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Well that’s funny…

I don’t know what this says about me at all.

I’m making a dress and I need to either find and alter or make from scratch a sleeve pattern. So I googled “draft armscy.”

One of the first results was a blog post of my own from 2005 talking enthusiastically about how I was going to draft the armscy for the dress I was working on.

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I woke up with a slightly sore throat this morning, and then spent most of the day with a mildly upset stomach. It wasn’t a terrible day, but the third consecutive day without sun, the huge stacks of PAQ scanning and the lady who decided I was the one to blame for her husband’s death and her lack of subsequent retirement funding made it less pleasant than it could have been.

I called Matt about an hour ago and discovering that he, too, had had a crummy day and both of us had napped the afternoon away, decided that we should get together. So he’s coming over shortly. We’re going to get tea or something…though I’m so tired I’m not sure how long I’ll last.

Emiliana Torrini makes nice music. You should try her out. (I don’t think anyone really checks in here anymore- I really sort of post for my own records or enjoyment or whatever. Hmm.)

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Guess what

…it’s a stupid world.

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I am so peopled out. With Aunt Margaret’s wedding there have been a lot of people coming in and out of the house and frankly not a lot of time for catching one’s breath. It was nice, though. Aunt Margaret’s wedding was perfect and beautiful and seeing all the family was great, even if it was tiring. Finally got to meet all the Atlanta cousins. Last night, before they left, we all gathered in the living room for prayer, and at the end Canon prayed for all of us. In his squeaky little two-year-old voice. And then he walked over to me and pointed and said, “I prayed for her.” It was sweet and somehow it felt like that prayer was extra special. 

I sold a dress on Ebay for the first time! It went for about 25 dollars. I’m pretty pleased. It never fails to amaze me how a person consistently needs money whether they particularly want it or not. Specifically me. Oh well, I’ve just made a little. 

Today I have cleaned my room a bit and done the dishes and I need to do the living room before lunch. Eek, it’s one o’clock already. I wish the darn sun would come out. It is so dark and that makes everything ten times harder, or so I’m convinced. *sigh* So dark. I need to mail that dress, so maybe I can force myself to take a walk to the post. At least I’d get a bit of air then…but it’s so dismal I’m not sure I’ll be able to get myself to do it. 

I need to think what other useful things I can try and accomplish today. My plan is to work on Liz’s dress tomorrow and following. Today I just feel like curling up in a ball with hot soup and watching old Star Trek episodes. Its so dark and cold, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. *sigh* Hot soup DOES sound nice.

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…is great, folks. Give him a hand!

Let’s have a quick list of all the interesting or notable occurences that have…occured…since I last posted.

  • I gave the Libbys a kitten
  • Said kitten piddled on my quilt
  • Krissy and Sonja and I staged a public protest against nothing
  • I attended a stone soup party at the Konczals at which we made stone soup in a huge cauldron
  • Christmas happened and I got a box of Lucky Charms and was happy
  • It snowed a lot
  • Mr. Libby shot a coyote and we tried the meat, which tasted like tough beef
  • The Libbys’ rabbit chewed through my Macbook’s charger cord
  • We attended Nathanael Hasbrouck’s graduation party and he declared he could fix it
  • My Aunt Margaret got ENGAGED
  • Much time was spent with Matt Scribs and much Muse was listened to
  • Job searching has begun

So there you have it. By the way, that list isn’t in chronological order. It was in ‘whatever comes to Hannah’s mind’ order. And probably lots more has happened, even if I can’t think of it. Oh yes, I got a pair of purple and grey striped knee socks.

I need to eat breakfast and go in town this morning, so I probably ought to ship off and start that- but thank you all for reading, and have a merry January 21st.

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A little late in changing my calenders…

Me: This is the rare [name of plant] and it’s interesting because [insert interesting, exceptionally lengthy monologue].
Sonja: This is a leek, and it’s good for everything except boats.

Happy July, everyone!

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The Importance of Being Ernest

I am sitting in Jane Clukey’s front yard, listening as Than and several others practice their lines for Jane’s production of the play The Importance of Being Ernest. Than is Algernon and I am Miss Prism.
It’s actually a bit crazy. There’s always someone distracted. I’m a bit overwhelmed.
We keep getting off onto rabbit trails…I wish Matt was here! Or maybe I don’t, he’d probably contribute to the distraction.
Feeling rather miserable. Will update later.

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Prince Caspian

Well, Pirates finished very well. And now we’re on, past Pirates, to Prince Caspian.

Despite my best efforts to stress out everything eventually went well. We had great costumes and a great evening. The movie, I thought, was really good- a lot of people weren’t very happy with it, but as a stand alone movie I thought it was very good, and as a book adaptation, decent. They did change things, but I thought it was done well.

I’m sleepy.

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Opening Night

Last night we opened the Pirates of Penzance. It felt surreal last night. I don’t know if it was because I actually felt ready for once that I was dazed, but regardless I couldn’t get into it quite as much as usual. I’m hoping to do a lot better tonight when I’m actually Mabel. Last night I was in the back or the middle of the crowd of girls and I felt so squished and hot I could hardly breathe.

Time for breakfast.

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Not Feeling Very Well.

So I’ve come down with a cold again. Monday I was working and about two hours before I needed to leave I started to get a little something in my throat. By the next morning it had developed into a cold.

I talked with Angela, Mrs. Pierce, and later Mom about it, and it’s just silly to think I could come down with colds coincidentally before nearly every performance I’ve had in the past four years. Ninth grade: All State auditions. Tenth grade: All State Auditions, All State itself, Gondoliers I was desperately sick. Eleventh grade: Iolanthe, you all remember how I was sick up through the first week of performances. Caleb would remember how panicked I was all day. This year I wasn’t sick for All State auditions, but I was sick before our Christmas show. This weekend, Matt and I are doing the Mabel/Frederic duets at Masterworks, which is a festival for all the honors choirs in local schools. And I am quite sick.

It’s always my throat too, pretty much, something always effects my physical ability to sing. Logically that can’t be all by chance, becuse I don’t often get sick when I’m not singing, and almost always when I am. What do you think?

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