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Lord of the Rings

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring!
And I didn’t like it that much.
At first I did, but then I started to notice all the things that they left out…and forgot to look for the good things, and now that I think about it, I like it. I really like it.
Ok, now I will start my list of complaints.
1. They don’t really mention that Frodo is “coming of age” at the birthday party.
2. They make it seem like Gandalf comes the same night as the party to send Frodo to Rivendell.
3. They leave out the Old Forest and Tom Bombadil. How could they leave out good old Tom? He is one of my favorite charactors!
4. They leave out the barrows and the barrow wights. I mean, they are scary and all, but in the movie it seems as if Frodo and company don’t have any trouble between when Hobbitton and the place where he gets stabbed. Merry and Pippin almost get eaten by a tree, for goodness sakes, couldn’t they put that in?
5. Arwen brings Frodo back to Rivendell. I really really hate that. He is really carried back by Glorfindel. Or his horse. It’s much more dramatic that way.
6. Aragorn doesn’t(at least in the first movie, my mom says I should watch the third movie before I complain, or something)carry The Sword that was Broken. He finds it at Rivendell. That is an IMPORTANT part, and it really threw me off.
7. There is more tension between the members of the company than there should be. Boromir isn’t really obviously supposed to want the ring, only Sam really notices it. Ah well.
They did do a good job with the Gimli/Legolas part though, I really love the part when they are surrounded by the Riders of Rohan, and Legolas holds up his bow and says “Then you would die before your stroke fell” and Gimli looks suprised that Legolas would say that. It’s funny! Maybe I am just making that up, but let me read into it anyway.
8. Arwen/Aragorn kissy kissy scene. I hated that a lot at first, but then I realized that some of this stuff might have happened in the book and just not be written about, if you know what I mean. Like, we are reading about Frodo, Pippin, Sam, and Merry, but we don’t know what Aragorn is up to at the time. And it does say that Aragorn looked at her with a strange look in his eyes.
9. The capture of Merry and Pippin is all wrong. As morbid as it may be, that is my favorite chapter in the book, maybe because otherwise those two don’t do much of anything. Well, first of all, they don’t mention names like Grishnahk and all, and then Pippin is supposed to run away and drop the pin, and have his bonds untied beforehand, and then Grishnahk is supposed to try to run away with them and be killed.
10. Treebeard is not supposed to find them like that. I liked how they did it, with Pippin(or Merry, don’t remember which one) halfway up the tree and then seeing his eyes and getting scared, but they are not supposed to be followed by orcs. Annoying. They did a REALLY good job with Treebeard though, and all the Ents! I always thought they were spirits somehow, tall men, kind of tree-ish, and then I read the book and saw the movie and it just clicked. Duh.

And why does everyone pronounce Uruk-Hai like oruh-ceye? It’s annoying. :P

Well, that’s the end. If anyone got down this far, I am, I admit, suprised.
Oh yeah. I really like the song Galadriel sings in the book, Namarie, but she doesn’t sing it in the movie. Darn Peter Jackson.

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Abominable Abdominal Atrocities…

I upchucked last night. Wooo!
It was so weird. I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, so I just kinda lay there. You know, brain asleep, body awake. Well, pretty soon I started thinking about Lord of the Rings. A whole new saga was playing in my mind. For some reason, the company and a bunch of other people were trying to cross this deep ravine…it was like all rocky…and they were trying to slide down on something resembling a metal snow saucer. Well, I distincly remember Gimli going down and hit the bottom with a flash of light…and then he was no more.
Of course, that had happened to a lot of other people before him. During this whole thing I was feeling sicker and sicker.
Then a group of nine hobbits appeared. Except they looked a lot more like Dwarves…but oh well, they were called hobbits. And then I just rolled over and went ohhh gosh…blaaauugh. It was the second the nine hobbits appeared that I puked.
threw up.
lost my lunch.
Wanna know my new favorite word?
Upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck upchuck.
So…I lost my lunch five times in quick succession. Kinda funny, seeing as all I ate for lunch was an apple…
Therefore, all I have had to eat today is two measly bowls of yogurt and one wintergreen mint and I think I am just one big empty hole.
And I am watching six kids for Christ the Redeemer Church tonight.
It’s actually pretty funny. Yesterday I skipped school and I wasn’t really that sick…got all ready to go to school and then I upchucked.
ok…make that two wintergreen mints.
Sooo today I am really sick. Of course, I haven’t thrown up since twelve last night, but my face feels like the interior of Mount Doom and my stomach as empty as Pippin’s head.
Well, on that cheerful note, I am going to go wallow in self pity for a while.

Abominable abdominal trouble…

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Stupid people bug me.

Hello. It’s me again.
Today…ok, let’s just say that my friend brought in an article to continue a personal conversation we had and then people saw the magazine, and one guy starts saying, as he always does:
“Oh my ___, that guy is soo gay.”
I hate that word. Why couldn’t it just mean happy and free, like it used to? And all kinds of other words. I don’t like it at all.
I think…provided that this word doesn’t mean bad stuff too…I think I will start saying absurd. It’s cool.
Think: Importance of Being Earnest.

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Crispy Hexagons.

Hey! Sorry I haven’t blogged for so long, I haven’t been able to for a while, and I was pretty busy.
First on the agenda, I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS!
I wouldn’t let myself read it for years, afraid I would like it better than Redwall.
I DO! I am on…well, I know I am past page 317 now in The Two Towers.
I really…love them! I mean, I read for four hours straight last Monday, reading the Fellowship of the Ring. And I enjoyed every minute of it! I haven’t seen all of the movies yet. To tell you the truth, they would scare me. I am very easily bothered by movies right now. But, we have Two Towers dvd expanded version, long story, but Mom really pinched pennies to get Dad a dvd player for Christmas, and I got him the dvd. Anyway, we also have the fellowship on vhs, so as soon as I am done the series, I am going to watch them through. They shouldn’t really bother me when I know about what is coming. I can’t wait to watch them!
I saw the first hour of Fellowship a long time ago, and I remember a lot of it.
And from watching all the behind the scenes stuff (I know, it’s cheating) and talking with knowledgeable friends, I have discovered some shocking and annoying stuff. For those reading the books, this is a spoiler!
Sam is given a carved wooden box by Galadriel containing earth from Lorien(can’t do accents here, sorry.), and that really brings forth his charactor, reaalizing that he really would care about just going home and having a little and beautiful garden.
She gives him rope. Sure, he had, even in the book, been going on about how he wished he had brought rope with him, and it was Elven rope, but in the book, there are three coils of rope in each of the three boats.
Just the Riders of Rohan, Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf, and 10,000 orcish things fought at the battle of Helm’s Deep.
Elves led by Haldir join them. Haldir is from Lorien, in the first book, and he is certainly not at Helm’s Deep. It may make for an interesting battle, but it’s not right.

I can’t think of any more right now. Doubtlessly there will be more when I see the movies.
Uh, this may sound weird but pray for the cast. They are so looked up to right now, and if we could get just one Christian Brittany Spears our there, they might be able to do a lot, in the words of my good friend.
I think I am going to go. I really enjoyed typing this out.
Thank you God for giving us such wonderful things as The Lord of the Rings.
We need creativity, or all our lives would be bland and tasteless.

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