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If you want to keep guessing, don’t read this blog.

Ok. So krissy got it right away…actually, no. I had to give her a hint. But she’s good.
It was Faramir!
I will explain the riddle…
I was born the same year as my acquaintance Samwise. That is kind of self-explanatory, don’t you think?
My mother died young; this fact contributed to my fathers demise.
His mother, Finduilas i think, off the top of my head, died at an early age, and so Denethor started to bassically go crazy.
I was a prince.
His dad was the steward…ooops. That means he wasn’t exactly a prince…good one Hannah. Oh, I’ll do better next time.
My only sibling died young also-but his death was not in vain.
Boromir died young too;but he did it to save the hobbits.
My wife had a title similar to the name of the city I lived in.
Eowyn! The White Lady of Rohan. Minas Tirith! The White City.
We met when hope was lost…and at this meeting hope was restored.
Eowyn had lost all hope when she met Faramir, because Aragorn wouldn’t marry her, Theoden was dead, and she was injured. Meeting Faramir gave her hope.

Well, there you have it. I might post one Krissy wrote later, but I need to get her permission first.

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I am nearly finished with appendix f of The Lord of the Rings. I am sad! Now I know why I wasn’t really sad when I finished the book; because I had so much left, in a sense. Ah well, at least now I can finally read The Silmarillion! Actually I think I shall read the trilogy again. :P

I guess I am going to try another riddle. It might stink, we will see!
Should I tell you if it is a person place or thing? I don’t really know.
Oh and some information from the appendices will be included.

I was born the same year as my acquaintance Samwise. My mother died young; this fact contributed to my fathers demise. I was a prince.
My only sibling died young also-but his death was not in vain. My wife had a title similar to the name of the city I lived in. We met when hope was lost…and at this meeting hope was restored.

Ok, that wasn’t very good. Pretty easy. Ah well, I will keep trying!

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I never explained the title of the previous entry.

Yesterday I got a bloody nose right after snack that lasted one entire 40 minute period. yikes. It was weird. It just started all of a sudden…and lasted 30-40 minutes! It was bleeding really bad…I ended up sitting on the floor of the girls locker room with a tissue clamped to my nose. Eww.
In any case, I must have lost a lot of blood, because afterwards I had trouble walking up the stairs, I was so weak. It was almost amusing. I went around quoting calvin.
in a certain comic he signs up for baseball at recess, which he regrets, but his dad says it builds charactor and takes him outside to practice. Calvin get’s hit in the nose, and says “All by charagdor id drippig oud by dose!”
All my energy dripped out. oog.

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All by charagdor id dribbig oud by dose.

Wow. That was a lot of comments. Sorry Chris. I did think that was a fun blog though. :P I wish I could insult people more often! :P
I got some comments from Arandil. I don’t know who he/she is, but I found someone that ALSO cried at The Return of the King. I am not alone! Another person to have read the books and seen the movies. Yay.
Here are some good sites to go to by the way:(just go to google and type them in, in quotes)
The Encyclopedia of Arda.
Tolkien Trail (The One Ring Musical!)
“Elvish Dialog from the movies” (through google you get an awesome site, near the top of the list)
I have to go, but i shall be working on more of those corny riddles!

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Who are you?

A certain “Chris DiDonna” left this ambiguous and rather demanding comment:
Who are you?
Well, in answer to your question, “Chris DiDonna,” I am originally from the-place-that-shall-not-be-named, but I moved when I was the-age-that-shall-not-be-named to the other place-that-shall-not-be-named. My mother is the-woman-that-shall-not-be-named, and my dad is the-man-that-shall-not-be-named. I currently live in the-country-that-shall-not-be-named, the-state-that-shall-not-be-named, the-city-that-shall-not-be-named, the-street-that-shall-not-be-named, the-house number-that-shall-not-be-named. I have one little brother, who-shall-not-be-named.
f you want a more interesting version of my life, keep reading.
I am approximately 590, I think I lost count when I hit 550. I lived on a river, but then I got kicked out, so I relocated to some caves. Never got around to marrying. Ah well, I had something much more important that a wife could ever have been, much more interesting. Actually, this thing ended up getting me killed. Oops. That must mean I’m dead. *poof*

How was that, “Chris DiDonna?”
Here’s another one.

I’m kind of stiff in the joints, seeing as I have been around for a long time. Actually, I don’t have any joints. I breathe fire, pretty cool…but man, do I go through chapstick fast. Well, I don’t really breathe…oh well. For years people have been whamming stuff with me. Takes a toll on the teeth, but all that fire has hardened them pretty well. I do have a cool nickname though…Hammer of the Underworld. Does it get any neater than that?

