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I miss Jessie.

Jessie, come to Maine. I haven’t seen you in forever. Grr.

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I’ve suddenly become a geek.

I never thought I would do Role-Playing Games. I’d always associated RPG with Dungeons and Dragons..not very pleasant. But it’s fun. And you’ll laugh at me for this, but I’m actually getting a lot out of it, it’s acting really. I’m trying to think like a certain person, which is hard enough if you want to do it well, but in my case, it’s someone ELSE’S character. That’s where the acting comes in.

My hard work has paid off though. I was nominated by two people for the Minstrel award, where you choose the best RPer. Turin, by far the best, was nominated three times. Other people who had been doing it for years were nominated once. I have no doubt that I will not win, but the fact that I was nominated is very encouraging. :) I just joined an RP with Rumil, an online pal. We play brother and sister, which I think I will enjoy very much.
Well, school starts tomorrow. I need to go to bed. Good night, everyone. And Happy Nie Year. *cough* Happy New Year. I meant new.

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You know what? I don’t have to apologize.

There’s almost no point to it. It just doesn’t matter.
I don’t have anything to write about. I had a voice lesson today, a one hour one, to make up for two I’d missed. It was awful, but I learned a lot. So I guess it wasn’t awful. He said that since I have had this cough for four weeks and now have congestion, I should get it checked. Bleaugh. Oh well, I guess I will.
I have a four day weekend, and I’m enjoying it. We hit Goodwill today, and got some great deals..I got a 100% goosedown coat, and an L.L.Bean travel case, and two pairs of boots for mom and I to share. Amazingly, the boots were one tenth of their normal price. Ya gotta love Goodwill.
I have a report on Manitoba…
Ich bin blod. Schlecht. Langweilig. Ich brauche etwas zu nasschen.
If you see me, remind me to drink lots of water. And orange juice.

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I’m sorry.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. A lot is happening right now.
I’m changing. And it scares me. I never thought I would change. But I have….and am. And it’s terrifying.
I don’t know when I’ll write again.

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Well, I just got offered my dream job. Moderating at AU. Out of 1250 people, 29 got picked, and 19 were already there. So ten people got picked and I was one of them. I don’t know what it was, but I must have done SOMETHING right. It happened last Sunday, but I got the information yesterday. Exciting. There’s a lot of contriversy right now, with the mods, though. Some people really hate them, and a few have been kicked off, and some have left…I hope no one hates me for my position.

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*sigh* this kid is smart…

P:no occupation andi’m a little worried that ive no idea where to go aftaskool
P:hek i dont no where to go afta skool at 230

P: dont worrie abuot a job too make ur livin worrie about makin sure u follow God until that time
P:u coold be an unpaid garbageman but if thats what God wants u to do he’ll support u

sound advice.

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Paul’s positive outlook on life…

P: i dont really like music as much this year
P:now its just a stupid cors to get stupid credits (which i cooldnt care less about) to get out of a stupid skool to get in a stupid college to get out of a stupid college and blahhhhhhhhhh
P:i try to keep my outlook on life positive
P:part of not liking it is it takes up study halls which makes me have less time to do hw(which must be done for all previosly stated reasons) which in turn takes time from me havin a life

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P:i TRY to focus on pesronality pero esta dificil
P:i TRY but i is still a guy

good point. Maybe I should think about that when I get mad about how guys drool over certain girls.

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Talking with Keith…

I always found this kid to be encouraging, through all his oddities.
I asked him why guys only liked girls that wear a lot of makeup…
he said:
“and there all like hey im the popularesty if i get ehr”

When I said that none of the guys liked me because I’m weird, he said:
“and hannah ui gotten alot cooler
i think enyways”

I remember that note he passed me in math when I was really upset over a grade…it was something about how I needed to “lighten up on myself.” His choice of words was always…interesting. I wish he was still in our class. I miss that kid a lot.

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