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It’s over.

I can’t believe it. It’s over. I just can’t believe it. I am sad. Oh well, I messed up one line and skipped another, but I made it through and had a good time. Really let down though. Argh, I hope I can be in drama this fall. I have to be. I need the drama, it’s something I enjoy, something to look forward to. Even though it is on Saturdays and I miss some family time.

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Long Time, No Blog

I guess it has been a while since I blogged. Don’t have a lot to say.
Well, tomorrow is my play! “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show!” I have my costume ready. Actual cowboy boots, hat, jeans, all the good stuff. I will be mortified wearing it, though. It will be fun, but I haven’t practiced my lines for days! About a week since I have really practiced! That is really bad! I think I will type the scene out so I get some practice.
Oh, the point is, Calamity Jane is generally looked down on, but she found this map, and it means lots of money, so Doggie and Spike want to marry her.

Calamity: Howdy Ya’ll! How about a glass of goats milk, Lilly, it’s great for my complexion.
Doggie: Sit down, Calamity.
Spike: No, sit over here!
Calam: Why don’t I sit between the two of you?
Doggie: Gosh, you sure look pretty today!
Calam: Do I?
Spike: Like dewdrops on a cactus.
Calam: Must be my hair. I washed it last month.
(Lilly reenters with milk, Calamity drinks it in one gulp.Spike whispers to Milly, she leaves.)
Lilly: Tell me, Calamity, What’ve you been doing since you crawled in here the last time?
Calam: Well, I hitched on at Fort Laramie, and that went fine till they found out I was a gal. Then I went north to play cards with Wild Bill. Got tired of that and went to live with the Sioux for a couple of months. That’s how I found this map.
(Milly enters)
Milly: Doggie, there’s someone outside to see you.
Doggie: Now who could be looking for me? I’ll be right back.
Spike: Sounds really exciting, Calamity, especially the part about the map. Say, did you hear about the big dance tonight?
Calam: Dance?{(ok, this is really stupid)}Who’s going on the warpath?
Spike: It’s just a friendly dance, Calamity, Not a war dance.
Calam: Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.
Spike: I’d be mighty obliged if you’d go with me. (Doggie enters)
Doggie: Hold on there, you snake in the grass!
Calam: Don’t you call me a snake, Jake!
Doggie: Not you, Calamity. YOU, Spike! There wasn’t anyone out there! You got rid of me so you could ask Calamity to the dance, right?
Calam: He sure did!
Doggie: Well, that’s a fine kettle of fish!
Calam: I haven’t said yes yet, cowboy.
Doggie: You haven’t? Then, how about going with me?
Calam:Well, now, this hasn’t ever happened before!
Milly: Not suprising!
Spike: You clear out of here, Doggie! I asked Calamity first, she’s going with me!
Doggie: She’d rather go with me!
Spike: You smell like a barn floor!
Doggie: Is that so? Well, half your teeth are missing!
Spike: (draws gun) At least I’ve still got my six shooter!
Calam: Now, hold on there, boys.
Spike: I’ll give you to the count of three, Doggie.
Calam: Are you sure this isn’t some kind of war dance?
Doggie: Stay clear, Calamity!
Spike: This could get messy for some crazy cowhound!
Calam: I’m not worth fighting for! …Am I?
Lilly: Don’t press your luck!
Spike: Alright, you varmint! On the count of three! One………two………..three!
(they fire wildly, and terrified, duck for cover)
Calam: You boys are the worst shots I’ve ever seen! I’m not going to the dance with any cowpokes who shoot up my map of the lucky seven mine!(holds up map full of holes) Why, if I ever see you two again, I’ll make a pair of boots out of each of you! Now get back to your herd where you belong!
Clem:(bartender) Hey what’s all the shooting about? Where are Spike and Doggie?
Lilly: Calamity scared ‘em away.
Milly: Calamity, was that really a map of the Lucky Seven Mine?
Calam: Nope, but I won my bet with Clem! He bet I couldn’t get a date to the dance tonight!
Lilly: But now that Spike and Doggie are gone, you don’t have a date at all.(Clem slinks off)
Calam: Sure I do! What do you think Clem bet? He lost, so he gets to be my escort! Right, Clem? Clem? You come back here right now! I haven’t practiced my two-step for nothing!

Ok, I don’t expect that anyone read all the way down to here, because I didn’t write that just so people could know my play. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. I just wrote it for practice! :P Which I certainly got, and I realized that I know most everyone’s lines now.

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Home at last!

Well, we’re home from our camping trip, and we had a good time.
Basically, we got there, we walked off to the bathrooms, only to have someone park in our site and beep. “Petersons! WE reserved this site!” We were pretty confused until we realised that they were our friends from church. Heehee, they had driven up as part of their vacation for one day, and just popped in to say hi! It was funny.
The most interesting thing that happened…skunks. Ha, one just walked into our camp while mom and than were sitting there, and started to lick all the grease off our tinfoil-covered grill. They moved, and when Dad and I came back, he was just happily sitting there stuffing his face. All the little boys across the street came over and tried to scare it off. ha. right. sure.
He left a half-hour later, and then brought his friend back at about one or two. Great. I had this vision all night of me needing to go to the bathroom, stepping out ON A SKUNK, and getting sprayed.

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Friday Five that everyone forgot except me

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
Too much time. I need to cut back. Sometimes like three hours or more, if it is raining or really hot, and otherwise an hour or two.
2. What is your browser homepage set to?
I don’t know what that is…
3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
4. Where was your first webpage located?
5. How long have you had your current website?
Not very long…I think two or three months.