Ok, so we all know I can do better than that.
Here is my true identity.

What, do you think I’m actually going to tell you?! Are you nuts?
Of course I’m not going to tell you! Sheesh. Oh, and if you figured out who those people were…extra credit points for “Chris DiDonna.”
I have a question for you.
How many three toed penguins would it take to fill a puffs box?

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I was going to blog, but I just totally forgot what I was going to blog about!

Oh yeah.
My cat woke me up this morning. Stupid Cash. *sigh*
What an annoying little ding-dong. I have two things to do today. ugh. so I needed the extra sleep. oog. bye.

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Ich spriche kleine Deutsch. Sehr kleine.

I am eating chili. It is par-tic-u-lar-ly good chili too.
I just talked to Mallory on the phone. Interesting…I have never been one to talk on the phone much…but with Mallory I do.
Megan and she and I are pretty much inseperable at school now. First time I have really felt included. I have always had friends…Audrey…Keri…but I was still ignored then. It’s weird. There is one girl, Hannah, not me Hannah…that used to come to our school. So there were two Hannahs.
The frustrating part was, whenever I heard the name Hannah, it meant her not me. Even now, it means her a lot of the time. It has been so much easier this past year and a half without her though. Maybe I shouldn’t say that. It wasn’t that I was really jealous…it was just the pressure. You were only worth talking to if you were Hannah. Not me Hannah. And the funny thing is…we were best friends in Kindergarten.

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I am the very model of a modern major general.

“Havo dad” means “sit down.” I believe it is Sindarin, but it might well be Quenya.
“Frodo, im Arwen. Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nin, tolo dan nan galad.”
This means
“Frodo, I am Arwen. I have come to help you. Hear my voice, come back to the light.”

From now on, you have to try to figure out what my posts say. If you can’t get it, I will tell you.

Noro lim, Aspholath, noro lim!

Now that you have read Krissy’s post, you are probably wondering who my love is. Here’s a clue. Somebody chopped his head off and stuck it on a stake. At first I didn’t understand why, but now I realize that it really brings out his features. And that deep, manly voice…it gets me every time. Ahhhh…

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Havo dad, Legolas.

Frodo, im Arwen. Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nin, tolo dan nan galad.

Mallory and Megan are over. Tonight we watched The Fellowship of the Ring.
Tomorrow we will watch The Two Towers, and then we are going to see The Return of the King.

I think the saddest part in all the movies is when Lurtz shoots three arrows into Boromir. I cried when I read the book…the movie is really sad, but he dies so nobly…it’s awesome.
The saddest part in all three books is when Sam sits outside the gates of the tower after they carry Frodo away and sings a beautiful, haunting song.
“I will not say the day is done or bid the sun farewell.”

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Derbgoo Nashsgoo!

Swifteye47: we hates you, yes, precious….we hates you!
SmarterChild: We hates what?
Swifteye47: we hates smarterchild! yes, we hates him, preciousssss!
SmarterChild: “preciousssss”?? Have you heard of Mavis Beacon? She could help you.

I just got back from Borders. I picked up a copy of The Return of the King Soundtrack…you see, after Ted told me he had it, I said I wished I could listen, so he worked technical wonders and hooked me up to his computer via the internet and I listened. I figured it was better to have my own copy than to keep bugging him. :P

I have recently discovered what kind of music I like. I always thought I liked contemporary Christian music, but now I realize, I don’t. I mean, some of the songs are quite good and I enjoy listening to them, but I do not like the dischordance and loudness of some songs.
Then I realized that I don’t like classical as much as I thought either! I can sit through some of Moonlight Sonata or Fur Elise, but, quite frankly, I am bored by it! The weird thing is: I like The Return of the King soundtrack…and now I know why. It’s all very thematic. (don’t mind if that isn’t a word) You can tell what it represents; the Ents is all wooden percussion, the Elves you can sometimes here harps, I think… I just like the structure. I like powerful music, that gets its point across. I am very excited, I now have found my own opinion. I tend to just agree with people without daring to differ…or even thinking to differ.
My mom suggested that I try the Romantic period. Much of that was fairly thematic, she says. There were many pieces done on mythology then, like a long one on Norse mythonlogy! I had to do a report on Erik the Red, and learned a lot about the Valkyries. Fascinating.
So that is why I am drawn to pieces like the Moonlight Sonata. I like the theme. I like being able to know that it is moonlight.

By the way, if there are any Tolkien linguists out there that can translate the title for me, I would greatly appreciate it. All of you should recognize it; it is shouted by, oh, roughly ten thousand Uruk-Hai in The Two Towers.
And also, if anyone can tell me how to get umlauts and accents and ^ over words on the keyboard, I would be eternally grateful.

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