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I had a really good day yesterday. The reason I haven’t blogged is that Katie, my friend from another state is here. We have been having a great time, but she leaves tomorrow. Well, just before leaving for VBS the other day, we checked the answering machine and found out that someone from camp good news had called. That is the camp Krissy and I went to last year, and we wanted to go again, but we couldn’t get in. We were on the waiting list. Mom called them and found out that we get to go to camp! YAY! I am excited. Well, yesterday we went to see Anne of Green Gables by CTM, a children and teen acting group nearby. They are really good! It was a musical, and that was different, but it was very very good. My favorite actor was Minnie May, Diana’s sister. She was tiny, just out of second grade! So cute! OH guess who I saw! Chris, a friend of mine, was one of the boys. It took me a long time to recognise him, but It was hime all right! He was in my carpool when he still came to GPCS. It was so neat!
Well, I can’t blog for the next week. I also won’t be on IM. If you get bored, write me! :)

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ok now I am really mad.

I just wrote a nice long entry and posted it and something went terribly wrong and it isn’t there. :( aaaaaaargh.

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Ashgirl Reloaded.

Well, I got back from drama class. *drumroll* I am…(almost unbearable pause) Calamity Jane! She is one of the tomboyish young women in the corny western we are doing-corny but hilarious. I can’t wait. Nineteen lines though, so it is time to get working on them! I didn’t like it at first…I realized during the class that I really wanted to be Cattle Corrie, the outlaw. And besides, Jessica really wanted to be Jane! I feel really bad for her.
Oh yeah. I don’t know if I have blogged about Ashgirl before. *shudder* If I have bear with me.
Last summer, we did a play. It was a version of Cinderella. I was one of the two evil step sisters. I want Amir(real name Marcus) the prince to marry me. I want all his money and of course, I think he is handsome. Now remember that I did NOT want this role. It ends with my foot about to be cut off so it will fit in the shoe. Anyway, my sister and I get Marcus to pay attention to me by dancing around him in circles in our poofy ball gowns and singing little songs. It is pretty funny, from the audience’s perspective. Then we grab the shoe that he needs to find Ashgirl (Cinderella) and tell him that if he kisses me I will give it back. Well, he does, with great resignation(and trust me, he didn’t have to act when we got to resignation part)and we sing “She kissed him, she hugged him, she sat upon his knee. She said ‘dear Prince, won’t you marry me?’ and explain that if you kiss a person, you have to marry them. *shudder* Well, Marcus and I have been ignoring each other since. Now he has to flirt with me in this play. :P We will see how it goes. I am sure you’ll be hearing about it!

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Redwall Feast 2003!

Oh yeah, Sonja and Krissy and I went to the library, and we asked one of the librarians about using the library auditorium for the mext annual Redwall feast. Well, she got the key and took us up. It will be sixty dollars! Normally it would be one hundred twenty-five. For different reasons it would be sixty for us, one of them being that she is nice. :P
Well, we would have a kitchen with stove, fridge, and counters and sink and all that. Then we would have all the chairs we need, and tables. There is a great stage with a curtain for The Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe and all the other acts. It will be great. We might just use our church, which would be free, but this would be better, despite the cost. Well, we will see! I am also working on my redwall site, and it isn’t going that great, but my dad is helping best he can. He’s good with computers. That will happen by fall, I hope, and then I won’t have to pay lots of money to get all the pages to everyone. yeah. It is expensive. :( Oh well, pray that it works. I have a lot of the good contributors in Jr. High next year, I will consult them.
Hey great news! Our neighbors just had their first kids last night, identical twin boys! They are premature though and will have to stay at the hopital for a month :( The father was just radiant, very exciting. well, off to bed soon. I really need the sleep. OOOh. Drama tomorrow. I am nervous, WHAT PART DID I GET?!?!?!?!?!

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Your Title Here.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long, I have been really busy. Sunday I rested up so that I would have energy for this week. Well, I did my chores while nearly collapsing of exhaustion on Monday, and then Sonja and Krissy got here at 4:00. Yay! They are so much fun. We worked on some stuff and just hung around, then we went to VBS(Vacation Bible School, for those of you that are really ignorant :P ). I made Krissy say the verse in front of everyone and she got to go fishing. Hahaha. She won one of those dinky little hand clappers. :P
Hmm, then we came home watched Mr. Bean and went to bed, all reading Asterix comix. If you haven’t read them, you really should. They are out of print, I think, so just borrow them from someone. :P

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I forgot.