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We are currently packing, or in my case, supposed to be. :P Well, I will be back sometime I think late Friday! :)

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Boston Museum of Science

Yesterday we went to the Boston Museum of Science as a big part of our vacation. It was fun. We drove to Wonderland and hopped on the T, and then we went to Goverment Center and switched to the other line. that got us to Science Park. Fun. Than loved it of course. Then we walked to the Science Museum down the street. We got our tickets, and after a good amount of confusion, we decided what shows we wanted to see. There were some very cool exhibits. Hmmmm. Well, one of the first ones we saw was ” Science in the Park” and Than liked it a lot, it was very hands-on. It talked about how the simple things you play with at the park work. Then, naturally, Dad wandered away to the next exhibit, all about computers. They showed some old computers, and how they worked. it was interesting. Oh, yeah, the very first one we went in was all about MATH. Yes, Math. Argh. I didn’t get it. Oh well. You see, I have this faint hope that I am really a genious, and Einstien was really wrong. I always have some hidden arguement that I can’t quite figure out, and maybe that is really the right way! :P No. Not much hope of that. lol.
Ok, so Mom went in to the electricity show, and they did a little skit about Tesla, who invented the Tesla coil, and how he and Edison were rivals, and how Edison was famous when Tesla was just as great as he was. Poor guy. I didn’t see it, Mom told me all this. In the end, they took all their equipment, and made real lightning! Very loud, Than and Dad went later and Than excitedly described it to me. Then we ate lunch, and decided who was really going to the different shows. Mom and I ended going to the Omni theater show about Coral Reefs. I was exhausted and didn’t think I could take the loudness, but I went anyway. When I got there, I saw that it was very different from the i-max theater I had previously visited! Gosh, it was like a planetarium, in that the screen went from near the floor on one side, across the entire ceiling, and to the other side! Not the wall, that would destroy your neck. Well, I panicked, and told Mom I didn’t think that I could do it. She got me to, and we sat down near the front, there were no two seats together near the back, and I didn’t like that either, only to diszcover that we were sitting directly beside a speaker! I was not happy. :P Well, it was great. I found the show fascinating, it was about a certain man in Fiji, his country’s reefs were all dying. He enlisted the help of some friends of his, who were marine biologists, I think. In any case, they studied all the reasons why his reef was dying, by visiting many others around the world. They showed the landscape of the different counries as they flew over, or boated around, and with the huge screen, the mountains were just beautiful. Really beautiful. Well, it was great to watch, though I got tired from plugging my ears!:P
Then mom and I went to see a free show about illusions, and that was fascinating. Than and Dad went to see “Mysteries of the Milky Way” and that was, of course, all by evolutionists, but it was great, I heard. They saw the electricity show, and we met. Than later showed us virtual volleyball, and we all played for a while. He was so excited. :P That’s Than for you. Well, I have got to end this, it’s a long blog.
We are leaving to go camping tomorrow. I say this as it pours outside. Ugh. I hope it doesn’t rain! Last time we camped, it did, and Than and I slept in the car! :P That was fun. huh.
Well, pray it doesn’t rain, and I will blog sometime after we get back! :)

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I know i haven’t blogged for a long time, but I have been busy! And tired, because of my business. Well, we got lots of blueberries, four quarts, and came home. And I want to eat them soon, cause I like blueberries. And I am hungry.
Well, today we are skipping church. *gasp* Hey, this is our one week of real vacation, and dad was at a geek fest all night. Probably got back at one, two, or even later! Sheesh. He needs his rest. We were going to leave today to go camping, but a look at the weather discouraged us. We may go bowling later today, and then either monday or tuesday, we will go to the boston museum of science. Very cool. They have an i-max theatre there, and OF COURSE we wont’t go, Very expensive, and I don’t want to, too loud, but they are really cool. Awesome, really. We went for a field trip this spring to the Boston Aquarium, and saw “Ocean Wonderland 3D” at their imax. It was really cool. A little loud though. If I ran a theatre, I would bring the sound down to a dull roar. Oh well. :P We had a lot of awesome field trips this year, I don’t know hw our small school afforded it! We went to Papoose Pond, as our end of the year party, we went to the Boston Aquarium, and the imax, and then we went on a Whale Watch from the aquarium! Almost all different days! I hope we get to do it again this year. Well, I am dreading school terribly. I mean Terribly. I hate schooooooool.. Argh. *siiiiiiiigh*
Well, I have to go get dressed. bye.

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Freitag Funf

1. Wohin bist Du zu letzt verreist, außerhalb Deines Heimatlandes?
I last travelled to N.H., out of my own state. Last FAR out was N.Y.
2. Was war das bizarrste/ungewöhnlichste Erlebnis, das Dir auf einer Reise passiert ist?
We hit a tractor trailer. That is the most bizzare. By far. We were ok, but it was terrifying and we have a big scrape on the car (old car) and lost one of our rear view mirrors. That is how close it was to my mom, on her side. *shudder*
3. Wenn Du Dich auf die Reise machen könntest, Geld und Zeit spielen keine Rolle, wohin würdest Du gehen?
P.E.I. (just been reading Anne books) Norway/Scandinavia, or Germany. lol.
4. Reist Du lieber mit dem Flugzeug, Zug oder Auto?
I guess I have to say car, because I have never really travelled in a train, and have never been in a plane. I get terribly car sick though. REALLY bad.
5. Was ist das nächste Reiseziel auf Deiner Liste?
Boston, to go to the Science Museum, and then Camden. We are camping there all week, but will be home for a few days first because of rain . Thus the visit to Boston.

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I am up north.

Why do I call it that? I don’t rightly know. oh well.
Caleb is having a smaill birthday party andd is now opening gifts.Yay. If he was a hobbit I would get a present! NO FAIR!

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