else, that would be just as bad, because it is saying that there is an acceptable alternative to marriage!
I think I need to mull over this and get back to you.

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Did I just log in?

Uh I am not supposed to able to do this. SO I am probably not.
Seeing as my blog doesn’t work, read Ted’s instead. And Jessie’s.

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