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Derek Jeter vs. Pedro Martinez.

Baxtersgirl24: Well, miss red sox fan, coming from new england means nothing to me. I AM A YANKEE FAN
Swifteye47: I forgive you, though I am confident that someday you will realize your mistake and beg for forgivness at the feet of Pedro Martinez.
Baxtersgirl24: No way. Derek Jeter would never forgive me

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Freitag Funf

1. Name five things in your refrigerator. Eggs, butter, milk, spaghetti, and oranges.

2. Name five things in your freezer. Ice cubes, heath bars, meat, veggies, and frozen juice.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink. A bucket, scrub brushes, trashbags, pipes, and rubber gloves.

4. Name five things around your computer. um, a mouse, a keyboard…no really, a phone, a coffee can with “eye” scrawled on it, if you want to know why, IM or email me, a broken doorknob, an empty plastic bag, and a business card that says Computer Services on it

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet. You mean the one in the bathroom that is supposed to be one but isn’t, or the one in the kitchen that isn’t supposed to be one but is? Leeet’s go with the bathroom one. More interesting.
Shaving cream…*runs into bathroom and counts digs around in cabinet, while counting on fingers*… baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, a tiny bit of makeup, and scissors.

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Have you ever killed someone before?

Ok I am so freakin’ mad. Some neighborhood idiot just punched my brother in the face and seems to think he can get away with it. Now he is blaming the whole thing on Than. Ohh no, he can’t get away with that. I am going to kill the little savage. Argh! Poor thanby, he’s bleeding. Right in the teeth. OHH GOSH.
I am so darn mad!
that idiot!

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Last night was really weird.
I got into bed at about eight thirty, and read, then fell asleep at like nine fifteen or so. I woke up because I thought my alarm had just gone off, and I ever thought I turned it off. I heard it the whole time…but it wasn’t there. So, I went downstairs to lie on the couch and read like I do every morning. Dad came in in his work clothes a minute later, and I was very confused. He said I should go back to bed. I said “what time is it?” with frustration, and he said gently, “it’s ten o’ clock, Honey.” I freaked out and said ” in the MORNING?” “No. At night.”
I got really mad and ran upstairs. Then later I woke up and was sweating like CRAZY and tore off my pj’s and went into a tizzy and all. I ended up sleeping in my underwear without even really realizing it.
Aw, the other night, I had this weird dream, and…it was weird. I dreamed a ton of people were at the seashore, but there was a long breakwater sort of thing next to us. My cousin Seth and his dad…it wasn’t them, but it was, you know dreams…they were fishing and pulled up three big lizards! they were biting each other’s tails. So we all screamed and ran and at this time it became a game. A scary game. Let’s just say I ended up in a room that had a shower and a mirror and sink but no toilet and was tiny with a my friends Sonja and Krissy and some other people and we were blocking the door but the monster was getting farther and farther in…and I kept thinking about what a weird game this was and how if we didn’t get out soon, we would die. I knew we should live..but I don’t know why. SO suddenly optimistic Sonja happily yells “we’re free” and we jump out the window that has suddenly appeared and are in a zoo type thingy. And the lizards are now all colorful and nice and I pet one. WEIRD>
REDWALL FEAST TOMORROW! *gulp* Hey Loamhedge is out! The newest Redwall book! So phsyched!

I’m tire…d…*zzzzz*

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