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New Car

I forgot to say this yesterday…
We got a new/old car!
It is a used Dodge Caravan, dark green, very clean, with..ok, this is something we haven’t had in a car for years… AIR CONDITIONING! It also has a WORKING cassete player, and it is just really nice…no power windows, we have spent a lot of money fixing them in previous cars…
I was really mad when I found out that we were getting ANOTHER Dodge, because we have had so much trouble with them before, and my parents basically PROMISED that we wouldn’t get another one, but this is a 2000 van, NOT an ‘87. I thought it would be another ugly striped van, all square and paneled and ugh, I hate those things. Well, ours anyway. I am just so happy with our new car! It is so nice! *Claps hands and jumps up and down* yesyesyesyesyes…

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Rules and Regulations pt. 1.

The using of hyphens in smiley faces is strictly prohibited. Why? Well, who are you to question your elders and betters?

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I just thought something totally random…
How many people say “thank God” and mean it? I said it earlier, and then thought, hey, why do I say to do something and then not do it?

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I really need to change the title of my site, the current one is stupid. :P

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Flashlight Tag

Well, we played flashlight tag, and there were four of us, and it was fun, but it was BUGGY! Then we came up to my house to get the bug spray and decided to play just one more game here. Hearing noises, I thought Dori was out behind the garage, but then I realized that all of us were out front and no where near the noises. Heheh. Anticipating a visit from Mr. Neighborhood Skunk, I sent everyone home and we all went in.

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Babies and sleeping bags.

I watched Seth today. Not cousin Seth, Ted, but another Seth. One you don’t know. He is quite young, very cute, and often quite amiable. I have watched him twice before. Today he was pretty fussy, and that got a little annoying, but I didn’t mind too terribly much. The only thing I don’t like about watching him is the somewhat large dog that greets me, well, enthusiastically, to say the least. :P I have scratches with which to prove his, um, big-hearted hospitality.

Today, I simply feel like using as many words as I can, and I don’t really care if I use them right or not. hehehe :P
Well, we have Eric, my sort of cousin over all night, but he is fairly well behaved and I don’t think that he and Than will keep me up or anything. I am going to play a game of Flashlight Tag with Dori and some other neighborhood kids today, if we can round up enough people to play a good game. Hmm, I wonder if the bugs will be bad. I don’t really feel like being eaten alive today. Not in that sort of mood.
My poor Dad has an infected toe, and he has to do a lot of lifting and walking. I hate his job, it just isn’t fair to him.
Oh yeah, to make the title make sense. I am saving up for a L.L. Bean sleeping bag, and I might be able to go tomorrow. My other one is falling apart.
Well, I am going to go play tag soon. Good night.

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I had my first migraine last night. I think I might get more, too. When I got my eyes checked a little while ago, I was told that I had fine vision, and didn’t need glasses. Then he mentioned that people that get car sick can get migraine syndrome. I sure hope I don’t. It was awful, because I felt sick to my stomach, too. I finally fell asleep, and when I woke up, I had no headache.
Than was great…it must be hard for a ten-year-old boy to be quiet all evening! :)

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Camp continued

Well, Tuesday, I don’t know what happened… I think a lot, but i have to look at the letter I wrote mom to find out. I will blog later. Aunt Margaret is here, and I am going to go be sociable! :D

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Camp continued continued…

Ok. There were a lot of people I knew there, Tyler, Derek, Matt, Noelle, Kirsten, Laura, Josh, Bethany, Jonathan, and I had NO idea that they were going to be there. It was interesting. Oh yeah, LeAnn and Nathan and Hannah were there, too. Well, some of them were pretty nice to me, and others weren’t, but oh well. I am soo tired after a week of camp. I think I will go sleep or something. *yawn*

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Well, I am back. I am going to try to say what I did, but it might get boring.

Krissy and Sonja took me up, and left us with our counsellors. I learned that Kirsten ________ can’t say her last name, was my junior counsellor. I knew her because she was in Pirates. Yay. Then I got really nervous, cause I realized that someone else was there too, that I really don’t like, it’s a long story. Well, we got settled in, and met our cabinmates and counsellors. In my cabin were:
Krissy, Nicole, Stephanie, Erika, and Catlin. Erika and Catlin were friends, and seemed a little exclusive at first, but they warmed up to us as we got further into the week. I found out that Stephanie lived in ________ argh, I can’t say that either! In my town, just a little ways away, and I could talk to her sometimes! Yes! She and Krissy and I really hit it off. She is cool.
Not much happened the first night. I didn’t sleep well, but no one ever does the first night.
Well, maybe will blog more later. Have to finish reading Mindy’s blogs, haven’t caught up yet! :P

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