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The great adventures of ArwebNiesKit.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kit. She was really great. And she had these great friends named Nie and Arwen. One day, Nie and Arwen decided to go visit Kit. So they hopped on a couple of planes and flew to Ohio. There they had all kinds of wonderful adventures.

The end.

No really, I’m extremely happy right now. I’m in Ohio with Kit and Arwen- Arwen who made the website AU that I went on for so many years, and Kit who I worked with there- and we’re just having such a nice time. I talk to Kit almost every day online, and Arwen and I aren’t in quite as constant touch but are still friends. And the three of us get on so well.

Yesterday I came in to Cleveland and Kit’s brother Kyle, his friend, and the two girls picked me up. We drove around a bit and ate at #1Pho- Vietnamese food apparently. Kit is Vietnamese. Her brother is too, incidentally. So are her parents.
I had Pho. It was good. Even on my weird and uncooperative stomach. We also tried bubble tea.
Then we came home and took pictures and sat in the garden, and then gave each other presents. Kit had made a massive scrapbook for Arwen with help from the AU members, and that was really neat. Arwen had been in Israel, and brought Kit and I each a pretty bag. And Kit gave me about a zillion CDs she’d made for me, and a really, really pretty hairstick. I gave each of them homemade salve and oil.

And then we curled up and ate honeydew melon and watched the first half of A Very Potter Musical. Which is hilarious, beeteedubs. And then went to bed, at about 12:30. I woke up, of course, at 7:30 or so and tried not wake the girls up. It is now 10:45 and Arwen is in the shower. And we are going to get food. And I’m going to make chai, because I can’t drink coffee right now. *tear*

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Salvation Army

Yesterday afternoon I came across the greatest pair of grunge revival boots ever. I’ve been kind of wanting a pair for a while but would never consider getting them anywhere but the Salvation Army. I mean…they’re grunge boots. Spending money for them would kind of defeat the purpose.
But anyway. They’re fun.
We were actually looking for costumes for a murder mystery dinner at the South Portland First Baptist church…which turned out to be a wildly successful venture. Jordan was to be Robin Hood, and immediately I discovered a pair of knee-high, lace-up suede boots that had merry men written all over them. Also a matching leather vest. Than, who was assigned Huck Finn, came away with the biggest pair of G-Unit overalls you’ve ever seen. [Technically they were Carhartt, but all he needed was an oversized Ecko shirt and some vans and he'd be the biggest G this side of Boston.] Also a chambray shirt which we rubbed with dirt and a big straw hat. We also smeared dirt on his face.
I didn’t buy anything for my costume there, but I did find a Gunne Sax knock-off that I’ve since fallen in love with. It’s clearly some other brand trying to look like GS- but the neat bit is that they’re copying the early Gunnies, the black label stuff from the early sixties that’s so hard to find. It’s very renaissance.

I started listing stuff in my Etsy shop tonight. I’m going to wait till I’ve got lots of items written up before I actually post any- I’m hoping a full shop will look better. And now I’d better go to sleep. I have to do chart prep tomorrow.

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Exterminate, you ninnies

Guess what? I really love Doctor Who. And I’m even dorky enough to want to go to a convention to hang out with other people who really love Doctor Who.

And I need to work on this dress but I’m sort of stuck.

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The Resistance

Muse’s new album came out yesterday. Matt and Than and I went to David’s flat and listened to it on his super-good speakers. It was pretty good, though I wasn’t sure what to think at first. There was a lot of 80s type influence and an actual glam -pop song, which made me laugh a little. But now I’ve listened to it more today and I think I really like it. One thing I’ve always liked about Muse is their variety. Even within albums its hard to get bored. Well, they’ve just upped the ante, that’s all.

I’m feeling really rotten today. I’m making corn chowder cause we have corn that needs to be used up…but I’m feeling down, and it’s cold. When it hits about 65 my hands start to get cold and it just makes me really tetchy. I hate being cold.

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Purple Shirt

I’m having a good day. 

So I found a random purple shirt at the top of the stairs this morning while I was looking for something to wear. So I put it on. It’s like a button-up Oxford type, too big for me, and this great shade of purple. Mom came home and told me she was getting rid of it. And now it is mine. 

Also, Mom gave me her old 70s leather boots. I’m completely chuffed. I’ve been kind of wanting a pair but not enough to buy one…when I’ve finished my culottes they’ll go really well and when I wake up thinking, “SEVENTIES” I can satisfy that need.