Oh yeah! We went to see small old airplanes take off today at a big farm. Chelsea was only interested in the horses, which I found fascinating, but I found the planes equally interesting. :P There were also ultra lights, and those were really neat. In the end, it got foggy so most of them took off and got going while they could, and Than went out and held up his thumb, trying to hitchhike. :P Now we all want to get a plane or ultra light. I really want to take flying lessons now, it looks like so much fun!

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Because Tomatoes Don’t Sink In Lava.

We have had Chelsea, Andrew, Aunt Patty and Uncle Allan over for the past few days. Chelsea is really nutty. We went to the mall so their parents could see it and Chelsea and I got in this big play fight over chocolate.
you get the idea. Then we ended up forgetting what we were fighting about and theen we wrote on napkins yeah and no and kept fighting. It was fun. We wrote our autobiographies on the backs of the napkins. She didn’t realize that I meant a SERIOUS autobiography and wrote, ” Because tomatoes don’t sink in lava”
It was really funny. Well, they just left to go home, and I have nothing to do. I will go talk to Ted.

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Friday Five

1. Do you remember your first best friend? Who was it?
Rebecca. She was a few months older than me, but our moms had been friends and when we were born, it seemed inevitable that we would be friends.
2. Are you still in touch with this person?
Sort of. I don’t keep in touch myself, because I don’t like writing letters, but we get together with the family every once in a while. I wish I did better.
3. Do you have a current close friend?
Yes. Two of them, or more. My three closest are probably Sonja and Krissy and Kendra. Dori is another one that is special. I have known her since I was four.
4. How did you become friends with this person?
Haha. Well, Sonja and Krissy: homeschool co-op. Kendra: Pastor’s daughter. Dori: walking down the street when we first moved to our current location.
5. Is there a friend from your past that you wish you were still in contact with? Why?
Maybe Vanessa. She and I were good friends when I was really little, maybe two to five or so. I don’t know anything but her name now. :(

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I think God should hire someone other than the local weatherman to decide what the weather will be…

Yeah. It was cold today. :P The weatherman has no consideration…
Anyway, I had a pretty good time at Splashtown. I didn’t actually go on any water slides, so I made it out alive. I wish I had though, people say there were some really mild ones, that even I would have liked. Oh well, too late now! :)
I went in the wave pool, which had, well, WAVES! :P I liked that, it was fun. I also went on this thing calles the bubble. Which it was. I big inflatable bubble with a pool at the bottom, all the way around, and you climbed up ropes while water slid down the bubble from the mushroom shaped thing at the top, and then you jumped flat on your bottom and plunged down. heehee, it was fun. I was just below the height limit, so being short can be good, sometimes.
Well, mostly everyone from our class was there, and they had an awesome time. Halfway through we had a major water balloon fight with over forty balloons to a team. The funniest thing that happened was when a little girl none of us knew stole one of our balloons and ran up to Maddie. “You’de better watch out!”, and poof. Maddie was covered in water. hahaha! Then this counsellor from a camp that was there and his boys came and took a few, but the man was really polite, and only used the broken ones we had discarded, so I gave him one and he said “thanks, I have a few kids I want to kill.” One of them was squirting him, and he told them not to get me wet because I had a water allergy! Later this boy came up to me and said quietly, ” Are you REALLY allergic to water?” I hesitated and then said of course I did he should beleive his counsellor. Then I told him I was kidding. It was so funny. I mean, why would I go to a water park if I had A WATER ALLERGY!?!?! Hehehe. Well, one girl that had left our class but was still adored by all the flirty boys was there. I didn’t like that much just because of the way she treated some people and the things she talked about, but I had other people to talk to and I was happy. I mostly just swam, shivered, shivered, shivered, shivered some more, ate, swam, shivered shivered shivered, and then I went home with Martha, one of the kid’s moms and two of the kids. Then I had to wait for mom to come get me, and meanwhile, I went upstairs and listened to the guys talk about music like Linkin Park and watch music videos and I was thinking, oh puh-leeze, you call this entertainment? It was all people smashing guitars and drums and screaming and yelling and shouting and swearing and stuff. Thankfully it was censored. *shudder* Not appropriate for my tender young ears. :P

We have some good family friends coming over tonight and staying for a couple days. They will be here at ten and I have to go to bed before they get here! Argh.
Well, good night. :)

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Little brothers are annoying.

Hey, the party went pretty well! I will tell more later, Than wants to get on the computer. *sigh* I can’t wait until Dad sets up another family computer… either that or Than and I need to learn to share. :P

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