Matt and I are going to go for coffee. I have to go to hospital tomorrow. Tonight I hope to see my beau. Or rather, my boof. That’s the Than story of the month, that one:

Than: Hannah, can I borrow your boof?
Me: What?
Than: Can I borrow your boof? Your boof…boof? That’s what you call him, isn’t it?
Me: You mean beau?

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Wedding and Bible Club

So Liz got married on Saturday and everything was beautiful and wonderful and immensely enjoyable. And she wore the dress I made her. :) It was really exciting to see something I’d made up front like that. And Liz was so pretty! She had a pink sash and a little veil. Nathanael and Liz are both friends of mine, so I knew many of the local attendees and really had a nice time. After the wedding, Mel and I expended a lot of energy blowing bubbles up each others’ noses and having fun. 

Yesterday, Than and I took on junior church. We planned ahead and told the story about Elijah and Baal’s prophets and the fire from heaven. We wanted to make it interesting so we made Than a beard out of a big hunk of cotton stuffing and hung it from his ears with a string. It dangled a few inches under his chin. At least it made the kids laugh. 

Then Today, David and I went to help Mrs. Noonan out with a Bible club she was doing at a nearby park. Once one gets through the first half hour or so it’s usually pretty enjoyable. I talked with several kids and had a generally nice and productive time. And David was there of course. So that was nice. 

And now, my stomach is rumbling. I think I need to get a smackerel. Oh, bee tee doubleyou, I had mackerel on our island trip.

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Late June

It’s been busy, but good. Pinafore’s over. At first I was super depressed but that ended pretty quickly, thanks to a few distractions. Pinafore was great. I think Josefine’s music was the hardest I’ve done solo-wise but it turned out well after all the work we put into it. Satisfying. And someone did tape it in the end so that’s good.

You know what’s nice, though? About a half hour before the end of the play Saturday night my throat started to twinge a little, and by the end of the night I had a full blown cold. But it was good timing for once! Finally I get sick AFTER instead of BEFORE. Only hope I can sing for Aunt Margaret’s wedding on Saturday.

I’ve managed to get David and Julia into Doctor Who now, and Sunday we all curled up (their parents too, actually, and an additional Matthew Pillsbury) and watched several episodes. It was nice, even if I was practically comatose with tiredness by the time we got home. Caleb was around for a while and that was great.

Weeell this blog entry is getting real boring real fast so I’m going to can it now. I probably won’t get to sleep until midnight, since with this cold and all I can’t seem to very easily. Guess I’ll just read or waste time online till then.

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I’m so tired. Busy weekend. Not a bad one though.
Yesterday there was a 9-5 Pinafore rehearsal. Matthew’s officially my Ralph, since Matt got demoted to Dick Deadeye. That’s going all right.

You know, I haven’t actually got much to say. Lessee, I’m wearing a purple corduroy dress with brown converse, hope I can get away with that. I just like my trainers so much. And they’re good for all the skipping around that could potentially take place tonight.

It’s cold. I’m hungry. I think I’ll scarper now before my gripemongering bothers everybody.
[For "everybody" read "the two or three people that read my blog"]

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…I have this dance?
That’s what Sonja wrote on this month’s calendar. It also features John Konczal the dancing gnome.

I’m about to go babysit Seth and James. To be honest, watching them isn’t really much like babysitting anymore. They’re my four- and six-year-old friends and we have great fun together.

Yesterday, Matt and I went for a walk. We started at his house and walked to Back Bay, and then when we passed the Hannaford we realized we were really hungry. So we went in and bought a box of Berry Kix cereal. Matt also wanted me to try these Mexican drinks he’d had in Guatemala, so we got those too.

And that was the decision we’ve ever made. Uck. By the time we’d walked twenty minutes, both of us felt like throwing up! It was like shaking up a soda, only in our case it was Kix and sugary fruit juice. Both fairly decent options on their own, but together, plus brisk walking, it was baaaad. Very bad.
Lots of laughs though, once we felt better (about four hours later over a big mug of ginger and mint tea).

You know, I’d really like to get married. My friend Ivy’s had a baby, Theodore Carson Burkes, and it reminds me how much I want to have a little baby, too! But that’s all right. I’m not going to waste time pining away. And my ride’s here. Bye!

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So Sunday morning I arrived a bit earlier than necessary due to familial car sharing, and to use up the time I went outside to see if anything interesting was growing yet. I found pussywillows, which always make me think of Grampa.
But anyway, I gave one to Scott, who examined it and said, “Looks like baby mice on a stick.”

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